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FYI A surgurical experience
I just completed a Partial Knee Replacement Yesterday.
During the pre-screen I was asked (among a lot of other things) Any troubel with the anesthesiology?  I said only that I was constantly reminded to breath.   did I have any breathing difficulties?  I answered "Yes, OSA do you want me to bring my breathing machine?" she responded   "No", Me "I have an AHI of 70 unassisted",  She said OK, I responded " I have Severe Obstructed Apnea per a (recent) sleep study meaning I STOP BREATHING 70 times per hour when I sleep"  Her response was to bring it, so I did.

 I carried it into Pre-Op where I was relieved of it as it was taken to recovery.  I repeated to the nurses, and finally the anesthetist  who said we will have it checked (electrical safety) and brought into surgery,  They plugged it in added water, added a purifying filter with an O2 connection put me in it.  I was on some pretty "good" meds, if you know what I mean.  During the surgery I was asked to breath, so I advised the assistant to raise my pressure by 2 and increase the PS to 6 which I knew tended to trigger me to breath.

A very good experience.
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Best of luck with your recovery!
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Kudos to you for taking charge of your health like that. Best of luck on a quick recovery from the knee surgery.

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I couldn't use my CPAP on my most recent surgery because it was surgery done through an endoscope (to remove a benign tumor on my pituitary gland by accessing the base of my brain via my nostrils) and all the doctors agreed it could be detrimental to have any airway pressure applied until the cavity up my nose had closed off properly (I wasn't even allowed to cough or use a straw!). The rationale was that any pressure could cause me to leak spinal fluid and get meningitis.

What was bad about that is I could barely sleep. High doses of opioids/narcotics in the hospital combined with obstructives and the alarm on my vital monitor kept going off because SpO2 kept falling below threshold due to the apneas when I drifted off to sleep coupled with the respiratory depressing effects of opioid medications.

Eventually they had me keep a supplemental oxygen sprayer line in my mouth (my nose was blocked up with stents and scar tissue so I couldn't put it there like it normally goes). They tried to use supplemental oxygen via a mask at first but even the largest mask caused me serious pain from pressing on my nose.

Anyway congrats.
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Glad to hear that you really pushed your concerns. The anesthesiologist always wants to hear about these issues!
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I never would have thought of that. Incredible. Seems like I learn something new every second on this forum. Congrats!
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Ill add that I never doubted their ability to handle anything that came up. Just wanted what wa easiest and best for everyone.

The best response I had was when I said I STOPPED breathing 70 times per hour per a sleep study.
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A lot of hospitals are going to where you DON'T bring your machine HOWEVER after talking with a couple of RT's I know the MOST IMPORTANT thing to know is your xPAP settings. They can and will mirror them for you. Many will allow, and actually prefer, you to bring your own mask.
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I am incredulous that you were told initially you didn't need to bring your machine for outpatient surgery.   I was told to bring mine for an upcoming colonoscopy and I am sure I will be told the same thing for an outpatient general anesthesia procedure a few weeks later.

Even if the chances of it not being needed in the recovery room are slim and none, I think it is still very irresponsible to tell a patient with sleep apnea not to bring it.

Glad to hear things worked out well for you.
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I'm with Bonjour on this. My last colonoscopy last year I was told I would not need the PAP. I brought it anyway and didn't need it.
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