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Hi guys.

First off let me say that I really appreciate the faithful consistent responders on this forums. Everyone seems very friendly and helpful.

I am kinda new to CPAP therapy. I am wondering if false triggers have been discussed. If so, please post the forum link in this thread.

I did a search and couldn't find any discussion on it.

Anyway, I am wondering if your clinicians have given you any advice on what can cause your machine to register apnea or hyponea that isn't truly happening.

For instance, I press my button to blow out my system at least twice every night before I put my mask on. I let it blow until it shuts off automatically. Would this register an apnea event?

Second, I tend to wake up after six hours or so and pull my mask off and let it shut off automatically. Would this trigger anything?

Will your mouth opening while using nasal pillows cause a false trigger, if so what type?

I have been getting really low readings lately. AHI of .1, .6, 1.3 and so one. even had a 0.0 during 6 hours.

I think that I tend to have my apnea during the early morning hours, so I am trying to stop the habit of waking up and pulling my mask off. Sometimes it is to get up to go to the restroom and sometimes it's just done without even knowing I am doing it.

It is my understanding that an obstructive apnea is when your throat closes. A central apnea is when your brain tells you to stop breathing. A hyponea is when there is a narrowing of the throat causing shallow breathing. I was told my S9 sends a wave of air and if it doesn't bounce back, it triggers a central code. If the air bouces back, it triggers an obstructive code. Please correct any of this info.

Let me thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.
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here are some linkage about CSA detection, much better than me trying to type and make a mess

Central Sleep Apnea Detection and the Enhanced AutoSet Algorithm (white paper)

try chinstrap, chinstrap helps minimize mouth leaks

the S9 cannot tell if you,re awake or asleep also score unknown apnea shown as yellow flag on ResScan
during leak above 30 L/min as the S9 cannot tell whether the apnea is obstructive or central

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Before I forget, I deleted your duplicate thread.

I would assume that you are using AutoStart or SenseAwake or whatever it is called?

Removing the mask will not trigger an event but it will show a leak.

And yes, that's how the S9 Autoset works.

Consider using either ResScan or SleepyHead software to view your data. That way you can see when the events happen and what you may be able to do about them.

An AHI of that low is of course very possible.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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Running the machine with the mask off may show up as a leak. It won't show an apnea.

If you're awake, the apneas don't really mean much. Even a "normal" person will have "apneas" while awake and they aren't harmful to your health. So, if you take a lot of time to go to sleep, or wake up and take a while falling back to sleep, you'll get some false readings that way.

If I look at my own data, sometimes I see something the machine calls an apnea or hypopnea that I don't consider to be "real" apneas, but something was going on with my breathing. There usually aren't enough of these per night to worry about.

I find it useful to look at the airflow waveforms, not just the AHI and event counts. Long apneas are more meaningful than short ones. Completely stopping breathing is more important than events where you are still getting some air into your lungs.

Even when you consider these factors, the overall numbers are usually pretty accurate and the false readings are small enough to not matter. Some people obsess over reducing their AHI from 2 to 0. That's usually meaningless in terms of health.
Get the free OSCAR CPAP software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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ok, I gotta admit something embarrassing here...

After I posted this thread, I called my oldest brother. He is 12 years older than me and he's been encouraging me in my therapy. My goal is to avoid some of the things he has faced.

Anyway, he clued me into the fact that I haven't been pulling up my 'Detail Graphs' in ResScan. lol, apparently this is like 80% of the most important info because it allows you to see when and to what extent the events are happening through the night. I have only been looking at the 'Statistics' page. My bad. This, of course, shows the challenges that I face as a 'underground' user versus someone who gets to meet with a clinician. Of course, the medical industry feels that only a licensed clinician should be using ResScan and interpreting it to the patient. I am sure most here dissagree.

Thanks for the links and the advice.

Which software do you guys prefer? ResScan or Sleepyhead or what?

Side note: It was very hard at first for me to fall asleep with my CPAP machine going. Especially before I got my S9. I have always been a fan of audio books, while driving, walking, and mindless work like mowing the lawn or gardening. So when I started this therapy, I started listening to audio books as I tried to fall asleep.

I have done the Hunger Games Trilogy (Loved the books, hated the movie), all the Game of Thrones books (I am in the process of editing a clean version of the TV series for my teen kids to watch, two episodes done so far. I feel there is little chance that Martin will finish this series before his death. lol, maybe CPAP therapy will help him live long enough to prove me wrong.),
about 26 Deathlands novels (been a fan years before that one movie came out that was horribly bad, that series would make an awesome Sliders/Quantum Leap/Stargate type of show with the right cast and budget),
Stackhouse series,
Potter series,
John Dies at the End (read book first then saw the movie and it did not translate well at all),
Star Wars,
World War Z (the book was great, but saw the trailer and boy is that movie going to suck),
The Revolution by Paul,
End the Fed,
Puppet Master (very different than the movie that I liked),
and I am currently going through some old Ray Bradbury stuff (I really enjoyed the Martian Chronicles growing up).

Any tips from you guys as to what you use to help you fall asleep while using these mini iron lungs? ..besides marathon sex, alchohol, or sleeping pills? (those are a given, in fact all three at once and you just might not wake up)
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Google "sleep hygiene". Listening or reading books in bed is not a good idea. Especially if your body is accustomed to being active while listening to them. It's not going to want to go to sleep.

Sit up during the day with the mask and machine on. This will help you get used to the sensations.

I much prefer SleepyHead to ResScan. I think it goes more to the point rather than concentrate on compliance. I used both for two months and finally stopped using ResScan.

OT: I tried to read World War Z but just could not get into it. Interesting concept though, of how it was written.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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(02-12-2013, 03:43 PM)cowboy1970 Wrote: Any tips
last night went to bed feeling completely worn out from gardening and loping some tree branches in the back yard
slept for solid 8 hours and still feel the aches and pain, going to take it easy today but still got to get rid of the garden waste
no rest for the wicked Too-funny

this might help, Tips for a quality night's sleep

Sleep Hygiene...Helpful Hints

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