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First Night Success!
First Night Success!
Hi everyone - newbie here.

I was recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea (33.6 AHI - bleh) and was rapidly prescribed a shiny new AirSense 10. I chose the F30 hybrid mask, and got the fancy heated tubing. Last night was my first night with the machine, and while it was a mixed experience, I'd say overall it was a success.

I turn 35 this year, but have always had crippling fatigue, depression and ADHD-like symptoms since I was quite young. I developed crippling inflammation and chronic pain at 16, and had liver scarring and lesions imaged when I was about 20 during an unrelated CT scan for abdominal issues. The cause of the lesions was thrown into the mystery basket by my doctors, and I was told that elevated liver enzymes was probably caused by stress and was nothing to worry about because I'm young and don't drink or take much in the way of medications, OTC or otherwise. I just sort of resigned myself to 'this is how life is' and trudged on through the days.

However, the last couple of years, I came to realise that something was very wrong. I was unable to concentrate. I was getting chest pains, tingling in my extremities, migraines that lasted for a week or more, and my blood pressure was through the roof. I work out three times a week and live a reasonably healthy life, so it was quite alarming to have my blood pressure taken at 180/74. A fit 35 year old man should not have BP like that.

After my wife came out of hospital for a period of treatment, our sleep schedules were out of whack: I was going to bed early and she was coming to bed late. She was able to observe me definitely not breathing while I was asleep. I got a sleep testing kit through Lofta, and thus we share this moment.

It's alarming to know how serious sleep apnea really is. I used to work in the health sciences field (neuroscience, even!) and sleep apnea was never bought up as a serious cause of brain damage, behavioural issues, or heart/liver damage among the researchers and professionals I worked with. That honestly amazes me, given what I now know about it and the damage this condition does to our bodies.

Anyway, back to the machine...

First, the good: My AHI apparently went from 33 to 4 overnight. I'm pretty sure this is awesome. I didn't sleep much (see below), but I swear I can breathe better and think more clearly today than I have in... well... my entire life, to be honest. Because I've probably had undiagnosed sleep apnea for at least 15 years, given the liver damage/behavioural stuff.

Sleep-wise, it was a mixed bag. I feel like I got about 3-5 hours of actual sleep - 5 hours of the best sleep I can recall, mind you. The quality was good, but there was not enough of it. However, today is also the first day in living memory where I have not woken with a sore neck, aching back, or a headache. My face is puffy and I definitely need to wear lip balm under the mask. Despite feeling physically tired, I feel more mentally alert. I don't have the sensation that I was running continuously in my sleep - when I was tested, I averaged a resting heartrate of 85-130bpm while asleep (and my normal resting heart rate is 66 during the day).

Because I got a machine without going through months of sleep doctors and resp techs and with minimal support, the learning curve is a bit steeper and there's a lot I have to figure out myself. I definitely did have occasional moments where I felt like I was suffocating or not able to get air, even though I could feel the machine filling my lungs with each intake and my breathing wasn't obstructed. I do also have some lung pain this morning, like my lungs were being hammered by the pressure - I'm not sure if that's normal or not.

In any case, the increased mental clarity and focus, plus the improvement in my mood are all very noticeable. Despite the achy chest, I am not coughing (first time in a long time) and my breathing feels distinctly clearer today. The AHI of 4 down from 33 speaks for itself, too.

Mr. CPAP is set at 4-20cm right now - based on the initial suffocation sensation + achy lungs, is it likely that the pressure range needs to be narrowed to 6-18cm/wp?

I think once this thing is calibrated correctly, it's going to be a life-changer.
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RE: First Night Success!
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on getting off to a good start. Is your machine an aisenese 10 autoset or airsense autoset for her. Either is an excellent choice. It will be helpful if you update youe profile to show which model airsense 10 you have. As for settings, you may want to try a min of 7 and if not already turned on, turm on EPR with a setting of 2 or 3. It reduces the pressure slightly when you exhale and helps reduce flow limitations. If your machine did not come with an SD card get one with a capacity of 2-32GB and download free OSCAR software from here: https://www.sleepfiles.com/OSCAR/
Then you will be able to post data from your machine which will help us advise you on how to optimize your therapy. Without data it's hard to advise on settings. See the links below  for how to organize and post data. You can get a clinical manual for your machine here: https://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-p...tup-manual  or see some instruction on how to access and change machine settings here: https://www.apneaboard.com/resmed-airsen...setup-info
Download OSCAR

Organize Charts
Attaching Charts

Mask Primer
Soft Cervical Collar


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RE: First Night Success!
Welcome to the forum, we can, and will, help you.

Post your nightly OSCAR charts, it is that data that helps us help you. See the Organization link in my signature for which charts to include.

As a rule we consider a setting of 4-20 as OK for 1 night but definitely not optimized.

Min Pressure should not be less than (it can be over) minPressure = 4 + EPR, You never said what your EPR was. We like to use it because it treats hypopneas, flow limits, RERAs

set EPR to Full Time and EPR = 2 and min pressure = 6. This means your min pressure will be 6-2 =4

AirSense 10 is a series of 4 models, in your forum profile say your machine in a ResMed AutoSet
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RE: First Night Success!
I will! Thanks for the input. I don't have an SD card, but I ordered one Smile
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