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FLASHPAP - Where is the Wizard Hiding?
I'm failing to implement the FLASHAIR Card using the FLASHPAP Wizard..... In the instructions for "CONFIGURING THE FLASHAIR WIFI SD CARD"..... It says I can ACCESS the Wizard by clicking on the [....] button located next to the FlashAir Host Name/IP field.".... I am evidently missing where this is located. Can anyone provide a Screen Shot of what this looks like or a more definitive Step x Step for me? This should be easy, no? And if there is an easier (?) Step By Step that's available I would welcome it!

Here's the files, but where is Mr. Wizard?



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The "Wizard" is only available if you download the installation software:

You can do that from here:


Here's a document link;


I tried the software, was completely unimpressed; made a real mess of my files; did much better configuring my card's profile manually.. Gezzz... I found the software to be about as friendly as a cactus!Annoyed-and-disappointed:

If you decide to use the software; make sure you make a backup of all the files on the card before you begin so if you muck it up; you can get back to your starting point!
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The Toshiba card software is not my problem as I have been using it reliably... and I believe Sleep Master configured my card correctly.... Its the actual progarms that I am attempting to learn. The author of FLASHPAP was very kind and has responded back 2x since my last post.... FLASHPAP and Sleep Master both use JAVA as its background operating bed. I'm fairly familiar with Windows, but JAVA has been like speaking a new language. Both these programs appear to be fairly new and does not have all the easy interfaces we are familiar with, though they are trying hard to do just that. Just launching either was a nightmare for me as I was unaware that you needed to point the JAR program to JAVA each time..... and I'm waiting for the proper steps to make this work without having to open it in that manner. This is a work in progress for me (and them it appears)....
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And I read FlashPAP as FlashAir... so in that case, my mistake...

As Emily Litella would say, "Oh, that's very different.... Never-mind." Oops
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After several attempts, it is now running perfectly and the only reason for me to pull the card, is when I need to do a Rx, Humidity, or operational change. I suggested to the author he include that feature in the future...
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(07-23-2016, 09:43 AM)marc31 Wrote: I'm fairly familiar with Windows, but JAVA has been like speaking a new language.

Can you remember when Java was called "Hot Java?", that moniker was fairly short lived.

And can you share what you did to get SleepMaster working?

I tried and tried and finally gave up on it...


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I had begun to use "SLEEPMASTER" but had install issues and emailed the author for help. I then discovered "FlashPAP" and initially I saw similar issues and immediately heard back from its author who was incredibly patient as I reported the errors I was seeing. With his help and my performing repeated installs did I find what allowed me to get FlashPAP working flawlessly. I wrote a Step by Step to insure I had the method correctly and so I would have a reference whenever I would need to do a re-install of Windows 10. I will say I found FlashPAP elegantly written and he made its Set-Up very easy without one needing to know all the particulars of your Router, or how to modify a config file. There are other instructions to do this by FlashPAP, but I needed a stripped down step x step. I cannot of course guarantee my instructions, or the simple matter that you may not even need them. And if you do decide to try SleepMaster, I've included the authors help response back to me at the bottom of the page.

Below are my steps for a FlashPAP install based on Windows 10. Do let me know if it works for you or if I have made any errors so I can correct them.

FlashPAP Install Instructions for Windows

1) Download and Install Java SE
2) Download FLASHPAP
3) FLASHPAP arrives in a Zipped Folder. Once unzipped, a Folder is displayed called “FlashPAP”
4) In there are six files.
5) The “FlashPAP.jar file should display the “JAVA” icon on it showing it has linked with the JAVA program previously installed.
6) Right Click the FlashPAP.jar program and OPEN “Properties”….
7) Confirm that JAVA is the “OPENS WITH” Default. Change if necessary
8) Insure when opening the FlashPAP.jar file that it is using JAVA to open with. It may be incorrectly opening using either WINARAR or ZIP….. (You will know this is occurring when you see more than 6 files opening). Click on FlashPAP.jar, and then scroll to “Open With” and locate JAVA Platform SE Binary as the default “open with” program.
9) At the bottom of the Dialog Box, Tick the “Security” “UNBLOCK” Box
10) Click “Apply” then “OK” to close
11) In your “Documents“ Folder, Right Click in an empty area> New> Folder. Rename that Folder “FlashPAP CPAP”
12) Move the FlashPAP.jar program from the desktop and place it in it
13) Open the this new “FlashPAP CPAP” Folder, and Right Click the “FlashPAP.jar File> SEND TO> DESKTOP
14) On your desktop, Right Click this new “FlashPAP.jar Shortcut> Properties> Change ICON> Browse> Navigate to Original FlashPAP Downloaded Folder and click on “FlashPAP Icon.ico”
Double Click on it> APPLY> Okay
15) Click on the enclosed “FlashPAP.jar to Start the Program
16) For “Exit & Run Sleep Tracking Software” Locate the “Start” Shortcut by Right Clicking the “Sleepyhead” desktop Icon> Open File Location and pointing the Sleep Tracking Software to this Shortcut.
17) This should bring you to a working version of FlashPAP... Now just follow his instructions to make it operable.

Example: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\SleepyHead

Install Cautions: Move the FlashPAP.jar folder into the FlashPAP CPAP Folder on your desktop or Documents Folders. Do not attempt to run the FlashPAP program from the original folder. You will likely encounter the “Write Operation Failed Error Message” otherwise.

When setting up the 1st Page of the FLASHPAP Setup Screen, use the “FlashAir Host name” instead of the ip address to insure recognition of data files.

For Sleepyhead:

1. You can place a shortcut on the desktop. You can also tell windows to open “.jar” files with “Java Platform SE Binary” by using “open with” and checking the box to “always open files of this type”
with “Java Platform SE Binary”.

2. After you do the above, you will understand why the program seems to lock up.

3. Your data will be in the “Documents” folder as “Username_Machine”. As in “Tom_PRS1”.


7/24/16 V4 marc

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marc31 - thanks !
Warning: Eating chocolate may cause your clothes to shrink!
[Image: ry6XtE9.gif] <---- That's ME!
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Looking forward to hearing of your success!
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I used your step by step instructions to configure my flashair w03 SD card with Flashpap. The only issue was trying to do step 13 which is sending shortcut to desktop. I had only one item on my "send to" drop down list (this was Bluetooth). Others may have this problem and the solution is to delete the second item labeled Bluetooth with 0 byte size. To look at the send to list enter shellConfusedendto in the explorer address field.

Thanks for putting the instructions together, very useful
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