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[Equipment] full mask mayhem

I have the full face mask that was fit by a sleep therapist.
It is the Air Fit F10 medium cushion.

So far the only problem I have is with the mask.

I am a side sleeper.

I take off my mask every night within the first few hours for the fact that it wakes me from sleep.

I have tried positioning the mask and trying different tightening strengths on the straps.

Not only does air shoot out of the top of the mask into my eyes. The cushion flaps against my face, like I am making farting noises with my hands.

The sleep therapist, though a trained professional, could not offer any solid advice to this issue other than a generic "it just takes time getting use to the equipment".

So. I thought I would see what you all ( the real experts) had to say.

Thank you
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Read some of the other post about mask. Tell your supplier to try to fit another mask.

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The respiratory therapist at my DME fit me with a large Wisp mask. When I didn't like how it felt after a few nights I pulled out the fit guide for the mask, I was a perfect fit for the S/M. I've been happy with the Wisp ever since. So, I suggest double checking the size mask you have with a fit guide. You might have the correct size but you might not...
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Hi mouthbreathersidesleeper,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
The mask is the most challenging part of this therapy, so don't be shy about asking to try different ones, 'till you find what works for you.
Good luck to you on your CPAP journey, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Simplus frm.
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opinions are welcome. lol

Anyone know what causes the cushion on my mask to flap against my skin?
Surely I'm not the only person here that has experienced this phenomenon...
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Like you, I am a mouth breather and sleep on my side. It took me a while, with the help of the members of this forum, to figure out how to avoid the air from leaking into my eyes and around my nose and mouth. Try placing your face, with the mask on, at the very edge of your pillow, so that the mask itself is not resting on the pillow, but instead is hanging unsupported off the edge of the pillow.

The other thing that helped me was to switch to a Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face mask. I found it was light enough that it didn't need to have the pillow supporting it (I had previously tried the Phillips Respironics ComfortGel Blue full face mask which was much bulkier).

As Trish6hundred said, finding the right mask that works for you is the biggest challenge in this therapy. You may have to try several (or more) masks until you find the one that works for you. Eventually you will find one that works. Good luck.

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Another mouth breather/side sleeper here. I am having success with the Amara View. This is a full face mask but quite an uncovential one, as it does not cover the nose but seals under it. Of course not everyone is the same but this is my mask of choice.
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I have a small pillow (40 by 80 cm) turning it around 90° helped me a lot - my mask is now hanging free and I don't have to overstretch my neck.

as for the F10. if you turn the upper band more towards your neck behind the head the leak near the eyes should vanish. If that happens to me I tighten the chinstrap and than pull the upper strap back until I have no more leaks.

The F10 has a pretty narrow sweetspot where it seals optimally. I personally find that it's easiest if you put on the mask, than pull it a little bit from your face (but it should still touch your face completely) and than turn on your machine. So the cushion can inflate completely and seal the mask.

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Another vote for the F&P Simplus. What? We weren't voting? Oh....

Facial oils can contribute to the face farts. Wash your face with soap and warm water before bed. Avoid soap with skin softeners etc in them. Also wash the pad daily with soap and warm water to remove accumulated oils. I often find that mid-way through the night that I can't get a good seal anymore. Wiping my face and the mask pad off with a tissue usually fixed that. If not, sigh, I wash my face again. Yes, I have oily skin.

Face farts might also be a sign of the mash having gotten pushed out of position by the pillow, a higher pressure if you have an auto machine, or the straps not being quite tight enough. If you have an auto machine, there is a setting on your machine that allows you to adjust the mask at the highest pressure before starting therapy.
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