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First night on Bipap
I just wanted to talk about the continuation of my therapy a little. On Sunday night I tried to fall asleep for 2 hours but my ResMed Mirage Quattro ffm kept leaking, very bad. I finally got fed up with it and just took it off and slept without my Bipap. Last night I was determined to get back to it, I did a lot of research on masks and leakage, and I made sure to shave before bed, and wash my face. My mask was washed as well. I then tried to create my own mask liner and completely re-fitted my mask. I tried with the mask liner and the leaks were pretty bad so I removed it and seemed to get an alright seal. I had the ramp set to 40 minutes, and my pressures are still 14/10 for the time being. After a little while I started to notice leaks. I couldn't turn over on my side, but I did finally fall asleep. During the night I woke up a few times to small leaks, but I just tightened my mask and went through it. I did get some sleep last night. When my alarm when off, I ended up with around 7 hours of sleep, my machine gave me a smiley face meaning the leaks must not have been too bad, and most importantly my AHI was 4.6! This is great. I still have not had a chance to look at the detailed data as I had to get ready for work, but I will tonight. I am pretty happy with my AHI and this is with the settings lower than my Rx. Thanks for the help everyone, I still need to figure out why these leaks are happening, they are annoying.
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Leaks happen a lot with a ffm. I had the Mirage Quattro and the Amara Gel (after trying to change from the Quattro FX) and had too many leak issues. now I use the wisp nasal mask and have great leak rates now. Something to think about. Also, you may want to address your cushion size. The wrong size can cause leaks as well
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I just wanted to give an update, I got the padacheek liner on Monday and have been using it every since. What a difference! I am now able to not be bothered by leaks. One night my machine have me a frown face for leaks, but to me they were way less noticeable. For anyone having leaks I really recommend the padacheek.
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I have noticed the pressure too. It makes my total face mask blow leaks. I am beginning to think that we notice it because ther is no ramp time on our model numbers. We try and fall asleep with the full force blowing at us.

:Using cpap then vpap since Feb.2013,
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I was on cpap and then switch to bipap after 6 months. My pressures are ipap23 and epap of 18. I had ahi of 8 to 12 on coal so that's why they changed me to bipap. I sleep better must my nose is so dry and sore all the time. Ointments and humidity doesn't help. What is considered a high vs low pressure support?
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From googling the maximum pressure support is 8 on most if not all Bipap machines... you are at 5 (23-18).
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(01-31-2014, 07:19 PM)Lindy Wrote: I was on cpap and then switch to bipap after 6 months. My pressures are ipap23 and epap of 18. I had ahi of 8 to 12 on [cpap] so that's why they changed me to bipap. I sleep better must my nose is so dry and sore all the time. Ointments and humidity doesn't help. What is considered a high vs low pressure support?

Hi Lindy,

If during Sleep Study your pressures were set to allow you to sleep on your back (normally worst position for Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and if at home you never sleep on your back, your prescribed pressures (both EPAP and Pressure Support) may be higher than needed.

But to find out it would be good to be using SleepyHead to look at your data, so you can see when Obstructive Apneas, Flow Limitation or RERAs (Respiratory Effort Related Arousals) are occurring.

During bi-level titrations EPAP is set high enough to eliminate Apnea and Hypopnea events, and Pressure Support is set high enough to minimize Flow Limitation and RERAs.

I think your PRS1 BiPAP machine reports RERA events. Respiratory Effort Related Arousals are arousals which are related to respiratory effort, but the associated flow limitation did not last long enough (or was not quite severe enough) to result in a 10-second or longer hypopnea or apnea.

Lowering the Pressure Support (PS) tends to allow RERAs to occur, but if your machine is reporting you are not having RERA events, perhaps your PS can be lowered.

Lowering PS may lower the irritation in your nose, but I think the irritation is probably mostly caused by inadequate humidity, which is often caused by too much leaking.
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