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[Equipment] ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
I went with Ecoflow (so-called 'Power Stations' for battery backup, and have been pleased so far.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
I found this thread via some googling. Maybe someone could weigh in on my idea?

I found this powerbank on Amazon that lists a USB type C PD port that can output DC power @ 12v 16A

There also exists a USB C to Airsense 11 cable sold on a few different sites:
[DME Link Removed]  Search "sleepdirect" for freedom v2 output cable for airsense-11
Could these two items work in conjunction to provide a decent amount of use from an A11? The cable exists specifically to power an A11 with a "Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery".... which is listed as only outputting 12v 8a and is essentially your standard overpriced CPAP/cell phone power bank.

Previous comments had mentioned needing to stay above 12v but others have mentioned 24v and I'm not quite knowledgeable enough to know what's correct here.

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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
Remember to check voltage of a-11... Probably as other resmed it uses 24v So if it can deliver only 12v you will need DC to DC converter

As power in powerbank is stored mostly as 3.7v powerbank uses internally already DC - DC converter to be able to deliver 12v. Dc-dc cost some power loos. So eficiency of modern power banks are ~60-70%.

So it would look like
3.7v - DCDC-12v-DCDC-24v
This causes that your power eficiency will drop to~50%... 
If powerbank has a usb only output it will need extra special charging chip that will force that powerbank to split out 12v than on that you can hang DCDC converter from resmed. No cable needed as DCDC converter has already proper plug for A-11

Because of that i advise to search for proper powerbank that is capable to split 24v(laptop powerbank) this way you do DCDC conversion only once 3.7 - DCDC-24v that leave you~75% eficiency. Than just proper cable and done...

Probably would be better to get a car jump starter powerbank that spits 12v and than add DCDC converter from resmed. Just it need to have ~15Ah per night (15000mAh)
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
Hi all, I've read through the thread but I still need to ask some questions.

I have a Resmed 11 and an AIMTOM 230Wh PowerPal Pro SPS-230 Portable Power Station (that's a mouthful!).
I tried to provide a link but I'm too new to post links. If you search Google for "AIMTOM SPS-230" the Amazon link which has all the specs should be the first link.

I know I can plug the Resmed directly into the AIMTOM via the AC plug but I've heard you get better performance plugging directly into DC. I've read here about the ResMed AirMini DC Converter but at $130 that seems a bit steep. Is there an easier way to plug into my AIMTOM for DC to DC such as a converter cable? My Respironics only needed a shielded DC cable to connect into the 12v cigarette lighter connection but I'm guessing other than the proprietary cable this is more complex as the ResMed 11 seems to need 24v. True?

Any help would be most appreciated.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
Hmm i think you will need car DC-DC converter that changes 12v (that car outlet on your powerbank) to 24V and has A-11 plug at end. 
I tried googling it but cant find that.

if you would use powerbank like i have that can spit out 24V you could just get this:
google "ResMed AirSense 11 Kabelsatz für Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite" and that would work directly...
You could also get DC-DC car adapter for A10 and re-do cable by adding that cable i mentioned just above.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
That’s the problem with the 11, Resmed changes the plug and leaves us all scrambling. Even though the dc to dc converter is the best way to run the unit. Just curious how much run time to you get with the inverter method?  

As a comparison. I have a 299 WH lipo battery pack.  With my A10, dc to dc converter cord and humidifier on off, I can get a little over 33 hrs. With 11% battery left.

I think eventually a dc to dc converter cord will be come available for the 11 just like the A10.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
(03-25-2022, 01:46 PM)KobeT Wrote: I inquired with Medistrom about their about their Medistrom 24 Lite and compatibiliity with the AirSense 11 and they said it would be compatible with the AS11 but the connector for the AS11 won't be available for the next 6 to 8 weeks.
Hi, KobeT  I was randomly looking through AirSense 11 accessories on Supplier 3 and noticed that they now list a ResMed AirSense 11 CPAP Kit for Pilot-24 Lite SKU#: P24R11PLK.  

The kit appears to be two cables: one that attaches the Medistrom Pilot-24 to the machine, and another that connects it to the power supply adapter that comes with the AirSense 11.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
This is definitely an interesting topic. I too want a battery backup for using camping and when I'm sleeping at home. I have a airsense 11 and my humidity is usually on 4 or 5. So what good is one of the freedom/pilot batteries when the power goes out in the middle of the night and you have your humidity on? You'd still get woken eventually when the battery dies. Anyway I'm going to make my own system with the following parts:
Craftsman toolbox
Renogy 24v50ah lifepo4 battery
Victron 24v 12a charger
Buck converter to make sure output is consistent 24v
The pilot airsense 11 wiring adapters
Another buck converter for 12v fuse panel to put in some USB plugs for charging other stuff camping.
Solar charge controller.
Misc stuff like on off switch, lights, etc.

This system should be able to run this airsense 11 with humidity on 4 for about 35 hours of run time im figuring.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
(05-14-2022, 08:04 PM)davidgr Wrote: Here's the mystery. If I first attach the clips to the battery and plug the converter into the cpap secondly, the light goes out on the converter and the cpap does not go on. BUT, if I plug the converter into the cpap first, and secondly attach the clips to the battery, the cpap works. Why would that be? (This could be the reason that some folks think the airmini adapter won't work. FYI for you here in this post).

I can confirm this 100%. I'm almost done building my cpap powerbox with the pieces I mentioned earlier. I will be adding a youtube link if it's allowed of how I built it later when I finally upload it. I just got a airmini dc/dc converter # 38839 for $100usd shipped to canada and I plugged it into my cpap powerbox that has a brand new renogy 50ah 24v battery. I have a cig socket thats regulated with a buck converter to give out only 24.3v instead of the batteries 27v fully charged state. I plugged in the cig socket, the green light comes on, I plug it into the airsense 11 and I heard a slight popping sound and the green light goes out. If I start over and plug in the machine first, then the cig socket the 11 boots up just fine. This morning I checked the adapter after sleeping 8hrs and it was warm, not hot, but warm. I find this odd because I also found another dc/dc adapter on Amazon with the name flgan for about $50 that I've been using for about two weeks and it's never given me any issues about plugging in one way or the other. It's also never been as warm as the resmed brick was this morning. I'm not impressed with this resmed dc/dc brick at all.
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RE: ResMed Airsense 11 battery backup
Konfulon Power bank

You can buy a USB c to cigarette barrel piece relatively inexpensively. It costs more if it is PD rated. I don't know if this PD rating is necessary but suspect it is or it wouldn't be spec't and more expensive.

On the Amazon link--- the Konfulon power bank photo shows USB c output at 12 volts as 16.7 amps (PD 20 watts max!?) Is it really 16.7 amps? If so, it is plenty to fire up an AS11 with full heat.

The regular USB (A?) output is 1.5 amps at 12 volts. You should test your AS11 at your settings and heat with a "kill-a-watt" type meter to see if the 1.5 amps is enough. You might have to dial down the heat a bit.
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