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[Equipment] ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
Ok, so I realize that I seem to only come to the forums when I need help. I actually come here to read several times a week, but I rarely comment and I don't troll. This is only because I don't really feel qualified to answer people's questions at this point in my therapy.

Soooo.... ya I need help again. lol

Anyway... I had my humidifier error taken care of for a couple weeks by taping the tube along the back of the unit. This held the tubing still and therefore the error did not occur.

Then I was completely cleaning the unit and removed the tape. I also made a new tube suspension sling (cause I hang my tubing above my head so I can toss and turn without strangling myself.). The error came back! I woke up in the middle of the night to a rainforest flowing into my nostrils.

I think I have figured out the problem. I analyzed the pins and noticed that the first pin is much shorter than the other two. I have included a picture.

Can anyone tell me if this is the way your unit looks? This is a closeup pic of where the tubing connects to the humidifier. Three brass dots and three brass pins.

IF all the pins should be the same length, then my next question is...
Does anyone know how to access the back of this connection? There appears to be notches on each side for popping this panel out. It is worth it to me to risk popping this out than buy a new one. I like to tinker.

Any help is much appreciated. If you could unplug your tube and just take a peek at your connection pins on the humidifier and let me know if they are all the same length or not. Thanks so much.

[Image: 0001sck.jpg]
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RE: ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
Ok, so I popped the silver lining off the bottom by prying the two clips inward and then easing it off. Now I just need to move the socket fixture out. This also shows the pins from a side angle.

[Image: 0002ydz.jpg]
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RE: ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
Ok, so I jiggled the wiring harness out and it seems the brown wire is the one that is connected to the short pin. I will attempt to see why it won't stay up with the others. Might be a tension thingy. (technical term lol)

Messing with these color coded wires reminds me of a joke I made about my vasectomy operation. I won't go into detail (you're welcome), but for weeks leading up to the decision, I would wake in a cold sweat in the middle of the night screaming, "Cut the blue wire!"

[Image: 0003iox.jpg]
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RE: ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
Removed the black cover and can now see pins more clearly.

Anyone else nervous yet?

[Image: 0004rz.jpg]
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RE: ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
ok, after popping off back of orange harness, you can clearly see that it is, indeed, the brown pin that is having issues.

[Image: 0005rb.jpg]
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RE: ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
ok, by gently flicking the short pin, I was able to get it to extend out to the same length as the other two. (Focus people, STILL TRYING TO FIX MY S9) I then have to assume that it is suppose to extend out the same as the others (please confirm this by looking at your pins. please and thank you).

The pin falls right back down tho, so the spring must be permanently depressed or stuck somehow. I guess I need a spring loaded header pin connector.

Once someone here confirms my theory, then I will take this in to an electrical parts store and buy a pin and solder a new one on. blah. and to think that I took this in to the repair place WITHIN my warranty time and they told me I just needed a new tube. THEN when they couldn't find me in their NAZI register, they actually tried to confiscate my S9.

Now I am out of warranty by 3 weeks and on my own. Thanks Obama! (that's a joke btw. If I have offended you please forward all hate mail to my alt account = Shastzi) lol

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RE: ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
ok, I just contacted ResMed and explained how I contacted them when under warranty and they sent me to this crappy shop that just tried to sell me a new climate tube.

I sent them a photo of pin problem in hopes that they will send me a new connector or pin. or pin specifications (cause there are a ton of pin types out there, people)

Anyway, I will keep ya'll posted on my progress. Feel free to confirm that the pins should all be the same length. Thanks
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RE: ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
Final shot for size comparison. (Pin will NOT stay extended as shown in pic. Pin falls down as soon as set upright.) If any of you guys are electrical engineers and can look this part up for me, that would be awesome. I realize there is a slim chance of that, but hey, no shame in asking.
I figure I probably gotta send this pic to some parts companies online and have them try to look it up. Still need to know if I am barking up the right tree tho.

[Image: 0006pp.jpg]
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RE: ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
I have a new Resmed S9 and Yes all 3 pins should be the same height. That being said, my pins do not extend above the orange plastic as far as yours. Now my machine is brand new .. Less than 2 weeks so they may have made some changes. Hope that helps.
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RE: ResMed S9 AutoSet Error Help Request
Ah hmm, I'm not an engineer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn many years ago!
From the looks of it, maybe you could unstick it with some electronic contact cleaner?
Otherwise the spring may be broken...
In technical terms we say: "It's busted."

There is a slim chance that DigiKey might have that replacement part.
Looks like gold plated too.
Sifting through their huge catalog might just work.

Other options: I wonder if the entire plug assembly is available from ResMed?
Might be worth looking into.

Good luck with that!
Let us know how you get it working again!


"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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