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F&P Brevida piliiow mask
Looking for feedback from anyone who has purchased and using the new F&P Brevida Pillow Mask.
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Now posted as a New Product in Canada at; [link removed]
I am also very interested in this new product, if anyone cares to post a review.

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A new Brevida was used for the 1st time last night. Di-spite using the Resmed np10 for 17 months and quite satisfied with it i was attracted to the F&P Brevida because of its removable and adjustable headgear and the pillow seals around the nostrils . Two very soft silicone openings inside the sealed area insert into the nostrils. (I couldn't feel them)
It is slightly larger than the cp10 but just as quiet. The leakage rate was slightly better than my recent average and as a side sleeper this suggests it held its seal ok against the pillow.
Because it seals around the nostrils rather than inside
them it may be hotter on warm nights.
I think its worth a look for anyone considering a nasal pillow mask .

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Consider doing a review of it?

how: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...orum--5546
where: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Forum-C...sk-Reviews
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So an improved Pilario Q with similar headgear like the Resmed P10, but adjustable.


Hope Resmed will soin come out with a P20 model with improved & adjustable headgear.

;-> gjw
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Hi All

Does anyone have any experience / updates regarding the new F&P Brevida mask?
Right in the process if getting a new mask from my DME, so wondering if I ought to try the Brevida, or stay with the AirFit P10.

;-> gjw
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Hi, first post here. Thought I'd offer some input because there's hardly any mention about the Brevida mask anywhere online since it's still kind of new and that getting the right mask can have such a huge impact on your life.

I've been using the Amara View for like a year and struggled with insanely fragmented sleep. Keep in mind I just recently started trying out nasal pillows: the P10 for the past 2 weeks and now the Brevida so I can't speak much about leaks as I get massive leaks from what I think is to due a lifetime of mouthbreathing and tweaking with the fit/getting used to nasal pillows in general.

Anyway, I haven't had a full night's worth of sleep with the Brevida yet, but here's an early take about the mask:

+ The silicone pillow is indeed very soft and super comfortable. Softer than any nasal pillow out there. You won't feel anything inside your nose once you have it on properly, i.e. snug inside your nostrils but not tight as the outer part forms a seal around your nose. It's the answer to the dreaded sore nose problem of nasal pillows, but..

+/- Because the openings are so soft, you got to angle them properly into your nose and they can invert sometimes. So it takes some finesse putting it on vs. something stiffer and more minimal like the P10.

+ The vent is just as quiet as the P10 and the diffuser can even be snapped off and washed/replaced.

+ The hooks seem secure to me, I don't know, yet.

+/- It's definitely heavier and bulkier than the P10 and can potentially wear much hotter because of how it wraps around your nose. More presence on the nose and face, but virtually none inside the nose. Even then, with the silicone being so soft, you'll forget that it's on your face after a while.

- Here's the rub, though. While the hose joint can rotate 360 at the mask unlike the P10, they placed the vent at the joint, and the joint is always fixed at an angle like a fixed bendy straw like a lot of masks. I think I'm with most people when I say I prefer sleeping with the hose suspended, and it's tricky trying to wear the Brevida with the hose suspended above you, even with a Hose Buddy. You have to hang it with just the right amount of slack and you have to hang it perpendicular to the wall, otherwise it can easily tug on the mask, hitching it upwards and away from your face. Second, you will feel air blowing at your mouth when wearing the mask with the hose twisted 180 degrees upwards and around that range, so you want to avoid that. It has to either be worn angled downwards or sideways like a snorkel if you want to avoid any sensation of air blowing at your face. You can side-sleep just fine, you just have to make sure when turning from side to side that the hose turns freely so that the hose won't tug on the mask as you rotate the hose upwards and over to the other side.

It makes you realize how well the P10 is designed in that aspect as the vent is on the mask itself and the hose is actually much more flexible despite having a fixed joint. Again, I can't speak much about the seal, yet, and the Brevida can be a fussy mask in terms of flexibility and feeling the air on your face at certain angles. Although that sounds bad, I could still imagine it being a huge winner if you get the fit and setup right. It's definitely worth a try.
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Hi sleeplover69,
Welcome to Apnea Board!

After trialing the Brevida mask, please consider giving a mask review. Smile

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Just got an email from my DME (Lunge Zürich), that I can pick up one of their F&P Brevida masks on Friday. I will be part of the DME 's evaluation trial, before they add the new mask to their normal inventory.
Will give a review & compare to the P10 mask, once I have used the Brevida for a few nights.

;-> gjw
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I joined the sleep apnea club in October.

The Sleep Clinic gave me a two month trial with the option of which type of mask to use.

I picked the Brevida nasal pillow.

Quite happy with it and once the trial ended, I purchased one.
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