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[Equipment] Transcend multi night battery
Well, not so good news! The vendor has purportedly tested the Transcend P8 battery and says there is nothing wrong with it (it has been almost 2 weeks- they "lost" it for almost a week). This after being told by the manufacturer that it is defective. The vendor says that recharging takes 8-10 hours even though the manufacturer claims it takes less than 8 hrs. Irrelevant in any case because the battery is supposed to be fully charged when the LED turns green, however long it has been charging.

I would recommend you not purchase from this vendor, based upon my own experience. I am not sure of your website's rules in this regard however. Let me know if it is OK and I will happily post their name. They really seem not to have any concept of customer service or be familiar with the product they sell, for that matter.

I had very different experience with another vendor, National Sleep Therapy, who supplied the actual CPAP machine. When there was a minor defect in the machine they promptly sent another one out along with a prepaid shipping label for the return of the original.

The upshot is that I am still without a correctly functioning battery, or any battery, since they haven't yet returned it. I am also out the cost of shipping it to them.

Perhaps when I finally get it back it will magically function properly. Maybe they will have misplaced my battery and inadvertently substituted one that is not defective. One can only hope.
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(08-20-2013, 09:00 PM)arcadie Wrote: I would recommend you not purchase from this vendor, based upon my own experience. I am not sure of your website's rules in this regard however. Let me know if it is OK and I will happily post their name. They really seem not to have any concept of customer service or be familiar with the product they sell, for that matter.

To quote SuperSleeper (the admin) from another thread:

So, have at it! It's therapeutic Smile
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The name of the company is CpapXchange! I chose to purchase from them because they are located here in New Hampshire and therefore shipping times ought to be less I thought and service perhaps easier.

They only occasionally answer the phone. They respond to phone messages and emails with the assurance they will look into the matter and get back to you and then days go by.

The manufacturer indicated to me that the product was defective and that I should go through the vendor to get an RMA but the vendor instead insisted I ship the product back to them at my expense to be tested.

A week after I shipped it to them they insisted they had still not received it until I located the FEDEX delivery confirmation that they had received it 6 days earlier. They "found" it shortly thereafter.

This vendor indicated the unit was being tested and I should hear from them shortly. A whole week later (after several inquiries on my part) they informed me that they had finished testing it and there was nothing wrong with it. How long does it take to test a unit that is supposed to take a maximum 8 hrs to charge and run for 14-16 hrs? ( 8+16=24hrs) A week? Why is there nothing wrong with it when it clearly isn't performing as it should and even the mfr indicates it is defective?

The vendor implies I had not fully charged the battery. Its supposed to be fully charged when the light is green. The light was green when I used it. Isn't that evidence ipso facto that the thing is defective?

The vendor claims it must be charged for 8-10 hrs even though the manufacturer claims it recharges in under 8 hrs. Why is that even an issue if the LED indicates it is fully charged? If it takes longer to charge then indicated by the specifications, isn't that an indication it is defective?

No one has been able to explain to me why, if the thing is not defective, it is not performing properly for me.

Clearly these people aren't even familiar with their own and the mfr's literature or they don't care.

The mere fact that a simple matter like this should take maybe a dozen (or more) phone calls and a half dozen emails and two weeks (and counting) says a lot about them I think.

I'm not certain what recourse I have now. They appear to be on the verge of returning a defective unit to me. They seem unconcerned that it is not performing as advertised. I wonder if they will make me pay for the return shipping as well?

For what its worth, I think the Transcend unit is a great product and very likely the battery is good as well. Its only this vendor and its slipshod and irresponsible attitude that infuriate me.

Likely save yourself a lot of grief and don't do business with them. (CpapXchange)
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There is a website known as ResellerRatings with a .com address equal to it's name which is a good one to review any web site on that is involved in commerce. I know I always check that site befor doing business with a new firm. I report positive and negative experiences in there.

If you purchased the item using a credit card you may want to talk to the company about your dispute options if any still exist. Sometimes they can put pressure on a reseller.
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Is your environment really hot? I think heat makes batteries less efficient, too.

Well, living in AZ, I can tell you that heat will make a battery wear out faster than in cooler temperatures. I got a new battery in my car in April of 2011 and had to replace it a year later.

Hope that you find that the battery you returned is defective and they provide you another one.
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I see that you have conquered aerophagia in your profile. would you be willing to share more about this please? what caused it? how you found out about it? what you did to conquer it? Anything else you think is important for us to know. Thanks. glad you were able to conquer it.
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Get a cheap multimeter and look up how to use it to determine if the battery is charged.
It sounds like their charger is pretty rudimentary and that could be your problem, giving a false fully charged indication. speed chargers can stop as much as 20% below full charge on a good day.
Do you know how many AH it holds? If so, take it to a battery specialist, or an auto electrician for them to check it, and if it is stuffed - at least they might be able to set you up with a better battery.

For 2 nights running I tend to agree that $300 should have bought more than you would need.
I would be demanding my $$ back
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Poorly built or malfunctioning chargers will ruin a good battery by over-charging it. Many people have tried rechargeable batteries and decided they didn't like them because they didn't perform well, and this can be due to at least in part to the charger. If you want to use rechargeable batteries successfully you need to invest in a good charger.

Tiny amounts of current keep the charge topped off. Anything more than that will generate more heat than can be dissipated and that's what ruins the battery.
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(09-12-2013, 06:10 AM)Sleepster Wrote: Poorly built or malfunctioning chargers will ruin a good battery by over-charging it.

What he said.

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Just an update: For those who might be interested, I returned my Transcend P8 battery about 2 weeks ago to the mfr., Somnetics, after receiving it back from the vendor,who have tested it and tell me that it is performing normally. Evidently it is perfectly normal for a battery which is advertised to deliver 14-16 hrs use on their machine to only provide 6 or 7 hours use for some users. So be forewarned that the Transcend P8 battery may not perform for you as advertised.

Its been about a month and a half so far (I still don't have it back), attempting to resolve this issue so be forewarned also that their customer service is not the greatest.
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