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[Equipment] Resmed N30i
RE: Resmed N30i
This is a copy of an amazon user review of the 'purple pillow'
 {I am not trying to recommend any products......I just think this comment is relevant to our issues}

"Being that I have rather broad shoulders, I always assumed that I needed a thicker pillow for back an side sleeping, After reading the reviews about how thin the Purple is, I almost didn't try it. I own several expensive pillows of every imaginable type, and most of those are very thick. After sleeping a few nights on the Purple Pillow, I can now see that my thicker pillows were putting my neck in bad positions. The angle when sleeping on my side was too steep and when I slept on my back, which is my preferred position, my airway was actually being restricted by the sever tilt caused by the pillow. The Purple Pillow keeps my neck and spine perfectly aligned, whether sleeping on my back or side and my breathing but much improved. I didn't jolt awake from the apneas that are caused by insufficient airflow when sleeping.

One thing that I should mention is that I sleep on a VERY expensive, all natural latex mattress that I purchased a few years ago. It is absolutely the best mattress that I have ever slept on, and I've owned several of the high-end brands including the top of the line Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number beds. My mattress allows my entire body and broad shoulders to sink in just enough that I am able to sleep comfortably on my back and side even with such a thin pillow. So it entirely possible that if I didn't own such a good mattress the pillow might, in fact, be too thin. I suspect that Purple created this pillow to use with their mattress to achieve the best results. I believe the key to the best possible sleep is in owning a pillow and mattress that work together. If you are sleeping on a cheap, overly soft or overly firm mattress, you may never get a good night's sleep no matter how much spend on a pillow, no matter how thick, or thin, or what material its made from. If something ever happened to my current mattress, I would probably give the Purple mattress a try. If it's as comfortable as the pillow, it may be a winning combo. I would encourage any of my fellow sufferers of poor sleep who cannot seem to find the perfect pillow to take a look at your mattress and make sure it's not the culprit before wasting more money away on pillows."

If your mattress/pillow combination isn't right, you're going to scrub around during the night trying to get comfortable - and in the process, mash and shift your mask against the pillow or mattress..
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RE: Resmed N30i
I'm a N20 user for the last year. No big problems with it, but would like to use something that doesn't cover up my nose and leave marks on my face/nose. I tried the P10 on and off and it never worked for me. I always felt like I was struggling for air even with the largest size. Also, the P10 would move around when I rolled.

Ordered and received a N30i Last week from an online shop (I won't mention the shop but it is $87 right now. I've used it for 4 days now. Definitely seems more comfortable to me than the N20. Also, I can breath better with it than the P10 and it stays on better. No face marks.

I noticed that the N30i is noisier than the N20. Also, it's a little strange having the tube on the top of my head. I'm a bald guy and I can feel it up there. I tend to sleep on my right side and on my back. I find myself on top of the Climateline Tube more often with this mask.

As a side note, my AHI has been higher over the last few weeks. Not entirely sure if it's this mask or the fact that I got over a cold a few weeks ago. Back in Dec. I was <1 most of the time on my N20. The last few weeks I have been between 1-2. Is that something I should worry about? Should I try going back to my N20 to see if it's the mask?
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RE: Resmed N30i
For the rolling on the hose problem you could try a hose hanger.  Adjust the hose length so you have enough but not too much hanging down and secure it there, and unless you roll all over the bed, your hose issues will disappear.  Like you, I've been using the N20 and have fairly good luck with it - it feels a little large compared to the Wisp, but it's a slightly more comfortable cushion than the Wisp. If it makes you feel any better, my AHIs are all over the place no matter what mask I use.  I can get excellent or crappy AHIs with any of them.  If it was me, I wouldn't worry at all about getting readings between 1 and 2......but that's just me.
With the N30i, I got readings below 1 with both the medium and the small cushion, and then last night got a 2.7.  I don't think it was because of the mask but due to drinking a couple of beers before bed.  I like the minimalist feel of the mask, and it doesn't seem to leak, so at this point I think I'll probably keep it. Any high AHIs are probably due to my own failings. 
The more masks I try, put away and then re-try, the more I think that any variation in my readings is due more to how I wear a chinstrap, my own health habits, mattress/pillow choices, room temperature and darkness, etc. than to the masks themselves.  I can make almost any of them work decently if I control the other factors.  If the seal doesn't leak, and if you can control the other factors to rest well enough so you're not thrashing, scrubbing your face around or tugging on the hose, and if the cushion isn't something that's passively irritating your face, you should be okay as far as CPAP is concerned.
In my case, I have to remind myself that APAP only solves the blockage/apnea problem, but it isn't responsible for other causes of sleep disturbance.  If the machine tells me that I had no leaks and a modest 90% pressure, then the mask is doing its job - whether I had a higher AHI than I'd like, or not. 

Really interested in the comments.
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RE: Resmed N30i
I got the hosebuddy. This really helped a lot. Thanks Cronkster.

I've been using the N30i for about a month now. I really like it. It's hard for me to go back to the N20. The N30i seems to keep my sinuses more clear, also.
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RE: Resmed N30i
The N30i is different than most other masks.  With other masks I use a large size. With the N30i I used the regular headpiece and a small/wide pillow. The pillow doesn't go up into your nose so it is important that the holes line up correctly with your nostrils. If I had tried to fit it myself I probably wouldn't have like it. A person familiar with the N30i at my DME fit mine.
"Sometimes the magic works . . . and sometimes it doesn't" -- Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man
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RE: Resmed N30i
Ok.  I found something weird with the n30i vs my former n20.   When I used to use the Resmed n20 I would set the climate control to Auto or 4 or 5.   Anything more than that and I would get rainout in the nasal piece and the hose.

I live in CO.   It is really dry here in the winter.  

Anyway.  I had my auto set 10 on auto with the n30i and was feeling a little dry.  

So I started upping the humidity/climate control.  I started at 5.  On the 4th night (last night) I used a setting of 8 with no rain out.  

So either the n30i delivers more of the humidity to me directly, so it isn't getting stuck in the hoses, or maybe it's escaping out the airholes?
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