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F&P - ICON - for a newbie
No problem, firstly I won't (yet) comment on the Eson Mask itself as I am in the process of trialling other masks as I am still getting Major leaks on the Eson - but that may be my face, YMMV etc.

A few things below on the Icon+ Premo (Fixed) only machine -only-.
1) Internal water chamber - I HATE not 'seeing' the water level all the time (or even an indicator on the screen). Unlike Airsense 10 with the clear window.
2) Internal water chamber - I DISLIKE how once cleaned, its possible if your in a rush to contaminate it again when inserting the tub *but unlikely.
3) RAMP Feature - I HATE how I cannot modify the TIME (20 mins) and PRESSURE (1/3 of your set pressure)
4) RAMP Feature - I HATE how I cannot seem to TURN OFF ramp without doing a full cycle stop\start.
5) SensAwake - I LIKE how you can alter the START Pressure (as I am on a high pressure .. reduces the 'shock' factor)
6) SensAwake - Unsure if its really doing anything for me .. or if EPR like Airsense 10 etc would be better overall.
7) NOISE - the rental unit I have makes very loud "whirring" noises when I breath in. (100% machine .. not mask). YMMV.
8) BUTTONS - I DISLIKE the Single button \ spin the ring function and Non-Colour \ old style LCD display. Its a personal thing I guess.
9) MEMORY CARD - its nice that its a 'standard' USB interface, but HATE how its proprietary 'stick' design.
F&P - just get with the rest of the industry .. SD Card please, one thats USB convertable if you really want too.

** I have no rainout or other problems (just major mask leaks) so from that perspective its good .. but my room is also cool\heat controlled summer\winter.

Note on the humidifier and button design.
I realise that the F&P model was designed with 'looks' in mind - e.g. hide the humidifier etc, single easy to use button - but I want practicality\function over looks.
In my faced paced busy life and in my own bedroom - who cares what the thing looks like - when you have a 6foot of hose and mask attached to you.
Nor do I want to be 'dumbed down' via the single button style. I want all the functions at my easy fingertips and I prefer the screen and button look of airsense 10.

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Thank you! You touched on some of the things I'm not so sure about.
1. Water chamber...I hadn't thought about not being able to see it but, like you, I think I would prefer that, also.
2. Water chamber....hadn't thought of that one either! I'll be careful! Haha!
3 & 4. Ramp...I don't plan to use that feature. I had some mask panic during titration at 4 and I'm only at a constant 7 anyway. I think I'll get along without it just fine....for now.
5 & 6. SensAwake...Not sure about this one. I think my doctor has it locked out on my machine.
7. Noise...Mine is making only the faintest hiss. It's blending in with the fan nicely. Haha!
8. Buttons...I agree with you on this one.
9. Memory card...this is one of my areas of concern. I want to easily be able to see my trends. I'm a nurse and not knowing just isn't an option for me!

I agree about the looks! I want functionality over aesthetics. I have managed to learn how to use my smart phone, my Kindle Fire, and multiple other smart gadgets. I think I can handle a smart CPAP machine.

Thanks for the input! My plan is to follow doctor's orders to the letter until my follow up in three weeks. I am going to figure out how to get my data and watch my trends. If I'm not happy with this machine then, I'll have a little chat with my doctor and insist on a different one. He will work with me, after all, I refer lots of patients to him! Haha!!

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NP - yeah everyone is different I guess. This I am a Rental F&P and also trialing different masks.

RE: Ramp - I also dont use it for that same reason (air starved) but I would Like to be able to.
The fact that feature is locked at 1/3 - and a 20 min cycle means I feel starved of air for at least 10-12 minutes until it has worked up toward my higher pressure.

Yours Ramp pressure would start around 2.25 (1/3 of 7) or so , 10 mins - increased to about 4-5... so I guess the difference would be more gradual over time for you - but still the starting 'difference' of around 5 would be noticeable.

My Ramp starts out at 5.6 (1/3 of 17) ..MEGA difference than my end pressure of 17, at 10 mins its around 11.2 - so even after 10 mins, still a big pressure difference - definitely still feeling 'starved' at 10min mark.
Suffice to say.. for me .. I would prefer to be able to adjust the starting pressure to either 2/3 or better yet.. a specific value .. say 10-12 - and close the gap to 17 over shorter period, e.g. 10 minutes.

RE: viewing results - the F&P direct USB design is easier than a SD Card (unless you have a built-in SD reader in your PC\laptop) - but the USB type is annoying in that if you dont mind removing the usb each day and doing a "download" to your PC \ Sleepyhead. I prefer the idea of these SD machines, where I can use a 'wireless' SD card and not have to remove the card at all .. but download my data remotely. Even if i modified a 'wireless' USB that was compatible - the design makes it very heard to insert and\or seal etc.

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I would prefer wireless capabilities, myself. I don't use a laptop or PC at home, just tablets. Now, I have to remember to bring the USB with me to work everyday. Knowing me I will leave the dang thing at work or loose it! Also, I don't like that I can't lock it to prevent my computer from writing anything on it.

Oh well...I'll play along for a few weeks...
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First post on this site, I have a basic F&P Icon which I have been on for over 4 years. Pressure is now at 14. I usually go to my respiratory investigation dept and hand over the USB stick. Today I downloaded SleepyHead and imported the data. However the most important info did not show ie. AHI, FLOW.
Does anyone know if this model not register this with SleepyHead
Good site, awful condition to have.
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Thats a bit odd Waterwillow.. I am on my 4th month (rental) of a F&P Icon (fixed).
- Sleepyhead works great for me - showing all relevant data.
- Maybe check the settings, configure the device type and user profile again, etc etc
- Post some of your settings\screenshots .. maybe we can see something thats wrong

Seems to me F&P doesn't record as much as some of the others (Resmed), but all the basic and important info is there, AHI, Leaks, etc etc
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Thanks Druid, I wonder has the info been locked as it is supplied by National Health Service. Will get a look at it later or tomorrow. I know that when pressure was increased to 14 it improved things greatly but at that point I was having apnea episode every 4 minutes, would be surprised it had completely stopped.

I also have REM sleep disorder which doesn't help much.

Thanks again
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(06-02-2015, 07:29 AM)zonk Wrote: [quote='DruiD' pid='116054' dateline='1433238639']
so if anyone else already has the Premo clinical manual and is prepared to email it, please PM Me.

Ps. Rental is a Icon Premo CPAP not the Icon Auto or anything.
Which Icon?

As for "but everything reads 0", I have no idea about the Icon, maybe can be turned on/off from the cinical menu as other machines

Hi, Like yourself I was able to get my F&P Icon to show some readings on Sleepyhead but not the Number or Apnea events, length etc. Thought it may have been locked by NHS who supply it to me. However when I was down at Respiratory Investigations last wee I specifically asked if the basic Icon recorded these and was told no. Sort of defeats the purpose of have it make any records at all when the most important is missing. Maybe they don't want me messing the machine up so keeping quiet but I doubt that. So maybe I should try another model. I am happy with the F&P as it is simple to work, clean etc.
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I think I will attempt to sh*t off sense awake tonite and see how that treats me.  
I'm having no issues sleeping or adjusting to the machine... I DO find it easier to get out of bed, just tired still... not the feeling I had after my calibration sleep nite (so I know what's possible!!)
So I'll shut that off and Monday perhaps go grab the mask I slept in the FP simplus and see if I get alittle more pep in my step. Lol
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