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F&P Icon Rental, Trialing Resmed 10 - 1 week in..results?
So been using a rental fixed Icon for 8 or so months, time got away with me and never got around to trialing a few others. New CPAP shop opened locally and had some great offers, so grabbed an Auto Resmed 10 (set on fixed to begin with) to trial.

Resmed Benefits I prefer so far...
Waaaay more customizeable ramp options.
Waaaay more information reported in Sleepyhead?
Waaaay more 'on screen' info if you make the clinical menu changes
Water Storage - omfg.. how much easier to clean, use is the water chamber over the F&P one. Stupid plastic cross-braces get in the way etc on the F&P. Single most important aspect of the Resmed humidifer IMHO over the F&P.
Obviously doesn't really matter, but i prefer the long rectangle shape verses the larger bulkier looking F&P box shaped unit.

Dislikes \ gripes \ differences?
Noise levels - although 'on paper' its meant to be less noisy, the chamber and input filter do seem to 'seal' less reliably than the top mounted F&P champer with separate 'lid' - so if sometimes need some adjustment, press the tab etc to ensure some sucking noises are reduced.

SD Card, yes its fine.. and with a wifi card will be great, but out of the box - the F&P icon with a direct USB is far easier to just plug into a PC. Obviously not a big deal.

Aggressiveness of the algorithm etc. This is hard to describe, but the Resmed definitely seems more 'aggressive' or brutal over the F&Ps. Its not a question of ramp, pressure or EPR settings (I dont think) - airflow seems 'softer \ smoother' in the F&P - again hard to put into words- more of a feeling - but even at my high pressure I dont really mind it.

So ... the Resmed is a good $500 or more ontop of the F&P- and I think for its simplisticness of cleaning the water chamber (I have huge hands), the greater reporting detail, more customisable\easier to tune EPR\ramp settings - pretty sure I will go with purchasing the Resmed 10 after my 4 week trial ... however.. before I purchase a unit ... wondering if I should have another sleep trial or other review before a purchase - as it will be nearly 10 months since my assesment. Again, I am purchasing an Auto (but set to fixed as per script) - this can be modified down the track if required.

I have very little attachment storage here, but I have put up an imgur album of Sleepyhead screenshots via this link. SleepyHead F&P vs Resmed - comparison results

I have posted the album link as posting the individual pics would be quite large..
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You're leaking too much. And, from the look of the graph, I would wager it's from the mouth being open.
You should try a chin strap.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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(01-30-2016, 07:06 AM)justMongo Wrote: You're leaking too much. And, from the look of the graph, I would wager it's from the mouth being open. You should try a chin strap.

Thank so much for looking at the pictures and prompt response.

Could be right RE: mouth leaks, prior to January I was using a chin strap with my Eson and the graphs look a better - but still not great. Recently, someone suggested I tried suggested to 'ween' myself off the chin strap it if possible (unrelated to the leak issue etc) so I stopped using it. I also went from a Nasal (F&P Eson) to Pillows (Phillips Nuance Pro) for a few days (on the graphs its Jan 24th - 4% leak and Jan 25th - 2% leak) but found the Nuance straps getting in my eyes and the exhale vents on the Nuance also blowing all over and too noisy\not diffused enough for my taste - back to the Eson - with high 20-30% leaks.

Unfortunately whilst I was told a full face mask would be better, as I have a permanent (van dyke style) goatee, I find it too annoying & constricting to sleep, but I think this thick goatee seems to cause a leak issue with the Nasal (eson) types as well at times. I am also told by the wife I move my head alot in sleep and consequently I am still trying to find a headgear system that stops mask getting knocked around too much. I have tried all sorts of complicated and multiple strap setups, loose and tight fights, chin strap 'over' and 'under', hose hangers and things to take hose 'tugging' away along with mix and match different masks with different headgear to find something that works - but I think that 'bulk' is just making the problem worse by having all this extra stuff 'snag' and 'drag'. I am now going in the opposite direction - trying for a minimalist headgear setup that sits flush with my facial features, tucked in lower than my ears etc and different masks with a 'seal' that fits better in with my goatee.

Today I picked up Resmed AirFit P10 (pillows again) to trial for another month and will start using the chin strap again, possibly 'over the top' if I find that the P10 straps are still being moved too much in sleep and possibly therefore still affecting the mask seal - but a trial 'fit' in the clinic and a quick afternoon nap felt really good with the P10. Obviously only true sleep over a few days will tell.

Any other suggestions around goatees and other mask suggestions for leak reduction also greatly accepted - naturally will be going back to the chin strap, whilst I haven't had 'dry mouth' etc - its highly likely its occurring again when I just asked the wife she mentioned recently (approx date matches when I stopped using chin strap) she is occasionally hearing 'mouth' noises and 'not snores' but not like a 'gasp' either .. so suspect that its open mouth \ loss of pressure \ gurgling sounds.
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(01-30-2016, 07:29 AM)DruiD Wrote: Today I picked up Resmed AirFit P10 (pillows again) to trial

First night on the P10, with chin strap - massive leaks Sad - will obviously give it a few days.

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Masks are a highly individual matter and what suits one will not suit another. However I can't see how the P10 will possibly handle pressures in the high teens without a proper headgear. My ASV frequently runs into the 18 - 20 range and there was just no way the P10 could handle that, so I reverted to a full face mask. I also have a goatee and find the F&P Simplus works pretty well for me (best I've tried so far).
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