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Fee for copy of prescription in Ontario?
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RE: Fee for copy of prescription in Ontario?
(07-30-2013 03:32 PM)RonWessels Wrote:  Regarding which sleep clinic you used, it turns out that "Windsor area" is probably enough. A little Google-fu finds a sleep doctor in Windsor Sleep Disorders Clinic a Windsor sleep disorders clinic with the following review comment:
Quote:Dont come away from this doctor with any answers except you have to buy a machine and where to buy it and to pay him cash before you get all paper work you need. Not happy about this experience with this clinic neither were some of the other people that I talked to

And yes, it is pretty clear that the disclaimer is there for the sole purpose of getting another $30 from you.

Ron, I copied-pasted that review comment into Google and was able to find the site it came from. I still want to find out WHY the doctor is able to get away with adding that disclaimer, it seems totally unethical for him to claim what is and is not valid for insurance purposes when the insurance investigator disagrees with him. When I've got time and energy I shall be visiting the doctor review site to leave my own comments there...

Thank you to Ron and everyone else who has commented so far.
08-28-2013 07:38 AM
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RE: Fee for copy of prescription in Ontario?
Personally, I think both the DME and doc could be in some serious hot water for this...

If the DME is giving out CPAPs without a prescription (after all, the Doc is claiming what he's sending them isn't one), then they are violating the law and either need to stop (i.e. drop the stupid doc and deal with ones who actually prescribe machines) or they could have the MOE doing an audit and get into some (potentially) very serious trouble.

If the Doc is getting paid for the sleep study, but charging for the prescription, then perhaps he's (at best) mucking around in the grey area as far as the MOE is concerned... but I'm sure the College of Physicians and Surgeons would love to hear about it. I would assume a prescription would be part of his diagnosis and treatment recommendations (esp. if the sleep study is MOE funded). If you paid for the sleep study and there is no specific "I will not give you a prescription" notice in the contract, then it seems more than a bit off...the whole assumption is that you go to a sleep study to see if there is a problem and to be able to get treatment. As the patient, I would assume either way he would provide me or my designate (though which DME is supposed to be up to ME) my prescription to facilitate treatment. If he wants to charge me to give me my prescription then he is denying you treatment for a condition he has diagnosed unless you pay him (seems to violate both his Hippocratic oath and the rules of the College).

If I were in your shoes, OP, I'd bring it up to the DME (i.e. if he's giving them something specifically saying it's not a prescription, then they shouldn't be using it as one) in a friendly way....they seem to be trying to help you out and maybe they'll stop servicing him unless he changes. I'd also drop a complaint to the reeks of fish, and not in a good way. I suspect they'd want to have a little look at what this Doc is doing.
08-30-2013 03:07 PM
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