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Finally after 8 years trying to improve Usage
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RE: Finally after 8 years trying to improve Usage
(09-02-2015 04:44 PM)Caldera Wrote:  Should I try 3?
Its very hard for anyone to say what works for you, based on what worked for them
You'll need to discover and work it out for yourself .... everyone have different needs and wants

EPR can be of some help, if someone having problem exhaling against pressure or swallowing air
As, with anything else, half of population use it and swear by it, the half don't use it and swear at it

The question was about 'improving compliance' ... if EPR can improve compliance, then its a good thing to have

EPR at level 3 cmH2O ... will drop pressure at exhale by 3 cmH2O
BIPAP pressure support is quite different to CPAP EPR and to make EPR lookalike pressure support in some ways, you'll need to set CPAP pressure 3 cmH2O higher to compensate for the 3 cmH2O drop at exhale ... confusing Thinking-about
09-02-2015 07:41 PM
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RE: Finally after 8 years trying to improve Usage
Without getting too complicated, the pressure relief will make exhalation easier. This may be more comfortable for you. The only way to know is to try it for several nights then decide if you feel better, and you can check the data to be sure it has not caused significantly more events. Most users like the lower pressure during exhale, but some find the pressure changes disruptive. Give it a try.

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09-02-2015 07:54 PM
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RE: Finally after 8 years trying to improve Usage
I've changed my EPR level and will give it a try for a few nights. Also I'll keep reviewing the data for any increase in events.

09-02-2015 08:00 PM
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RE: Finally after 8 years trying to improve Usage
so, if you were used to EPR of 0, and getting such good results, you might sneak up on it by going for setting 1 and noting the results. The higher the EPR setting the lower the pressure you exhale against. This will probably change the expiration time to be lower. That isn't bad.

You currently have about the same inspiration time as expiration time (I:E = 1.0). Notice the readings at the new setting you have selected. At EPR=3, you might get a ratio of I:E of almost 2.0, exhaling twice as fast as your inhale.

When I shifted from CPAP EPR 0 to EPR 2, my IE went from 0.9 to about 1.65. Both were satisfying, but I do think I get more rest at IE of 1.65. I haven't asked around the forum as to whether others have seen the same.

We have seen that, in some cases of clear airway (CA) events, lower I:E ratios seem to result in lower count of CA events.

Note - As others have mentioned, when you shift EPR from 0 to 3, your effective exhale pressure is 3 cmH2O lower and this can lead to more flow limitations, and obstructive events (both H and OA). When adjusting EPR to a greater value, you may be served by also adding some to your pressure setting. Example - you have a CPAP pressure of 10 cmH2O, and want to shift from EPR of 0 to EPR of 2. You will probably be served by adjusting you CPAP pressure to 12, leaving the exhale pressure about as it was originally (10). since your setting is 12 with EPR 0, you might want to see if you feel better by moving to 13.5 and having EPR set to 2. Notice I increased pressure setting by 1.5 and EPR to 2. And take a look at your IE ratios before and after.


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09-02-2015 11:04 PM
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