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[Equipment] Resmed Autoset 10 Rain Out
I've used a CPAP for about 20 years. My wife was diagnosed just over a month ago and got her machine. She is surprised at how much it is helping even with her mild case. 

Anyway she is recently having problems with rain out. She has a ResMed Autoset 10 with the heated hose and is using a P10 mask. I've tried several humidity and hose settings and she is still getting it whenever it is cool (low 60's) in the bedroom. 

Meanwhile I am using a ResMed Autoset 9, heated hose , and P10 and am getting no rain out. I even have my humidity set to max.  I am thinking either a defective CPAP or heated hose. Anyone else with a Autoset 10 have any suggestions I can try for her? I have tried reseating the hose a couple times.
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Try using on auto humidity to see if that works. At less than 60 degrees you might have too much of a temp. differential and not be able to rely on the heated hose to prevent condensation.. Search for hose covers on this site or cpap store, you may have to insulate the hose to prevent condensation.
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Hi djrem3000,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You can get hose covers on the market or you can make one out of old socks. Cut the toes out of them and sew them together, making them into a tube.
Take 2 rubber band, placing one on each end to hold the cover in place.
Good luck to both of you with CPAP therapy.
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I tried auto on Her's and it did not help. The odd thing is that in the same room with almost the same equipment (autoset 9 instead of 10) I get absolutely no water in the hose and have not since I got it a few years ago. Her's is raining out any time it is cool. Unless they really cut down the heated hose power in the 10, it should be able to keep up.
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I have had a false rainout when I filled the humidifier too full.

Place her unit lower to promote drainage of the condensation.
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I was looking through mine last night and I'm not seeing "Auto" for the humidifier settings.

+1 on the hose covers. I'm using a commercial cover from a DME and it works nicely and is not uncomfortable if it ends up across my neck when I have my back to the machine.
My wife thinks it looks like something from the space station Big Grin

Also the Hose Buddy is a nice addition. It holds the first couple of feet of the hose up so any rainout in the lower part of the hose will drain back into the machine. Anything that condenses past the top drains down into the mask, but that honestly doesn't bother me.... what bugs me is when water collects in a small "loop" of hose below my pillow, which causes a "gurgling"... I imagine the machine may detect this as a false positive for breathing anomaly as well, but Bonjour would know better than I.
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I am on my fifth Autosense 10 - always have had severe rainout (flooding) problems on both auto setting (the worst) and manual set as low as 2.  Never had a single problem with even minimal rainout with the S9 Autoset ..Resmed built more humidity into the Autosense 10 unfortunately.  They say if you use one of "their"-ResMed masks, it will work better, but has not for me.  It's been a 2-year frustration.  Machine number 4 lost "its mind" in terms of regulating pressure properly - was blowing like a hurricane at odd times after 4 hours - confirmed by seller and replaced with #5.  Obviously, have given up on the humidity issue.  I just keep it at manual level 2, and at least it doesn't try to drown me. (on auto, I could lift the mask and blow water around the room like a garden hose...) I can't remember if the manual/auto settings are only in the clinician' settings, but the manuals are avaliable on this forum.  Most people seem to have very little problems with this machine- wish it worked for me like the S9 Autoset...
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I too had initial problems with rainout on A10 and once I realized I could solve it I stopped trading in machines. The solution was a combination of:

1. Turning the overnight heat in the room up to 64 instead of 60
2. Getting a hose cover
3. Setting the climate line tube to auto

I am aware that these changes don't always solve the problem 100% for everyone but it is a good place to start.

Happy Pappin'
Never Give In, Never Give Up

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Thanks for the input. Good to know others have seen a difference between the A9 and A10. I mainly wanted to confirm her's was not defective. I've got her set at 1 right now and it seems to be OK, but we have not had any real cool nights since I did that. We both like cool room temps while sleeping and usually have a window open when it is cool.
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I'm no expert (only 2 weeks on CPAP), but I lowered my machine so it's not right at my head height and let the hose hang down.  I was awakened with hose gurgle and water on my face twice, so I looked it up.  It does have to do with diff in temperature between hose and room.  Hanging the hose, using hose snuggies or placing the hose under the covers were recommended.
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