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F&P Flexi-fit 431
RE: F&P Flexi-fit 431
(01-25-2015, 05:07 PM)PaytonA Wrote:
(01-25-2015, 02:45 PM)PaulaO2 Wrote: It handles my high pressures just fine. I like the Simplus because it was the only FFM I tried that didn't leak all over the freakin' place because of my high pressures.

I would like to, very politely and with all due respect (for your hammer Laugh-a-lot ) take exception to the high pressure part of that statement. I am at 20 cm/H2O all of the time and I have found 2 full face masks so far that do not leak at that pressure, the Mirage Quattro and the Simplus. 2 successes out of the 3 full face masks that I have tried is not too bad a success rate. All that I am trying to say is that it does not appear to me to be all because of the full face masks although they do present a little more of a challenge.

Best Regards,


The Quattro Mirage leaked and farted all over the place. OMG it was so bad, it scared one of the dogs. I could not get it to stop. I even tried Mack's ear plugs as a sealant. After using the Simplus for a while now, I think I have a size too small. For me, the air pushes my face and stretches my mouth into a frown until my lips are wider than the mask. This causes a leak. If I fill my cheeks with air or purse them like I am kissing, I can get the leaks to stop. I just ordered the medium pillow in hopes it works. The good thing about the Simplus is you can use the same frame, just get a new pillow for about $30.

But this just shows that everyone's face is different. What works for you won't work for me. It don't make this any easier, do it?

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: F&P Flexi-fit 431
No, Paula02, it doesn't make it easier. There are a lot of reasons people quit therapy. Social, personal interaction with bed buddies, cost, and just the aggravation of messing with everything on a daily basis. Then tack on the reality that it may take a long time to notice a difference. Funny, though, my granddaughter was really the first to notice that I seemed happier, with more energy, lately. And, as I thought about it, she is right! Not all days, but more...
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RE: F&P Flexi-fit 431
Update on Masks. I bought a Pilairo Q mask, and it has been a complete failure. Neither of the two straps really support the weight of the mask, so it flops around, dragging this way, and that, with no hose control. The constant moving rubbed a place above my upper lip that was red for 2 days. Area at end of nose was rubbed raw, and leaks were everywhere. Had that same inflated basketball feeling when first turned on. Glad I can return that devil mask. Now, back to Flexi-fit 431. I got a gel pad a couple of days, ago, and tried it out last night for the bridge of my nose. Pad did not initially stay put, but I held it in place, and jammed the mask on. I woke up a few times, pretty typical for me. A few adjustments for leaks, but nothing serious. This morning, my AHI was .26, lowest so far has been 1.86. The only event was a CA, with a duration of 11 seconds. No large leaks. Showed some spikes in pressure, in places there were no events; one going up to max pressure of 14. GHOSTS? I will definitely try again, tonight, to see if it is duplicated.
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RE: F&P Flexi-fit 431
My wife is the 'patient' in our household....She started with a Resp. BlueGel FFM, and after a lot of trials to get it to quit leaking, she bought and tried the Flexi-Fit 431.... It was lighter and seemed to fit her better, but still had many problems with leakage.

Then a few weeks back she asked me to order her one of F&P's nasal pillow types. I was pretty skeptical, but had one sent so she could try. She took to it like a duck to water... Tells me that it is MUCH more comfortable and easy to adapt too.

The grand result is, since starting use of the NP type, she has yet to pull an AHI of over 4. Most nights in the 2's, and even an occasional 1+....

All I can tell at this point, is that no mask type will work the same for all, and whatever you do, don't EVER give up! OSA is a certain killer if it's left untreated. It may take a while to find the right combination, but the effort will absolutely pay in the long run.

Her daily life and activity is different as day and night since she started therapy.

Much good luck!

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