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I have been using my CPAP machine for 10 days. Can anyone explain what is 0.9 events? I thought the events were 12345 and so on. I'm not understanding the whole decimal thing. How can you have less than 1 event? I have Googled and even downloaded the clinician handbook. Nothing. An explanation will be greatly appreciated.
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The events is a calculation of the number of events divided by the number of hours of sleep so it’s perfectly possible to get 0.9 events for example if you had 7 events overnight and slept or used the machine for 8 hours the number of events (per hour) would be 0.875 rounded to 0.9 if only one decimal place is used


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Jason you don't know how much I appreciate your help. Thank you so very much.
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Jason, I just thought of something. How do I do the math to figure out how many episodes that I had? For example: last night I used it for 3 hours 17 minutes.  Events were 0.3. I suck at math. Thanks.
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Hi nanniesitter,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck with CPAP therapy, hang in there for more answers to your question.
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3 hrs and 17 min
17 min / 60 min/hr = 0.28 hr + 3 hr = 3.28 hrs
3.28 hr X 0.3 events/ hr = 0.98 events or close to 1 event over the 3.28 hrs.

sleep time X events/hr (AHI) = total events

Good luck and keep asking questions!
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                   Welcome to Apnea Board!

 If you download SleepyHead it will give you detailed information on your treatment including the number of events and types.

You can find the link just below. Most people use it here as you can upload charts when asking for advise.

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Thank you Trish6hundred. Now I can't wait to go back to the first days to figure out the events. You have now idea how frustrating this is. They don't explain this stuff when they show you how to use the machine. Have a great day.
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You will need an SD card in the machine to read the data.
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Thank you Hojo.
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