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[Equipment] Pulse ox with finger sensor safe for overnight use?
(03-21-2013, 05:33 AM)DocWils Wrote: Taping trick is to tape only the bottom to the finger bottom - the taping is just to prevent shifting, and it doesn't need a lot and doesn't need wrap around taping. No extra pressure is then exerted on the fingerling.

Second - you probably looked at a non-recording device - recording devices are designed to be left on for extended periods (why else record?) - the CMS0o50E is a pretty standard device for use in recording, but you'd be surprised how few doctors have recording devices - most have the non recording type, since they only use it for a quick look at their office, and given the massive expense setting up a practice costs (most doctors are in hock for at least ten to fifteen years), very few CPs go to the expense of buying a recording fingerling - it costs $80 more than a non recording one.

Nope the manual for my CMS50 recording oxiometer says two hours max. I ignore it though.

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You had a manual? Lucky you! I checked at our hospital, where these are used for certain cases, and the norm is up to 24 hours. I have never noticed mine getting hot either. Older models did, though...
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(03-27-2013, 05:08 PM)DocWils Wrote: You had a manual? Lucky you! I checked at our hospital, where these are used for certain cases, and the norm is up to 24 hours. I have never noticed mine getting hot either. Older models did, though...

Well "Manual" might be a slight exaggeration, It was one page folded a lot however segments were written in English - sort of anyway.

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I got an honest-to-goodness 40+ page user manual with my CMS50H. Here are some highlights:


Discomfort or pain may appear if using the device ceaselessly, especially for the microcirculation barrier patients. It is recommended that the pulse oximeter should not be used on the same finger for more than 2 hours.

For the special patients, there should be a more prudent inspecting in the placing process. The device can not be clipped on the edema and tender tissue.

The light (the infrared is invisible) emitted from the device is harmful to the eyes, so the user and the maintenance man should not look at the light source.

Testee can not use enamel or other makeup.

Testee's fingernail can not be too long.

Please refer to the correlative literature about the clinical restrictions and caution.

This device is not intended for treatement.

That was just the "Warnings" in the "Instructions to user" section.
My favorite part comes from the "Warnings" in the "Safety" section, Part 1.2 paragraph 3:

DO NOT strand the lanyard in order to avoid device drop and damage. The lanyard is made of non-sensitive material. Please do not use lanyard if the user is allergic to lanyard. Do not enwind neck with lanyard in order to avoid accident

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Well, that reminds be of the instructions I once saw on the side of a box of toothpicks (in the US of course - here they don't say anything - we're not so lawsuit happy, and most of us know what a toothpick is for).

There is a valid point about using it in certain situations, but assuming (as I am) that most of you aren't suffering any form of edema, you should be fine - I always recommend for longer use using the third finger or the pinkie (do you use that term in the US?) to avoid getting that squashed or pinched feeling after a few hours - both these fingers are smaller than the the more highly used middle and index finger, also less calloused, so the meter has an easier time penetrating the finger to get a good reading. The warning about nail polish is correct - it blocks the emitter and makes it difficult to get an accurate reading, which makes using it on certain patients a nightmare Eastern European women and South American women tend to slather on amazingly opaque nail polish, for instance, and we have an over abundance of both here - and there is a new tendency amongst our young here to wear black nail polish, which is also a pain for this stuff. I had a patient a while back who had jewels enamelled into her fingernails, so there was not one nail we could get a reading from - I had to use an ear clip instead, which is far less comfortable - but she was such a Diva that I have to admit that by the point I needed to do that, I didn't mind giving her a bit of discomfort. At least it kept me from either decking her or saying things that one shouldn't say to a patient, even when they really should hear it.
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