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Fatigue! Normal or No?
(07-06-2014, 07:18 PM)APAAW Wrote: They said there are results you'd see right away? I wish that had been so for me and everyone else. If that were always so, then there would never be a problem with people adjusting to CPAP, since it'd be so immediately rewarding, and not much reason to visit this board.

Instead, most of us feel some anxiety/don't like having to have a machine hum away to improve our health/have difficulty falling back asleep if we wake in the middle of the night/etc. Most of us have been right there with you. Some do fine early on, some have to really persevere - but sooner or later I'd expect your CPAP will do you unmistakable good.

Improvements in fatigue do result right away or nearly so for a few lucky folks, within a couple of weeks for others, months for still others. I'm probably in the last group. But it is making a difference, even for me.

As has been suggested elsewhere, the most immediate evidence generally noticed is a reduction in trips to the bathroom during the night. When you're sleeping more soundly, they'll be reduced, and you'll know things are starting to work for you. It sounds like you're already on your way.

The rest takes time and patience - and support. The support can be found at this board; it made a huge difference for me.

I realize you posted this in July sometime, but I am searching the posts on fatigue and sleep debt and found your post.

Sigh, I am not doing well with patience right now - I want more energy and I want it NOW! Grin! OK, I will TRY to be patient.

Also, I am having to be patient for my hubby's energy level, which is much lower than mine. He had used "the brick" since 2003 and just got his new PR System One 60 Series in August and he Still takes unplanned naps...sigh...
Evpraxia in the Pacific Northwest USA
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Treated since 20 Sept 2014:: 0.7 AHI, Settings 7-15, EPR on Full Time at Level 3
Better living through CPAP/APAP machines!
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I was used to masks so that didnt bother me. Nor did sleeping with the machine and forced air as I had worked like that before. ACtually I slept 12 hours the first several nights.

Initially like from the first morning I felt like a new person. But in a couple of weeks I did start to feel a bit tired in the evening. I had started sleeping bout 7 hours a night for a week sometimes six. And I did feel tired part of the late evenings then.

Now I get about 8 hours straight every night things have leveled out and I feel much better. I can remember things. Get right out of bed fully awake in the mornings. I dont get winded when walking, BP is better.

But I did have a period that it seemed like my body was craving more sleep even though I had no problems with adapting to the machine. That has passed now though. Stick with it. Its worth it.

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Whoever told you that it would make you feel better was wrong -- at least half wrong, probably a lot more.

First you must get effective therapy, then SOME people get immediate improvements while others go weeks, months, or even longer without feeling markedly better.

To get effective therapy you generally need to wear the mask EVERY TIME you sleep and you need to get your numbers down below the apnea threshold consistently.

If you have trouble sleeping with the mask (most people do at first) or otherwise just don't wear it all the time then you aren't getting fully effective therapy.

If your machine doesn't have effective settings then you likely won't get the best therapy either -- getting the settings correct takes time as well.
Sweet Dreams,

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When I was diagnosed I was literally 95% exhausted, I could fall asleep anywhere, mid sentence, mid meal, anywhere anytime. My wife had had about enough by the time they finally got me to a sleep study.

My night in the sleep study I slept unbelievably well with the mask, I was too exhausted to not sleep like a rock. My first day on the machine I took to it like a fish to water. About a week in I started to have issues, found this board, and started learning what I didn't know, and started fixing it.

I did feel immediate results but that slowed and ebbed and then went back to feeling better. Wish you all the best, greatest advice is hang in there it can and will get better.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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A lot to get used to just be able to sleep with the hose. I think I felt tired because I was actually sleeping. Before I was never asleep so I could jump out of bed only to be toast for the rest of the day. Hopefully you have adjusted by now and felt the benefits.
Good Luck!

Doc J (despite my nickname I am not a doctor)

Remember to donate to the board if you can, it has helped a lot of people including myself.
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I would think that if someone was sleeping longer, good sound sleep, maybe they were more active during their waking hours and then they were tired but it was not because they were getting worse.....it was because they were able to do more during their waking hours and they got tired from it. Not saying that it is that way everyday or with everybody.

Just a thought
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