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Exhausted / have leak rate of 28.1
Took some digging but above is what I have.

The gaps are where I changed to the Res Master Auto A-flex M series machine because I thought the RS9 was malfunctioning.
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your leak is not significant unless it is disturbing your sleep.  is it?
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Yes it is.

I see a change in pressure and time in apenas starting in December.

I changed to my backup machine because the RS9 seemed to be blowing very hard - to the point of uncomfortable.

Symptoms: Do not feel rested when I wake up. I'm tired in the early afternoon. Dozing off earlier than normal at bedtime. Feels much like the symptoms that caused me to go for a check up in the first place 3+ years ago. My heartbeat feels faster in the morning as well.

I sleep about 7 hours. I wake up two or three times a night for 5 mins max. Sometimes just a minute or so. Ocassionaly - say once a month I can't get back to sleep and take 5 mg of diazepam.

Occasionally I take a antihistamine sleep aid. Average 1.5 times a week (let's say)

What I mean by terrible is my thinking is cloudy and I'm sluggish.

Had a Total Knee Replacement (Left knee) on July 12th. Took pains meds as prescribed for two weeks and then only as needed - which meant a pill before physical therapy and pill to sleep at night. After the first 6 weeks I took no pain medication during the day. The next three weeks I took pain meds nightly, the next 3 weeks I decrease the weekly nighttime meds to the point of after 3 month taking no pain medication at all.

The next TKR was on October 4 (right knee). Same routine. I have not take a pain pill to sleep at night for more or less two months. I drink maybe once a month and we are talking a beer and a shot of tequila. in the last two month I have probally taken 6 5-mg doses of diazepam. 

What I mean by panicky is that going through 2 TKRs in the last 8 months which includes PT, and still in the gym 3 - 4 times a week regaining quad mass, the thought of now dealing with sleep apnea symptoms as before makes me nervous.

I'm a single dad with a ton of things to do and the two TKR's have been very tough. Thank God for the friends and family help I received. But I am now starting to feel normal knee wise - and now the sleep symptoms! It's concerns me. Also I live in Costa Rica and that means returning to the states to see a doc for sleep issues - I spent four months in a friends second home in the US pretty much by myself and I really don't want to leave my home again. That is why I'd love to find a solution here online.

Thanks for you help...
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OK, let's try to adjust your comfort, 1 change at a time.

First let's even out the pressures that you are seeing.  Lets set your min to 12 cmH20.  That is just above your nightly lows.  Yes it is a big change.  If that is an issue add a ramp of 5-10 minutes starting at 6 cmH2O
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Thanks for the suggestion. Now a big question. Should I go back to using the RES Med S9 because I can get data from it?
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I feel for you aconcepts. Hang in there and perseverance with the sleep issues. Bonjour and the other experienced people here will definitely help you out. I wish you a quick recovery from the knee surgeries. Two replacements in 8 months! Man....
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Please we need data to make changes

BTW partial knee replacement 9 days ago.

I definitely understand that part.
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aconcepts, I have read this thread and viewed your data. Your treatment does not seem so bad, but your pressure range starting at a pressure of 4 and an average therapy pressure of 11 stands out as a potential problem. I encourage you to increase your minimum pressure to 10, and see if tht helps. Fortunately the Resmed machine does pretty good at increasing pressures form below the effective therapy level, but you really should increase the minimum to give it a head-start.
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Hi aconcepts,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
To answer your question, Yes, go back to the Resmed machine to get the data.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and good luck to you as you continue your CPAP therapy and also with getting your pressure dialed in to better meet your needs.
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Hey all - thanks for the help - I am collecting info on my machine and will post it soon.

The adjustment on the lower pressure setting has seemed to help. I have felt more rested since the adjustment.

Last night I woke up to the sound of air coming out my mouth accompanied with dry mouth. So I taped. That was interesting! Still felt bubbling/ air trying  to escape.

I was wondering about the resistance/ air pressure and if that is why I am opening my mouth. If so, can it be adjusted?

I use to be a mouth breather before using the machine. Then I stopped mouth breathing afterwards.

I've become curious about what the Sleepyhead charts mean. Is there a tutorial about interpreting the charts and data?
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