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Falling off the wagon, then slowly finding a way to get back on.
I am afraid NOT to use my CPAP ... even when I am frustrated trying to get to sleep and feeling sorry for myself and the thought wanders through my mind to bag it. I remember all those here on the forum that have said how awful they feel the next day. A couple weeks ago I was feeling so awfully tired and just could not understand why since I was PAPing. I felt like my therapy was not working and it was alarming. Then I replaced some some pillows on my mask that were way over due. I decided it is possible my therapy was being compromised even though I didn't see data that raised red flags or out of the acceptable range although they were creeping up slowly. I feel like I am still working to get out of that deficit but gradually am feeling better. I don't like that feeling of having lost ground either. I keep that goal in mind of wanting to feel great all the time and completely energetic again so I can reach other goals.
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I've read number of posts, not too many but its more common than we think. People don,t feel want to dwell on problems as might discourage newbies and think best to concentrate on success stories alone. Its accepted that newbies can talk about problems but not old timers who should be problem free. Something like 50% of people quit the therapy because of one problem or another
Its far better to talk about problems and get them sorted out than walking away (quitting)
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Things were going well my second night, until around 1:00 am. Some sound woke me up, and I couldn't place it. It sounded like water, or something like that. Then I noticed that the adapter I was using to recharge my tablet was arcing and starting to smoke. Fortunately I was able to move fast enough to pull it out of the wall and get the windows open before the smoke detector went off (my wife loves it when that happens).

Anyway, the good news is the house didn't burn down and I was able to get back to sleep once the smell in the room cleared. I didn't even destroy my tablet.

When things get rocky, you just never know what's going to happen next.
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(02-25-2014, 08:52 PM)mdh235 Wrote: I've been a CPAP user for around 8 months now, and until recently I thought I had adjusted to my new regimen fairly well. Then, around three weeks ago, the wheels started falling off.

First of all, I started waking up around 2:00 am, and couldn't get back to sleep. After a couple of nights like this, I just took the mask off and dozed fitfully until around 5 am or so.

Then I stopped being able to get even that far, not being able to fall asleep at all until I removed the equipment.

I'm a mouth breather, so I favor a full face mask, but had had some success using pillows and a chin strap and mouth tape. Tried that again, no joy.

I tried sleeping without using CPAP at all for a few nights, but felt so crappy in the morning I remembered why I decided to put up with it in the first place.

Finally, in desperation, I returned to my original mask, a ResMed Quattro FX, and replaced all the parts including the headgear. I removed the clutter from my room, made it dark, and turned off all of the LCD clocks I was using. Finally, last night, I was back to having a normal night with CPAP.

I don't know if this a normal occurrence for CPAP users, but in my case I just had try to get back to the mindset I had when I started CPAP, then just make it work.

I hope others, especially people new to this world of masks and hoses and machines might get some solace knowing that "old hands" at this have our problems too, but they can be overcome with a change in mindset, and possibly a refresh of equipment as well.
I'm not sure this applies to you, but when I have fitful nights it is usually due to types of foods and when I ate them. The later I eat the worst the sleep. Maybe my metamobolism is keeping me awake. Having a good mask I important too, but the food thing really does have a pattern to me.
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Darned electrical fires... They'll screw up a guys sleep every time.
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(02-25-2014, 11:57 PM)Gabby Wrote: Thanks MDH for sharing with us. It's good to know you fell off the wagon and were able to get straight back on again. I have only just climbed on my wagon and if and when the time comes when I have my first fall, I hope I will be as successful climbing aboard again as you have been. Good luck.

I second Gabby on this. I too am new and can totally see myself being in the same predicament! Best of luck!
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