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Essential Accessories
First time xPAP user (4 nights in) and was wondering if there are any accessories (i.e. battery, pillow, etc.) that are considered essential. Also, I see a lot of people are using SleepyHead or ResScan software; what are advantages of the third party software?
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sleepyhead is free (donation if you like) and it give you all the details about what is going on while you sleep.

I use:
a hose hanger to keep from getting tangled in the hose
baby wipes to clean my face and mask before bed, reduces leaks
a folded towel to muffle the machine noise on the night stand
I just sleep on the edge of a regular pillow
Distilled water. started that way, now I just use tap water
card reader for my desk top computer so I can read the data
a bright orange ear plug to prop the data card door open on my machine so I don't forget to put the card back before I go to sleep
planning on getting some mask strap covers to get rid of the mask line on my face in the morning
I currently have a computer back up system in case the power goes off, pretty sure now that this will not be enough. planning on some system talked about in forum posts

IMHO don't worry about a cleaning system or anything too fancy, get used to it and figure out additional stuff later.

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I use:
a hose hanger to keep from getting tangled in the hose
I use a shredded foam pillow and a combination of edge or pressed down hoseway
Distilled water - its cheap and wont cause mineral buildup
Flashair card so I can remotely read the card and never forget to re-insert it (need card reader to set that up)
I clean my pillows with a gentle non-perfumed dishsoap after every use to reduce nose soreness and leakage
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Tongue Suck Technique for prevention of mouth breathing:
  • Place your tongue behind your front teeth on the roof of your mouth
  • let your tongue fill the space between the upper molars
  • gently suck to form a light vacuum
Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

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- A pillow made for xpap users that has a "cut-out" or indentation on each side edge for the mask when you side sleep.
- I use more filters than allowed by insurance or Medicare. See how dirty they get in your locale.
- Use the tap water as in my area it has no hard minerals.
- I have a Respironics machine so I use Encore Basic software (available for download on this site). Have also used Sleepyhead, but the Drs. are used to seeing the manufacturer software.
- the cleaning wipes made for masks are a nice luxury and convenient.
- I recently got a battery, but that was not for home back-up, but for some 12 hour overseas flights for business. This was after calling the foreign carrier's US desk and being told that they did not have a/c plugs in business class on their 777. Of course they did, and it worked fine, so that was a waste.
- Get used to the machine and the treatment; it takes some time. You don't need to accessorize until you figure out the basics. Good luck, hang in, and it doesn't happen overnight.
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Hello, jonesbc19. Welcome to the forum.

I use SleepyHead software.
FlashAir wireless sd card in my CPAP.
Hose holder.
A standard extra firm pillow.
Chin strap.
Distilled water.
A hose cover in the winter.
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Besides most of what has already been said:

1 - Surge protector - get a good one - protects against voltage spikes especially if you are in an area with thunderstorms and power fluxes

2 - Never can have two many filters

3 - Clinician manual for your machine - Instructions available under the CPAP Setup Manuals button on the top of the page.

4 - Copy of your script for the machine - I keep a copy in my machine's travel case.


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Toshiba FlashAir wireless SD card
Sleep Master (program for managing FlashAir wireless SD card)
Hose Hanger (Hose Buddy) "great!"
Chin Strap (with sewn on pads that I got from Paddacheek to stop strap marks)
Backup CPAP machine
Lithium Phosphate Battery (10Amp hours) for camping
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* Sleepyhead software. Computer has an SD card port, but SD to USB adapters are available.
* Aloe Vera gel to reduce pressure sores from nose pillow. I use a tiny amount of Banana Boat Aftersun gel.
* Distilled water--our well water is really hard, and a gallon of distilled costs under a dollar. On a road trip, I'll use bottled water.
* Hose wrap. Maybe not essential for heated hose, but I found it helpful for my old non-heated hose in winter.
* Solar power system for camping. It has the capacity to run the humidifier, but I usually didn't use the heater off grid.
* Disposable filters. I got a 50 pack from my on-line DME provider.
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