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Extreme Headaches.
As far as being cured, it's probably not likely. Regarding the headaches have you:
1.) been to the doc
2.) has testing for trigeminal neuralgia
3.) been screened for a nasty sinus infection

The way you describe the headaches, I would start there. Best of luck to you!
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(04-27-2015, 08:42 PM)Realtor 1 Wrote: Close to 2 yrs of Pp therapy and still having so many issues. Since my problems started a couple of yrs ago I have been encountering the Headache issues but of late they have gone almost unbearable (Last 3 weeks or so) every morning the pain starts on my face , where the FFM sits and then goes to the forehead and then the whole had. does stay pretty much the whole day and eases up in the evening .I have brought my Auto pressure down just to see if the high pressure was causing it. Not big difference. One thing I noticed that the AHI did not go up at all even at a pressure of 9. & even then the events were central instead of Obstructive.

Question is can CPAP pressure or a FFM mask trigger Headaches ?

I am going to go 2 night without the machine just to see if it will make any difference. Unfortunately my sleep doctor is useless and I have given up on him completely a few months ago.

Hi , this is my first attempt to ask the same question -can CPAP pressure or a FFM mask trigger Headaches ?
2 days after using CPAP I have started getting headaches and still continue to get them after 10 nights on the machine .
Do not have major health problems so not sure why I'm getting
them . Any suggestions or explanations would be much appreciated


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I have exactly the same problem of facial/sinus headaches and this is the subject of a separate, recent thread. It is definitely related to the therapy, IMO.

My sleep specialist is a useless joke so I'm going to have to find another one; back to the drawing board. Fortunately there are plenty around in Sydney.

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Do you wake with the pain or does it start after you remove your FFM ?

Just my personal opinion. My posts are not medical advice or a statement of fact. Please consult a qualified physician or other qualified medical personnel. Please comply with all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and protocols.
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I wake up with the mask in place and experiencing the headache. I have to take it off because of this, but the headache lasts most of the day and starts in the face around the sinus area and moves further up into the head.

I'm over it and won't continue in the long term with this reduced quality of life!! I'm serious.
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I would not expect a sleep specialist to know much about this. The pressure in a CPAP machine is not enough to even start to inflate a ballon, even at 20. That pressure, or a mask that is not on overly tight, won't normally cause a headache, let alone a severe one. You need to go to a different doctor. An ENT would be my first stop. Something else is wrong, the CPAP is just aggravating it.
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