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Fatigue from sleep apnea.
(04-05-2012, 06:11 PM)oldteddybear Wrote: Pay attention to why you wake up. I found that I was waking up gasping for breath and contacted the sleep doctor, He had the pressure increased by 2 cmH2O and I am not doing that anymore.

Thanks for writing this. Somebody told me I couldn't possibly be aware of waking up gasping for air -- I'm glad to learn I am not the only weirdo Smile.
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(04-08-2012, 12:54 AM)nila Wrote: Thanks for writing this. Somebody told me I couldn't possibly be aware of waking up gasping for air -- I'm glad to learn I am not the only weirdo Smile.

Whoever told you that was wrong. I also would often know that I was waking up gasping for air. I would wake up enough to actually sit up in bed and wonder what the heck was going on at least a couple times a week. I used to think it was related to allergy problems or asthma possibly, since I have both.

I wasn't aware I was gasping as much as I was all night long, but I did know it seemed to be getting worse over time. When I reported it to my doctor, along with my fatigue and unexplained hypertension and tachycardia, he had me fill out a questionnaire and sent me for a sleep study to confirm the OSA.
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I have had a CPAP for one year. I never had any issues with fatigue but since I was a very lound snorer, my wife suggested a sleep study. To my surprise...I had severe sleep apnea. No more snoring (my wife is happy). The only drawback is that I sleep so deeply and dream so vividly that I get tired from dreaming. My daily routine REQUIRES a nap now. I never used to take naps before but now I NEED my nap. Go figure...is the CPAP realy helping me? (helps my wife for sure). Can a CPAP machine actually CAUSE fatigue?

BTW: I can't sleep without my CPAP machine....I'm addicted to it.
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How long have you been using a CPAP? For some people, the dreams can be quite vivid, even having nightmares, after starting using a CPAP.

The dreams should calm down after a while. Your brain is busy having fun! It's not had much dream time in a while.
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Thanks for your reply. I have been using CPAP for 12 months. I am 60 years old and retired. I used to dream heavily years before being diagnosed with sleep apnea. I think I had sleep apnea for several years before CPAP but forgot what it was like to dream. After using CPAP the heavy dreams have returned. I believe it is REM sleep which is supposed to be good as I have read. Very interesting side affect/benefit of CPAP.

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It can be, yes! Prior to starting CPAP use, I could manipulate my dreams. Stop, start, rewind, change scenes, all sorts of stuff. I thought it was fun and I thought everyone could do this.

I readily admit I miss being able to do that but I know NOT being able to means I am sleeping right.

A few times I have realized I was changing a dream and made myself wake up. Each time the mask was off.
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(04-09-2012, 10:04 AM)Jaygee Wrote: I never used to take naps before but now I NEED my nap. Go figure...is the CPAP realy helping me?

Yes, your machine is really helping you. Without it you're putting extra stress on your heart and the rest of your cardiovascular system. This extra stress causes heart attacks and strokes, shortens your life, and reduces the quality of your life.

Without CPAP therapy I was so exhausted all the time that I didn't even know it! I hated going to bed, but didn't know why. Now, I look forward to going to bed.

I think that subconsiously I didn't want to go to bed because it was the place where I suffered in my sleep. Now I look forward to it because it's the place where my body gets the sleep it needs to be healthy.

Maybe the same sort of thing is happening to you. That's why you find yourself liking those naps!
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Sadly, there might be a different sleep disorder that is causing/contributing to the 'fatigue'....but they check for sleep apnea first (and if they find it, they need it to be taken care of first.)

I've heard doctors say continuing EDS after 1 year of CPAP compliance is Narcolepsy. Though my doctors only know about the classic kind with major presentation (or that there are 4 kinds. Though I heard researcher say that IH is Narcolepsy, its just that the doctor gave up too soon. Though I'm not sure why they think IH is a diagnosis.

Idiopathic Hypersomnia => Idiopathic for 'unknown cause' and Hypersomnia is 'sleepy all the time' => So, I'm sleepy all the time for an unknown reason.

How about the lack of deep sleep in my sleep study? The one they say usually indicates sleep apnea, even though I have 0 Apneas and 0 Hyponeas in my second study (done 2 years after the first one.)
You may be a dreamer, but I'm The Dreamer, the definite article you might say!
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Dreamer, do u suffer from fatigue as well.
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EDS (excessive day time sleepiness) or idiopathic hypersomnia effects about 5% of CPAP users. That is the statistic given to me by several sleep specialists! Simply means that 1 of 20 of us is going to continue to complain about being sleepy! CPAP treatment is still effective but does not solve this one problem. If you include sleep issues that can be diagnosed such as RLS or narcolepsy, then the rate of continuing EDS goes up to as high as 20%! I suspect that for some of us, CPAP treatment may actually increase EDS - so, in that case, it is not entirely "idiopathic!" Bigwink
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