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[Equipment] Rio Mask
Has anyone tried the new Rio pillows mask?
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Since no responses so far probably means no one has used one yet I've decided to trial one. Since I use the P10 I'm interested to see how the adjustable straps compare to the clips I use to shorten the P10 headgear.
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I ordered one today. I currently use a P10 so I am interested if the Rio is any better. I will report back after trying it.
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Looks to me like if this is a new mask, they pretty much copied the ResMed Swift FX nasal pillows mask. I used that for a month or so and found it worked ok, but I got lower AHI using the P10's.
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The new Rio arrived yesterday. Will try it tonight. It looks like it has great potential. It comes with S, M, and L pillows. It has two straps like the P10 but unlike the P10 both straps are adjustable tension with Velcro. And, the 12" connecting air tube can go not only down your face and chest like the P10 but also up and over your head like the Dreamwear. It has a swivel base at the pillows so it operates in that fashion like the Dreamwear.
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I promised earlier in this thread that I would comment on the new 3B Medical Mask called "Rio". I received it a couple days ago, but last night was the first night that I used it. To be clear, it is an obvious remake of ResMed's P10 mask that I have been using for about a year.

The Rio is has more similarities to the P10 than differences IMO. The main difference is that the head straps are better designed and much more substantial (2 or 3X in thickness as compared to the P10). As mentioned by "sonicboom" the straps uses Velcro so the straps can be adjusted to about any size. I have a large head and even I had to pull the straps in to tighten them up. Anyone who has a problem with the P10 straps not being long enough may want to consider the Rio.

I used the medium pillow size and did not strap the 12" connecting hose to the tie-down strap on top of my head. I just used it like I do my P10 by laying the hose down my chest. This method is fine for me and I see no reason (for me) to tie the connecting hose to the top of my head.

The actual "pillows" and very much thinner than the pillows for the P10. No idea if this will affect the life of the pillow or not. However, replacing the pillow with a new one is very simple. The plastic part that the pillows attached to (as does the hose via the swivel ball) is hard clear plastic. The hard plastic was very noticeable when it was pressing the area between my nose and upper lip. Maybe just an adjustment issue, but would not be a problem at all if the hose is strapped to the top of the head.

The connecting hose is connected to a swivel base so the hose has the capability of turning 360 degrees. The P10 does not have this capability at all, but in my case, the swivel provides no advantage.

The biggest difference to me in actual operation is the air outlet/buffer. The P10 is well known for its ability to disperse the out-going exhaust air to the point that it is almost nothing. This is not the case with the Rio, even at my starting pressure of 8 the air was blasting out, although with very little noise. This exhaust air blast may annoy your bed partner if sleeping closely.

I left the Rio on for about 1 1/2 hours before switching back to my P10. Not necessarily because of anything wrong, or not adjustable, but I was feeling lousy last night with other pain issues and I did not want to have to deal with the additional minor issues with the mask. When I turned off the APAP the display showed 0.0 AHI for the hour and half so the mask was working correctly for the brief time that I was asleep (1 hour tops). (Zero to point 5 is my usual all night AHI.)

I have decided to stay with the P10 since I have a stockpile of parts and spare masks. The Rio will be added to my spare mask pile (I have spares for the spares - LOL). I think that I could easily adapt to the Rio, but not worth the effort at this time.

Bottomline IMO, the Rio would be a great choice for a person that likes pillow masks, but cannot use the P10 due to its unusual strap adjustments or small size.
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Did you notice any difference in the baseline leak rate between the Rio and P10 sessions?
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I have not looked at Sleepyhead yet, but I did not notice any leaks. The seal seemed the same to me as the P10. However, my short test is not a good example.
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I thought you might see a 2 to 4 L/Min leak rate difference in the two masks given the freeer flow. It was just curiosity, and something you would ONLY see in data. Even your brief review is helpful. Avoiding the exhaust stream from the vent is a major reason I'll stick with the P10. Others might overlook that to get a better headgear.
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Eagerly waiting to hear....I loved the Dreamwear swivel top! I miss that!
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