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Recently started Cpap therapy, all is pretty good but my eyes.  I have dry eyes, and just had cataract surgery so I may notice more problems than others.  My question is what or how can I keep my eyes from being DRIER than normal?  I use a full mask covering the mouth and nose.  I  have tried using a travel sleep mask and use a expensive night eye cream.  I have looked at eye Cpap eye goggles but review are rather negative.  So any ideas might help.  
BTW I just ordered a nasal type mask to give it a try.
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RE: Eyes
I think you will find a nasal pillows mask is ideal for eliminating leaks in the direction of your eyes. A conventional nasal mask that fits over the nose will have the same drawbacks as your full-face since it is the fit over the bridge of the nose that causes a problem. Another approach would be a full-face hybrid which uses nasal pillows and a mouth covering. Your approach in using various sleep masks and night creams is good. I assume your doctor is involved and you have tried prescription items like Restasis (Cylclosporin).
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RE: Eyes
My last eye appt., I was told that I have dry eyes. Never had a clue, until I was told that I did. 

It's not a problem for me, and at my age (66) I ain't gonna worry about it. I use a Resmed AirFit F30 mask, and it does a very good job. 

I was using an AirFit F20 mask, but it did allow air to reach my eyes.
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RE: Eyes
If you keep using your FFM, you could try getting a mask liner from Pad-a-Cheek. For some people, that cuts down on bothersome leaks.
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RE: Eyes
Hi Duncansleeps

We need to look after our eyes.

1. Chat your health care providers about eye drops and other options.

I use eye drops and or gel. Somehow my eyes are still sticky when I wake up during the night.
Simple eye wash cup and some normal saline for a quick rinse.

2. At the moment the dry eyes are my biggest challenge. I have blepharitis (dry eyes) and have twice had eyelid infections since starting PAP therapy, you want to avoid those...
I was prescribed Vit A ointment for night time use, but a pain to install and they glue my eyes closed.

3. I have come full circle: full face mask (leaks into eyes) then Nasal masks and now back to Hybrid face masks.

The only type that does not leak air anywhere near my eyes is the nasal pillows. Give those a try. I found the P30i the best, I think others like the P10 or similar. Beware that the air venting out the front of the mask may still bounce off the bedding and still get reflected into your eyes, so that may not be the the only solution for you. I have abandoned the P30i for now because I can't control the mouth leaks, but that is just me. Quiet Air vents with mesh instead of holes will reduce air movement around the front of the face, as will headgear with top of the head connections which allow some venting above your head and not all out the front.
I am now testing out some other cushion sizes for hybrid face masks with the express purposes of avoiding air leaks to the eyes. The goal will be to find a correct fit around the nose, and accept some leakage around the mouth.
4. Like you I have also tried different sleep masks: depending on your face shape and the type of the mask you use, your mileage may vary. The cheap air travel ones are useless: search online for ones that don't press against your eyes, e.g.

Eye mask - sleeping eye mask for travel,filled with memory foam,comfortable and soft 3D sleeping mask【Cloudin】Black
Resmed contoured eye mask
Resmed silk eye mask: i had to modify this with internal wire struts to keep them from pressing on my eyes.
Also this tends to slip around and comes off at night.

So far I have not yet tried the Cabeau midnight magic.

So far none of them somehow fits with the headgear, and air still gets to my eyes, and are pricey.

They do add complexity to your night routine, and can be a bit warm, but on the upside they do block out the early morning light so I sleep longer!

5. Yesterday I dug out some old swimming goggles I had from my younger days, but they had decayed, so today I bought cheap swimming goggles at the local sport store and will give those a try: something to consider.

Hope you find a solution that really works for you, and do keep us updated.
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RE: Eyes
Thanks for the suggestions.  I do not think I have major leaks, my phone app from Phillips says that every night I have 100 percent no air/mask leak problems.  I read some where that the pressure from the mouth or maybe nasal area could leak or be forced to enter the eye area.  BTW I will do what it takes to solve the problem, I will hate to see the Doc that did my cataract surgery LOL.
Also, on my first return/required Doc visit I mentioned it to  him and he had no suggestions and did not know about the APP to check on mask.
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RE: Eyes
If you download OSCAR (free) then post some charts then the advisory members here can help assess the presence/nature of any leaks.

If there are indeed no mask leaks, perhaps you are refluxing air via the nasolacrimal duct?  Online search CPAP and nasolacrimal duct may give you some ideas if this applies to you.
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RE: Eyes
What's a duck got to do with anything? Smile

I think I get some air forced up just below my eyes from the vent of my F30 airfit. Possibly--I still haven't figured this out. some mornings I get fluid filled sacs below my normal eye bags. Possibly from the vent? My leaks are negligible. also, some night when I settle into bed I feel a breeze up around my eyes but my mask isn't leaking.
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RE: Eyes
If you are still having dry eye after some of the remedies that are suggested you could consider seeing a optometrist about the issue and some times it is a inflammation  of tear ducts are plugged. What I found for my dry eye that will crop up every once in a while is use CeraVe hand bar cleanser that I use every morning with a dedicated 24 mm synthetic shave brush and wash my eye area every morning. The soapy lather will gently clean and hydrate the area, women use this soap for cleaning eye make up and other facial make ups and it works very well for my self. Some mornings I would wake up and my eyelids have a crust attached to the eye lashes, I would try eye drops and other solutions but washing my eye area every morning has really cut down that gritty acid feel you get sometimes. I have been using this method for 14 + months and have no where near the problems I had prior, we all usually wash our faces daily I just do it better with better products that are superior to these cheap brand soaps that hurt & burn the eyes when those cheap suds get in the eyes.
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RE: Eyes
I suffer with dry eyes with a nasal or full faced mask, with pillows P10/P30i or bleep I get no dry eyes
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