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Feedback On My Polysomnogram Summary?
Would appreciate any comments, opinions,  or advice general or otherwise (for what it's worth) Thanks in advance.

Overall AHI of 24.7

2 obstructive apneas, 0 mixed apneas, o central apneas, and 153 hypopneas

Pt was supine for 115.5 min, with a supine AHI of 61.8, non-supine for 260.5 min, with a non-supine AHI of 8.3.  REM AHI of 68.2.

The nadir oxygen saturation was 78 % with a total of of 59.1 mins below 90%

Snoring was noted moderate-loud

There were 98 total periodic  limb movements, associated with arousals w/ a periodic limb movements in sleep index of 15.6/hr

During 376 mins sleep, showed sleep efficiency of 77.7%, 16 awakenings, or arousal index of 8.8, sleep latency of 70 mins   3.9% stage N1 sleep, 56% stage N2 sleep, 21% stage N3 sleep, and 19%  stage REM

Diagnosis: OSAS, , Snoring, PLMD

Impressions: Moderate OSAS,  Severe oxygen desat, PLMS

Thanks for your time
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Oh and, from the PAP Titration Report:

At an optimal CPAP pressure of 7cm, AHI is 1.8 and a nadir Oxygen saturation of 89%
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Oh, Oh what I don't get is why certain #'s are higher in the supposedly improved PAP Titration study than in the Polysom. Shouldn't these numbers be LOWER?

Polysom PAP Titration

PLM 15 18

Arousal Index 8 11

Awakenings 16 18

N3 Sleep 21% 18%

Stage REM 19% 13%

PLM in Sleep Index 15/hr 18/hr

or, in this area, HIGHER?

Sleep Efficiency 77% 73%

Peace and Love.
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Sorry. Should read:

Sleep Efficiency: Poly 77% Titra 73%
Arousal Index Poly 8 Titra 10
Awakenings Poly 16 Titra 18
Sleep REM Poly 19% Titra 13%
PLM In Sleep 15/hr 18/hr
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Looks like sleeping on your side may reduce the apnea considerably.
You had 61.8 supine AHI vs 8.3 non-supine AHI - about 1/7 the apneas per hour sleeping on your side.
You may find that a large pillow - a wedge (ex Therapedic reading wedge), a pregnancy pillow, etc. to help support your back will help you sleep on your side.
I've got one where I lie partially on the narrow edge of the wedge and this snugs the remainder of the pillow to my back.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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thanks Beej. I do sleep on my sides the vast majority of the time.
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I recently picked up a Therapedic reading wedge - it ran about $52 US. Pregnancy pillows fall in the same range. My AHI has dropped from around 5 and up to under 3.
Physically therapy wedges are at least double, although they are firm and the covers can be wiped down.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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