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F&P - ICON - for a newbie
Hi folks,
So had my visit to local supplier\consultant. Although not having any specific opinion about Respronics and Resmed - it was indicated they cause this consultant A LOT more hassle than the F&P Icon.

I have confirmed this consultant isn't on any particular bonus or commission to push 1 brand over another and is very happy to "Sell me" whatever unit I want - its just the indication that anything other than the F&P sees a lot of follows required for the customers that go that way.

As I wasnt ready to make a decision, but wanted to start treatment straight away - I decided to take out a "rental trial" - unfortunately the only rental units are again the F&P Icons. This consultant was exceptional - and has give me a "trail period" to work out different masks and fittings that suite me - as she is happy to follow what was scripted from the titaration - but thinks from the pressure levels etc and my face shape and beard - we might run into trouble.

So .. I was reading about the Resmed A10 and the Auto for her etc, thinking it was one of the better units etc --- but hearing of the potential "return rate \ customer issues \ follow ups necessary" - I am guess I am looking for some input now on the F&P Icon etc? The "reviews" section only tells so much of a story.

Has anyone has this kind of experience before? Anyone change from a F&P to a Resmed or other and why?

I have a 1 month machine trial so would like to finalise a machine choice by then.
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If this supplier sell ResMed and Phillips Respironcis machines, then should have them available for rentals
If not mistaken, ResMed supply rentals machines to their accredited suppliers

ResMed and Respironcis machines are popular for a reason and a good reason too
Both machines uses SD card and detect clear airways events. Also F&P Icon does not have exhale pressure relief (EPR) feature , can be helpful for people who have a problem exhale against pressure, can be turned off but its there if ever needed

I've only used ResMed machines, I like the way the machines display data on the screen sleep report (more detailed information and better than any other machine) including unintentional leak reporting, other machines require an enigma machine to work out, not exactly but close enough

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I am a newbie myself. Both the Resmed and Respironics are the most recent technology followed by DeVilbiss. Then comes the machine you are considering. On another board, there is one person that owns both Resmed Airsense and the Icon and indicated the Icon was better for traveling because the converter was built into the machine. He also said that if you do not have complex apnea, either machine should work fine. The Icon is now mostly supported by Sleepyhead, so if price is a huge consideration, the Icon should be fine. Someone with more knowledge about Sleepyhead could probably tell you what would be missing in the data.

I also noted on a comparison that the Icon works at a much higher altitude (8,000 for Resmed, 7,500 for Respironics, 9,000 for Icon). The Icon is also a bit louder than the other two machines (29 dB vs. 26).

The latest Resmed and Respironics can track RERAs. The Devilbiss and Icon cannot. Not an issue for you if your sleep study didn't show these to be a problem. I really like having the lower pressure when breathing out, but if that is not bothering you, then not having the feature isn't an issue.

FWIW - my brother has a full beard and uses a Fisher & Paykel full face mask. Not perfect - he also uses a Walgreens sleep mask to hold the mask for better leak control.
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Hi DruiD,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm not really familiar with the F&P machines.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Thanks Mosquito and Trish, yeah first night didnt go too bad on the Nasal mask with the Icon. Woke up once or twice with it pulled from my face - think thats just a settling in issue.
After about 4 hrs on the therapy I actually did feel a little more alert etc in the later parts of the day today so looking forward to more success after full night and when fully settled in.

Also - although told it wouldn't it seems the F&P immediately pushes out the full pressure very quickly - have to remember to go into the menus and push the ramp setting ON - its supposed special "sense awake" technology doesnt seem that good - but- as its a rental, all settings are turned off\ down and it also doesn't seem tbe recording any data or showing pressure and flow in what sleep menus I can access.

I have already requested my 2 of 2 manuals (went for the Resmed 10 and 9) from this sites clinical manuals section - so if anyone else already has the Premo clinical manual and is prepared to email it, please PM Me.

Ps. Rental is a Icon Premo CPAP not the Icon Auto or anything.
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(06-02-2015, 04:50 AM)DruiD Wrote: Ps. Rental is a Icon Premo CPAP not the Icon Auto or anything.
F&P ICON+ Premo w/built in heated humidifier

The F&P ICON+ PREMO brings smart new features, sophisticated styling, and a simpler user interface to the already innovative and powerful F&P ICON sleep therapy platform. The ICON+ PREMO is a premium fixed CPAP system offering a wide pressure range, automatic altitude adjustment & leak compensation, ramp, a compact travel friendly design, an onboard alarm clock, an internal heated humidifier, a universal power supply, and advanced therapy reporting.
[size=x-small]Current Settings PS 4.0 over 10.6-18.0 (cmH2O) BiLevel Auto
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Krelvin - not sure what your saying there, but yes my statement was that it "IS" a fixed machine, not the 'auto or anything'.
That being said, your statement still shows it should have advanced reporting and ramp etc.
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The machine does support full Data that works with SleepyHead. F&P also has software, but I am not familiar with it so I don't know it's capabilities. Something called InfoSmart. It used a unique USB drive called InfoUSB which can be used to look at the data via the computer (SleepyHead or their software).
[size=x-small]Current Settings PS 4.0 over 10.6-18.0 (cmH2O) BiLevel Auto
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Thanks - will try and figure that out - but I would have thought it should display simple statics via the "on screen" menu .. i mean its there, accessible for patient level - but everything reads 0.
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(06-02-2015, 04:50 AM)DruiD Wrote: so if anyone else already has the Premo clinical manual and is prepared to email it, please PM Me.

Ps. Rental is a Icon Premo CPAP not the Icon Auto or anything.
Which Icon?
The newish Icon is Icon +

The combined clinical manual (Auto, Premo, Novo) is available via Email, but make sure to ask for the right one

As for "but everything reads 0", I have no idea about the Icon, maybe can be turned on/off from the cinical menu as other machines

Here is the setup video for the old Icon

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