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First night ever - First Nights Data
I doubt that this is the entire problem. Even with the collar during your nap, the machine increased pressure to nearly 14 cm to keep your airway open. I do think the collar is the way we avoid using 20 cm to pry open your airway. Smile

Once step at a time. Your new job is to find the best way to maintain an open airway posture. Just out of curiosity, how many pillows do you use. Is there a way you could change that up to help? An ergonomic pillow could maybe work with a collar or neck roll.
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learning a lot from this post, thanks.
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Pillows.... I have one that is basically a headboard - doesn't get touched but is part of the decor... Then one in front of that. Then one in front of that that gets moved around, my head lays on it, or I hug it... And sometimes a side body pillow.

I see where this is going Sad
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Actually, ergonomic memory pillows have a roll on the edges and are a lttle hollowed out in the center. So it can support your neck and might help prevent chin tuckng. Just keeping it simple. Fewer decorative pillows might avoid pushing your head downward. Maximum comfort and good cervical posture is what we're after. You can discuss it with your doctor and it may be an insured item, but lots of people use something like this:

[Image: sleepeasy-premier-pillow-3.jpg]

[Image: cervical_side__55743.1381331529.356.300.png?c=2]

Merry Christmas. Have a great day.
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I'm going to get one of those pillows. I've turned pressure to 10-19. The soft c collar is not easy, but I got this during a nap. Looks like only 20 min sleep or so. I'm also going to try a different FFM....

Merry Christmas everyone. And thank you.

[Image: 9cZLQcVl.png]
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I noticed you cuddle a pillow sometimes. When I was getting used to a soft cervical pillow I used a body pillow to tuck under my chin while cuddling the pillow. The pillow helped relieve some of the pressure making it easier for me to get used to the collar. It turned out I do better with a chin strap so I don't use the collar now. I still use the pillow to help keep my mouth closed on the nights I'm determined to mouth breathe.
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Last nights data... I've been kind of in no mans land trying different things and getting mainly frustrated. Currently trying a Quattro FX and it seems to have the best "suction" of the other ones I've tried.

My sleep feels like, again with an airplane analogy... Like trying to sleep in an airplane and how you feel when you "wake up" from tossing and turning and uncomfortable all night. Maybe this is a step up from my untreated sleep, but doesn't feel like it yet.

Any additional suggestions?

[Image: 4MnVfJ4l.png]
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So, what became of the experiment to prevent chin-tucking? I'll assume it didn't work out, although everything still points to the OA as being in episodes that is related to a physical position that obstructs your airway. The alternative has always been to increase the minimum pressure to directly prevent OA from starting. Based on your charts, the OA begins when your pressure falls under 15 cm. So, you are currently under 8 cm minimum pressure. Seems that needs to come up significantly.
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Looks like a world record... I stayed in the mask for about 5 hours. The AHI is pretty good... I'm using the baby neck U shaped pillow and the orthopedic pillow - to experiment with not tucking my chin. The cause for waking up is extremely dry throat - due to mouth being open - but its still contained in the mask. I'm currently using a Quattro FX (mens style) and its strapped very tightly. I accidently bought the mens. Not sure if a woman's is much different (?). It seems to seal best at a point on my nose which slightly pushes down on the top outsides of my nostrils. The mask seems to "slip" until is settles in that spot. Is this normal? or - does it get any better than this?

[Image: edJQbfpl.png]
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Your results are looking much better, outstanding in fact, and hopefully you feel better as a result. Your leak results are okay, but show a steady leak through the night. I think this will be an area you continue to refine and work on. I'll let the members that know more about full face masks offer their input since I have never used one. The fact you have to tightly strap the mask points to a poor fit. The mask is intended to achieve a fit by inflating and contacting the face more lightly. A different model or size might serve you better.
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