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F&P Eson Nasal Mask
It's the same size. It's a great mask and I have gotten a 0.0 AHI many times with it. It is my go to mask now.
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Been using the ESON nasal mask now since it came in a few days ago.

If there is a perfect nasal mask out there this would be it. The headgear is high quality like the simplus and similar to it.

The mask comes packaged assembled, ready to use. Comes with a strip of material for new diffuser filters also.

The Eson is very light and minimal, leak free even worn ridiculously loose at high pressures the PRS1 throws at it under mask fit check.

Easy to take apart and clean. Easy to pop back together. Head gear can be romoved without losing your adjustments.

It is also very easy to adjust. Once dialed in its very stable for a side sleeper or an active sleeper. I dont use a hose hanger just toss hose over the head board. The pretty much forget about it with this mask.

My pressures dropped first night on the high side by five cmh2o with a reduced Ahi of under 1 from 2.5. It has consistently repeated that performance every night since though my machine is set for the same pressures it simply does not go near the max of 18 like it used too.

The highest it has reached is 12.5, usually running at my 10.5 min though Im sure I could set it lower on the bottom. But no leaks no need.

I cant recommend this mask highly enough for nasal mask. No noise. Venting is silent, forget I have it on. Great seal and flexible enough to take some mashing from side sleeping and still hold its seal.

If your looking for a nasal mask dont pass this one up. Sleep-well

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I just started using the F&P Eson last night. I usually use nasal pillows but had goofed the adjustment and caused a sore in my left nostril (oops!).

So far, I like it. It is light, has a blessedly quiet vent system, much better than the ResMed Swift LT for Her - Nasal Pillows System.

I am finding that I need to refine the adjustment on the cheek straps as I tend to unhook those straps when I turn on my side.

A note to folks using a ResMed S9 and switch from nasal pillows to nose mask - Remember to change the setting on the S9!! I forgot and my data is all goofed up...sigh
Evpraxia in the Pacific Northwest USA
Diagnosed: 44 AHI when supine, O2 down to 82%
Treated since 20 Sept 2014:: 0.7 AHI, Settings 7-15, EPR on Full Time at Level 3
Better living through CPAP/APAP machines!
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Well, I'll be giving this one a go starting tonight. In office, it fit quite well. Once the exhaust port "filter" was in place, man, it was unbelievably quiet.

I'll have to see how I like it and how it does for performance. I have a TFM (FitLife) that has produced exceptional numbers (75 days with an average AHI or 0.05 and 95% leak of <4 L/m....just phenomenal!) from a therapeutic point of view...but it is a big mask and imposes some limits on my somewhat active sleeping (I sometimes get a sore neck from trying to get too deep into the pillow with it when side sleeping).

I'm blessed in that I can run whatever interface I want (pillows, nasal, ffm or tfm) and have good results as long as the mask fits well. If this one does, then the FitLife may be relegated to my "stuffed up" mask so I can be a little more active in my sleeping.

I'll report more and do a proper review once I have a chance to give this one a decent go.
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Ok....my reveiw of the F&P Eson


Ok...where to start. I like this mask a lot. It has the same deep cushion / seal set-up as F&P used on the Simplus....it is soft, deep and comfortable. The top portion of the seal will fold over the frame of the mask to get a great seal and there is a little bit of "strengthening" silicon in there near the nose bridge to keep the bask seal from blowing out...very robust without a lot of pressure on the nose.

Using the lg size, it fit my generous schnozz quite well. The soft seal also made it possible to sleep pretty deep in the pillow and not have leaks...pretty impressive.

The hose connection is on a ball joint that rotates freely as well as swivels slightly, meaning very little torque on the mask.

So if it sounds like I like it a lot, why only 4? Well, my schnozz has an issue with the silicon strengthener. It sits at just the right spot to put pressure where the skin is thinnest on the bridge of my nose. The result, after 3 days, I was looking at a fairly small area that was on the verge of going on full on pressure sore. Even after 24 hrs, the red mark was still there.

If your nose isn't quite as sensitive as mine, there is a lot to like in this mask (it even did well with my full mustache) and it is definitely worth a shot. If it worked for me, it'd be a 5 for sure.

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I was given one of these masks along with my new APAP as I complained that the Mirage was digging into my face and nasal septum and causing sore patches and dermatitis. It took a couple of night to get used to the new set up but now I've used it for 3 weeks I must declare myself very pleased. The mask feels light on the face and in spite of this seals well without any of the disfiguring welts cause by the previous Mirage. The seal is very soft without any of the more rigid edges that are found in come other masks. The venting from the mask is almost silent thanks to a filter on the outlet. The swivel works well and has a bit of back and forward give, reducing feedback of pillow contact to the face and nose.
I'd give it top marks for comfort and quietness.
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Ah this is my favorite mask, I've been using it for about a year now, started with the N-10 for my first 3 months, like that but I had a lot trouble getting to stay on all night.
I've enjoyed the Eson now and don't have any reason to change, I find it very comfortable , I'm going to start using a new one this weekend. Smile
After a year of washing's the head gear (velcro) is seeing wear and doesn't hold as well as it use to.
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I have had an F&P Eson for just over one month and I was 50/50 about taking it. Yes the head gear is comfortable and easily adjusted, the mask itself is very quiet however I have found that due to the shape of my nose, which is quite narrow with a high bridge, I can not get the leaks under control and I need to have a strip of Elastoplast across the bridge of my nose to stop pressure sores. Oh-jeez I am going back to trying a Mirage FX, which is a little noisier around the vent, but leaks less. Like I said 50/50. Annoyed-and-disappointed


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Consider doing a full review?
Apnea Board Moderator

Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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(01-22-2016, 11:56 AM)PaulaO2 Wrote: Consider doing a full review?

I am not sure that I could add much as far a full review goes, I think it has been covered. The main problem for me is that it is too hard on the bridge of my nose and this is due to the stiffening silicone rib with the size stamped into it. It creates a pressure point on me, however it may be fine for others with a different nose shape. In all other aspects I concur with the previous comments.


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