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F&P Brevida question
F&P Brevida question
Hi Everyone,

I decided to try F&P Brevida as an alternative to my p10/p30i (P30I seems to work better for me so far than p10) My first impressions are mixed and was hoping if someone can clarify it for me if they have used it before.

My impression is the pillows are very soft. I am using the M-L cushion and I can barely tell if they are in my nose so it is a best effort \ checking in mirror etc. I sealed it well but not too tight. When my machine runs, I can tell there is air but not feeling it with same clarity as p30i. I also feel this cool air\feeling around my nose bridge which is distracting. I can also feel maybe some air around nostrils (but it could be that the coolness of the mask making me feel like its leaking air) when I place my hands however around the mask I feel no leak and the device confirms it. My final gripe thus far is when I pretend to cut of my breathing for ASV to breathe into me, I feel more intensity with p30i whereas the Brevida cushion expands and delivers similar effect (maybe with less intensity as i see cushion expands around nose) and I can't explain it.

Can previous\current owners confirm if some of those feelings are real or go away or not concerning or all three?

Appreciate your thoughts and thank you!
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RE: F&P Brevida question
I have been using a Brevida constantly for about a month. At one time, the P10 was my favorite mask; I didn't like the P30i. I have been using the F30 full face mask until just recently.

The Brevida pillows are soft. I find I can keep the mask very loose and still not have leaks. However, if the mask is too loose, then I am likely to dislodge it when I turn over at night. I haven't yet found the right balance point between leaks and keeping the mask in place. It does sometimes feel like it is leaking around the nose, but I cannot detect any air with my hands.

Overall, the mask is working well.
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RE: F&P Brevida question
The Brevida, P10 and P30i are my favorite masks and the most effective with leaks and comfort. Honestly, I never noticed what you described with the Brevida. I just found it to be really comfortable right from the start.
My only gripe with it is that it has a rocker like effect, where I can rock it back and forth a little more than the other two masks and that the strap seems a little more finicky than the P10 strap.
Also the nasal prongs, being soft, have, for me, collapsed on occasion when sleeping on my side and burying my face on the pillow.

What you describe may be something that takes a little time to adjust to the sensation.
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RE: F&P Brevida question
I’m a new CPAP user on Day 50.  The Brevida is the only mask I have used and, since Day 1, I have been absolutely amazed how comfortable it is overall.  The headgear is extremely comfortable.  The silicone seal and silicone nasal pillows are so incredibly soft, I literally do not feel them at all … unbelievable, but true!

As to the “cool air” you are feeling:  I feel cool air being discharged from the diffuser (item “G” in the User’s Guide) but the diffuser can be rotated 360 degrees so the cool air is blowing away from me.

I feel no air flowing from my machine when the mask is in place.  My leaks have been very low — current average is around 2 L and often is 0 L.
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RE: F&P Brevida question
I've been using Brevida for about 7 months. I find it to be extremely comfortable and low leaks if adjusted loose. Too tight distorts the silicone and prevents it from sealing. I agree with Cap Codder that it feels like it's almost not there. In my case, the medium pillow was too big and the small pillow works much better. Have you tried both pillow sizes? You can get them inexpensively at Ama***. The two little "bits" (don't know the proper name) that go into your nostrils need to be right. The pillow size seems to have different size "bits," so you have to get the one that works best for you. Finally, F&P suggests that you can pull the pillow gently away from your nose and insert it again to get a better seal. Keep at it, Brevida is a great mask.
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