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First SleepyHead stats--Ugly???
You had one night of bad leaks, what happened that night? OpalRose's comments on pressure are supported by this data.
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(08-05-2016, 12:39 AM)PoolQ Wrote: yep, I agree-your pressure could be raised a bit. Any reason you are on CPAP instead of APAP? Your centrals are low now, if you were on APAP before was that causing centrals?

I'm pretty new to this. The stats in the original post reflects my total experience with CPAP. I probably should have just kept this going in my original thread. Here it is for more background:


So I'm just learning about APAP v CPAP. I will definitely bring it up at the sleep center tonight.

Quote:Looks like you are sleeping through the night, that's a good thing. How are you feeling in the morning?

It varies--some days better than others. I'm still a slave to an alarm that comes too damn early on weekdays. I woke up this morning with a bit of a headache but I had problems with my mask last night. I lifted it to scratch my nose and went back to sleep with a less than ideal seal. I ended up sitting up and refitting. I usually wake up once or twice during the night, but I usually don't have too much problem falling back asleep.


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(08-05-2016, 12:42 AM)chill Wrote: You had one night of bad leaks, what happened that night? OpalRose's comments on pressure are supported by this data.

I suspect it has to do with this problem that's developed where I wake up and my nose is itching. I just pull the mask back for a bit while I scratch. I also noticed last night that although I'm primarily a back sleeper, if I turn my head on the pillow, the AirFit mask seems to shift. I may go back to the Simplus.


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(08-04-2016, 06:44 PM)OpalRose Wrote: Your 90% pressure is bumping up to your maximum setting of 10, so the max should be raised.
It also would make sense to raise your minimum pressure from 4 to at least 7. A minimum of 4 is pretty low and too far away from your 90% number.

I'm on a constant level of 10 but I've played with the ramp up going anywhere from none to putting it on auto. I've had it on auto for the last few days.

Quote:It would be easier to advise if you would post a screenshot from the Daily Page.


But for now, I recommend a pressure range of 7 min to 12 max.

Sounds good to me. I'll see what the sleep tech says tonight but I have no problem with making the adjustment myself.

Quote: Nothing to worry about the perscription changes at the bottom. It will start a new line whenever you make any change, like you made with the EPR setting.

But I didn't make any adjustment (that I know of). I don't even know what EPR is. Is that something that has to be done in the clinical menu? I've accessed it for a look but haven't changed anything.

I appreciate the help!!!!

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as for the change, your Doctor can check on how you are doing remotely and make changes. THe machine only detects a change and notes it, has no idea who changed it.

If you are regularly getting morning headaches, you should bring that up also as they are usually caused by retaining CO2 and they can adjust your machine to help.
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I did my retest last night and the results were the same as the first. It showed no events once my pressure was up to 10. I don't know how my home results differ so much from happens in the lab . I asked the tech if the doctor that writes the prescriptions ever recommends the autoset feature and she said almost never. I did leave copies of the SleepyHead reports--I don't know if the doc will take those into consideration. I'll wait to see what the final report says. If it says to maintain the status quo and I'm still having the same results, I'll give OpalRose's settings a shot.

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