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First time AHI under 10!
So, it will be a week tomorrow. I had my best night so far last night.

Saturday night, I could NOT get my mask right, and it was very frustrating. It leaked like crazy no matter what I did. I went to bed last night planning on calling the sleep clinic this morning to see about another mask. I was in a small and right before I walked out the door, she changed me to a medium. She said it was a better fit. I still think that it might be slightly too big, but after last night, I'm going to keep going with what I have.


Last night, I put the contrary thing on and it fit great! Just like my childrens' fevers going away when the pediatrician walked into the room... It did leak some, but I could exhale and it refit itself without me actually touching the cushion. I can't explain it, maybe tinkerbell sprinkled magic ferry dust on the thing.


TA DA!!! My AHI was under 10 for the first time. 9.4, but still, that's under 10. And, I slept great.

Recapping: AHI during sleep study 73 with CPAP: 12, 29, 22, 14, 16, 9.

I feel much more alert/awake/motivated, and that was before I saw my scores Smile.

It's a Happy Monday!!

Thanks for all the support.

Keep up the good work, CB... It could be a lot of your "9.4" is being caused by transient CA's. We get that a lot when we're first adjusting to things such as CPAP in general, futzing with FFM's in particular. If that is the case, you'll see that "9.4" drop like a boot camp marine as you continue doing what you're doing. It would be good if you could give us a breakdown of your events, how many CA's vs OA's vs Hypops. That sort of thing.
Be sure to download and use the Sleepyhead software linked at the top of this forum. It can be very motivating to see your progress and better understand what kind of events are making up your AHI. Your patience is a good quality in getting this therapy to work, but knowledge will help you improve further. 9.4 is an improvement, but still far too high to be acceptable.

Welcome to the forum, and good luck.
Organize your SleepyHead Data
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Robysue's Beginner's Guide to Sleepyhead

Congratulations on the breakthrough. It really is great to feel better. You will probably have more ups and downs but keep pushing forward. As you have found out, it can really feel very good.

While many of us seem to be number oriented, the numbers are only part of the story. AHI=<5 is the target for effective therapy but it is just a number.

Sleep Well,

Hi cbrfoltz,
Good job, keep up the good work.
Your AHI needs to be at 5, (preferably below,) but just keep on going, you'll get there.
I had my first AHI under 10 (9.4 as well) two nights ago, but the following night it jumped to 23 and then last night it was 27.4. The only thing consistent about my AHI number is it has been wildly inconsistent. I dream of a night where it's under 1.

Congrats on the improved number!

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