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[Equipment] ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
I think you could simply buy a UPS designed for PC use and plug your regular power supply into it.  When power goes out there is an inverter that runs on battery and supplies current to the regular power supply.  They are common in the computer industry and come in different capacities anywhere from 500vA much larger units for servers running over 1500vA.  The desktop 650-750vA units run around $100 us right now and I think would be a good fit.

This would allow you to get around the proprietary power plug issue and could be used with multiple brands of cpap equipment.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
(03-18-2022, 11:26 AM)compman2 Wrote: I think you could simply buy a UPS designed for PC use and plug your regular power supply into it.

It all depends on what the requirements are.  Different people are looking to meet different objectives.

A UPS as you describe will work fine for short-term power outages at home.  But it is difficult for travel, which is something the "Freedom" batteries (and similar products) excel at, because they are so compact and light. A large 12V AGM battery with a converter/adapter is great for backup and long runtimes at home, or for a few nights camping  -- but again, difficult or impossible if you're traveling a lot, particularly by air.

Runtime is also a consideration.  Even a substantial home PC UPS has only about 16 Amp hours capacity (most are less).  Without heater/humidifier, that might give you 5-7 hours depending on the machine and pressures.  With heater/humidifier, probably closer to 2-3 hours.  So again, that may be perfectly adequate if trying to protect against <3 hour power outages at home.  But if you live somewhere where outages tend to be longer, it doesn't satisfy the need.

So, it is important to establish what the individual's goals are before committing to a particular solution.  Is it for home, or air travel, or RV travel, or camping?  If for home, how frequently do you experience outages, and how long is the typical outage?  If for camping, how many nights?  With which pap machine, and with/without heated humidifier?

Different people will need different solutions.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
For anyone who is questioning the logic behind using a 'converter'. This is right out of ResMed's, "Battery Guide, using stand-alone, deep-cycle batteries", document.

ResMed recommends using a converter, meaning a step-up DC/DC (12V-24V) voltage converter. Rather than a DC/AC (at the battery 12V-120V) then AC/DC (at the adapter 120V-24V) inverter when you need to run your CPAP off batteries.

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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
Yes using a DC to DC converter is safer because not all DC to AC inverters are created equal and they are more efficient.  Some inverters create a square wave current that works for analogue devices like motors and light bulbs but doesn't always play nice with microprocessor enabled devices.  UPS's for computers (by reputable vendors) use a better inverter which creates a true sine wave current that is compatible with devices using microprocessors and is identical to the current supplied to your house.  Absolutely the safest thing to do is stick with Resmed's recommendations, they are playing it safe because of the broad range of products out there, some not so good, and compliance could effect warranty.  But if I wanted something in my home for short-term power coverage I wouldn't hesitate to use a good branded UPS.  I run computers, 3d printers, and other current sensitive devices on UPS's without issue.  This is also a convenient source for me because I work in the computer industry and UPS's are readily available to me.

The same thing also applies with generators, some of the current generated by generators won't power computer equipment, but will power pumps, lights, electric motors. I have a farm customer whose UPS wouldn't run off of his generator because it provides such dirty current the UPS still thought there wasn't a reliable power source.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
compman2 - Since you are using an AS10, there are very reasonable 3rd party A10 DC-DC power supplies on Amazon (KFD) for around $35 USD.

BTW: Never use a square wave UPS with an HP-Proliant server. It will smoke the redundant power supplies in a half second if the power should fail. Been there, done that.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
Never use a square wave UPS period
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
I inquired with Medistrom about their about their Medistrom 24 Lite and compatibiliity with the AirSense 11 and they said it would be compatible with the AS11 but the connector for the AS11 won't be available for the next 6 to 8 weeks.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
The Airsense 11 and Mini use the same air turbine.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
I had the same issue then found the Zopec Voyage, also known as the Power Outlet 3.  It has a regular AC outlet so it should work for any model.

I found it on [DME Link Removed] Supplier #1  and if you sign up for their mailing list you get a promo code that knocks the price down under $300. (I’m new to this board so it won’t let me post a link.)

Doesn’t specifically call out AirSense 11 in their documentation but I was able to run mine on fan only for two nights on a single charge. When I tried with the heat and humidity on it died after a few hours, which is expected for this size battery.

Moderator Action: DME Link Removed

To maintain our status as an educational organization, links to DME-owned or DME-operated websites and links to pages that sell prescription-required items are prohibited in forum posts. This is stated in the Apnea Board Rules.

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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup

Hello.  Newbie here.  Thanks to some guidance from mod SuperSleeper, I just wanted to share with all that I think I found a DME that is shipping the Freedom V2 battery with the ResMed AirSense 11 adapter cable.  If I understand the rules correctly, I am allowed to simply say the name of the company, which is "RA Supply Corporation".    

Once you find them, you will know that you are in the right spot because they have a blue circle with a battery symbol on the top of the page.  They specialize in medical batteries according to their FAQ's.  I ordered from them yesterday, and they have my battery with ResMed AirSense adapter cable on the way! 

I am only trying to help share this great news as I myself was recently issued the 11 and dumbfounded without being able to find a place from the more popular suppliers.

Hope this helps.



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