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[Equipment] Resmed S8 Escape II EPR vs. Resmed Autosense 10
Just thought I'd put up a little comparison between the Resmed S8 Escape II EPR vs. the new Resmed Autosense 10.

I've had the new Resmed Autosense 10 for about a year now. So far so good, I like the funky new features, very 'High Tech'. What that means is, you have so much more control over various settings on the machine. One of which I really like which is the temperature of the hose, very cool feature!

Does the Resmed S8 Escape II EPR system have this? No.

I also like the advanced event detection in the Autosense 10, very slick!

Does the Resmed S8 Escape II EPR system have this? No.

However, what the old Resmed S8 Escape II EPR system DOES have, is reliability! With my Autosense 10, the other night it just completely shut off. It was dead in the water. I immediately panicked because I need my CPAP to basically keep me at 100%. I don't want to think about what would happen after just 2 nights without my cpap. Nothing good, that's for sure. So when it stopped working, I practically freaked out!

I called the company that I got the machine from, and there was a 5 day wait to have the machine looked at. Unacceptable! Not going to work. So, I did my research in this forum, and low and behold the Autosense 10 has an issue with it's power pack. $66 dollars later I purchased a new power pack, insurance wouldn't cover it, and low and behold my machine turned back on!

I am thankful that it turned on, but not happy that it stopped working. Again, having to rely on the machine for my well being, to have it stop working right before I went to bed, unacceptable! Especially for how 'advanced' the machine is supposed to be. What saved me was my old Resmed S8. Oh yes! With over 10k hours of use, I took it out of storage and fired it up. Not only did it work, and had worked for over 8 years without fail, but the pressure was still perfect!!!

So, what did I do? I began my search for the Resmed S8. Not only did I find that you could only purchase used one's, but, they don't make them anymore. Not until I found this company:
<Link removed> Secondwind Cpap

I spoke with the salesman named Mark, who was extremely helpful. He said they had gotten a shipment of these machines in and they were going like hot cakes! I immediately purchased 2 machines, brand new still in their packaging!

Now, does the S8 have all the new functionality as the Autosense 10? No. Do I care? No. Because the S8 did what no other machine I've had do, give me peace of mind. It is a brilliant machine, hands down! If you can get a used one, buy it! Buy it, stick it in your closet and forget about it until you need it. Because believe me, you know when you take it out, it ... will ... work!!!

Even when I brought my Autosense 10 up to the company that I purchased the new $66 dollar power adapter from, even they said that they still to this day have a good amount of people that will not let go of their Resmed S8 machines. I saw on the counter several S8's that were in for reconditioning.

As much as I love the new features on the Autosense 10, nothing, nothing in this world is more comforting than reliability! There's one thing I can not afford, is to be traveling with my Autosense 10 and having the power adapter konk out on me again. So, I'll chuck my S8 in the bag along with me (easy to do because it's so small), and be comforted in knowing that at the bare minimum, I'll have a backup.

**On another note**

One of the things I did to ensure my S8 was staying clean, was I did NOT use the filters that came with the machine. I always use pre-filters that I use for my Air Purifier at home. These filters are much finer and filter out the finest of dust particles, thereby keeping your motor nice and dust free. My first Cpap machine, the first one I ever had, when I switched over to the S8 I opened up the old machine. I noticed the motor was dusty. I immediately upgraded my filter, NOT using the one's the companies suggest, and it's 10 times more efficient with keeping your motor clean. Simply cut them down to size and you're good to go!

I use a charcoal piece and a fine regular filter, so it's effectively using two filters to cover your air entry hole. Don't stuff the entrance with too much, because you don't want to add additional stress on the motor. Again, I used those two filters and my Resmed S8 machine put over 10k hours on it without even breaking a sweat. I currently use it as my backup machine to this day. Remember, keeping your motor dust free is the key to a healthy happy motor, and a reliable motor. This is vital.

I hope this helps, any questions feel free to leave me a message.


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G'day Richard, welcome to Apnea Board.

It's great that your old S8 is still going strong, and I would share your disappointment in the failure of the S10. However, it should still be under warranty and you should be able to get the power pack replaced at no charge.

By the way, please review the forum rules - we don't allow links to DME sites. It's OK to name the company but not put in a link.

Apnea Board Moderator


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The S8s are GREAT units. My first one went over 15-16,000 hours. When it finally died, I got a new S-9 through insurance. A few months later I also bought a used S-9 Autoset from Secondwind as a backup/travel unit. I decided to swap it in and out of service every couple of months to extend the life of my insurance purchased S-9. After several months, the bearings on the second hand machine started whining like they were beginning to fail. I called up Secondwind to ask about possible repair or service. They advised no dice on repair (Yeah, I know. It was a ResMed...... Typically not readily repairable as manufacturer won't sell repair parts, as far as I could determine.)

Well, when talking with them, they mentioned that they had (may still have) a supply of new-in-box S8 Autoset IIs (discontinued, but still in factory sealed boxes). At a good price. I snagged one for travel and couldn't be happier with the new machine. And Secondwind service. It is bigger than the new generation of travel units, but it does not require outside brick and is still reasonably compact. It is much quieter than the new travel unit I tried (the S8 II series was also much quieter than the first gen S-8s like I first had - almost as quiet as the S-9s) and I have much more confidence in its quality and construction than some of the new micro-sized travel units. And unlike the later ResMed products, it is still a preferred 12 V system!

So, in the words of Stinky Wizzleteats*, "Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!"


*of the Ren & Stimpy Show

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Whoops, sorry about that, DeepBreathing. :-)
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I know OMyMyOHellYes, I just ordered two of them because when the power supply on the Autosense 10 went, omg! I was like, NO WAY!!!! I am so used to my old S8, which still runs like a champ, that I was kind of convinced they were all reliable. <buzzer sound> Not true! So as much as I didn't want to drop $600 on these machines, I thought, you know what, if I don't grab these now, I'll never be able to get these as new machines ever again. So, I said screw it, LOL!

As anal as that is, at the very least I'll know that I'll have several backups so I won't ever have an issue with whatever machine I'm upgraded too. I have severe apnea, so I can't even go two nights without this machine. Sad and scary, but, hey, that's the way it is and I'm grateful those machines exist.

I'm happy you were able to get the S8 as a backup, I'm happy for you! Smile Too-funny Rolleyes Coffee I know the feeling of ensuring that at a minimum, you'll be able to get a good nights sleep.

Cheers! Smile
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Hi 45thronin,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It's good you were able to get backup machines to give you peace of mind.
Good luck to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
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Thanks trish6hundred, much appreciated. Smile
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