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First SleepyHead report for S9 Autoset
There will be good days, there will be days that are not so good. So one night has an OAI of 2.8 and a lot of leaks. Get back on your horse and ride. Smile
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I'm wondering what kind of leaks I'm having here so I can try to correct it. This is my highest AHI since starting using the S9 28 days ago which I think is really pretty good although I could really feel it today. Kept waking up over and over last night. Wondering which element was waking me up.

[img][Image: raGXiu3l.png][/img]
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Well, at least it's just one night, and not the worst I've seen, by far. The leaks with the very jagged vertical lines looks to be mostly a mask leak, where the seal breaks free, then seals repeatedly. It may have some mouth leak component. the leaks with a flatter top may be mouth leaks, and the last one ends at a break in therapy, so I suspect you may know the answer. Was your mouth dry, or were you awakened by the mask leak?

As far as what to do, you just go back and use it again tonight. One bad night does not undo all the good ones. What was the humidity setting? Any excess moisture in the mask that may have contributed to this?
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Thanx for the leak analysis. That's kind of what I thought using my limited experience. I didn't use the humidifier yet. I may order Control III and use that first. Also, since I've used a cpap for 16 years pretty much ok, I will in the end probably use the humidifier little if any really. I won't really know though until I try it. As it is I use stuff at night to keep my sinuses open which works pretty good. Maybe after a trial I will change my mind and want to use it all the time. Maybe it would allow me to eliminate some or all medications that I use which probably would be a good thing. It will be interesting to see how I take to it.
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I am considering experimenting with my FFM to see if that will help. And then see if it's worth it or not. I've heard some say sometimes the cure is worse than the diseaseWink
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Whether the cure is worse than the disease or not depends a lot on the FFM. Those of us with Simplus or Mirage Quattro are quite happy with our masks even though the MQ is "old technology". It is "old technology" that continues to work well. The F10 seems to work well for some also.

FFMs generally take more work to get them to work well with reduced leaks.

Have fun.


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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Since I've started to use my humidifier a few nights ago, my leak rate has skyrocketed on a couple of nights. I have to wonder if it is because of the humidifier or some other factor(s).

Here is my 34 day average which I don't think is that bad. Or is it?

Average leak rate: 6.18
90% leak rate: 19.20
% of time above leak rate threshold: 6.03

This was my reading a couple nights ago:

Average leak rate: 13.53
90% leak rate: 42.00
% of time above leak rate threshold: 21.52

My very worst reading from last night:

Average leak rate: 16.72
90% leak rate: 43.20
% of time above leak rate threshold: 30.75

So what do you suppose is going on? Is after 16 years of no treatment without a humidifier and then switching to one the problem?

I'm considering trying my FFM but don't like the idea of bringing in yet another factor. Maybe I should try with my regular mask without the humidifier and go back and forth a bit to see what's what.
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First suspect are the humidifier seals. You need to setup the machine and either block the tube or wear the mask while checking for leaks in the machine and tube. Also, take a look at the leak data. If it is fairly constant, then it is not a mask leak or mouth breathing but in the machine.
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I started experimenting using the H5i on Nov 17 set at 1 then later 2 and 3. The 18th it was set at 3. On the 19th at 4. and on the 20th and 21st at 3. The leaks are quite erratic so I don't think it's the machine or tube. Nothing constant at all about the leaks on those days as well as pretty much all of my data since I started. As you will note I also had some very good readings for some of the other days.

If I did check for leaks what would I look for? Whistling sounds or?? It would surprise me if it would be leaking though as it was only used 367 hours or about 45 days.

[img][Image: jCCXLUgl.png][/img]
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(10-23-2016, 07:31 PM)robysue Wrote:
(10-23-2016, 04:18 PM)Lanco Wrote: I remember the developer mentioning that the S9 loses some data after 7 days and says to back up your data. Yet, in Preferences the box is checked for Create SD card backups during Import.
The problem is Resmed made the decision to have the S9 overwrite the wave flow data every seven days. JediMark can't change that.

The other detailed data on the S9 is also written directly to the SD card and it is overwritten every 30 days. If you don't download the data at least that often, the only data you'll have is summary data. The machine stores a year's worth of summary data on-board.

It's also critically important to remember to put the SD card back into your S9. If you use the machine without the SD card properly inserted, you will only have access to the summary data. Neither SH nor ResScan can read data that is not saved to the SD card.

Quote:Also, since I am a night owl and usually go to bed between 4-6AM it seems that on the machine itself it is not showing just for that sleep period but anything after noon. Is there a way to change the S9 setting so it will just while using the Info button it will show one complete sleep period?
As I recall, the S9 data is pretty sensitive to that noon roll-over time. Jedimark says something to that effect somewhere in the user documentation.

But it is easy to reset the S9's internal clock. A lot of people in your situation just set the S9 clock to be exactly 12 hours off. That makes the machine roll the LCD data over at 12 Midnight instead of 12 Noon. It also means that all the data shows up on the same "day" in ResScan or SleepyHead without doing anything else.

You do need to get into the clinical menu to change the clock time. But that's not difficult if you get the Clinical manual from elsewhere on this site's web pages.

Quote:Also, on the machine when I get up a few times a night to assist my wife I check the AHI. Is what I'm seeing the total up to that point or is it just the last segment of uninterrupted sleep?
It's everything from 12 NOON (the previous day) to the time you turn the machine off IF you turn the machine off before 12 NOON. If you turn the machine off after 12 NOON, it's just the data from 12 NOON to when you turn the machine off.

To make it clearer:

If you go to bed at 6AM on MONDAY and you slept until 1:00PM on SUNDAY, then this is what happens with the machine's LCD data:

If you wake up at 9:00 AM, the numbers will reflect the data from 12 NOON to 1:00PM SUNDAY and the data from 6:00AM to 9:00AM Monday.

But if you wake up at 1:00 PM on MONDAY, the LCD data will only be for the stuff that is recorded between 12 NOON Monday to 1:00PM Monday.

Quote:Similar question for ResCan, when I check the report it shows things starting at noon and misses the rest of the night. Is there a way on ResCan to set it so that I can get a complete sleep period? Or maybe I need to start getting up by noonSad
Best bet is to reset the S9's internal clock so that it is exactly 12 hours off.

So, this nightowl decided to set the cpap 12 hours off so the data on Resscan AND SH both showed up on one day's graphs instead of Resscan being split at the noon setting. I had to do this with my Apex XT Auto as well. I thought it all through and just went to do it and to make a long story short the date and hours are now off. After midnight I went to set the day back and it wouldn't let me because there was already data (30 minutes worth) there after noon from the previous nights sleep. So, I was just going to set the clock back to normal time instead of 12 hours off and the same thing. It said there is already data there and it can't be done. Laugh-a-lot

So, I started thinking how will I correct this. At first I thought I could get up tomorrow before noon and set things the way I want but it seems to me that won't work either and that the data will always be one day in advance off.

If my above conclusions are correct and I could be wrong because I'm a bit bleary eyed at the moment, but if this is correct then I guess the only thing I can do to get back on track with the data in the correct day/date is to erase all data, only about 32 days worth and start with a fresh SD card. THEN, if I want before I use it would be the time to set the clock 12 hours off. Did I figure this out right?

If so, then how will I approach SH and resscan? Do I need to have different user names and start fresh there or can I merge the new with the old data. I don't suppose I'd have to uninstall and reinstall the software would I? And other related questionsDielaughing

And who knows after all this I may just leave the clock alone anywayOh-jeez

Then again maybe not but I will certainly think it through before I do it. Did I miss anything?
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