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First time using OSCAR
First time using OSCAR
Been on cpap therapy for 10 months. It has helped a lot. I just started using Oscar and I don't exactly know how to read the data, except for the obvious events. Also, stupid question, but how do I get to see the whole night/morning. Don't know how to scroll through horizontally. I use a MAC.

Thank you!

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RE: First time using OSCAR
Welcome to the board - lot of good people that will be happy to help. 

I have a couple of suggestions. 

First take away the calendar by clicking on the up ⬆️ in the date box. It takes up space where information is. 

2nd your AHI is below 5 and it is all about HOW you feel. You can get rid of some of the O events by raising the min. But IF you feel ok don’t chase numbers. If you want move it up 1 and see how it is. You have room to go up 2 more.
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RE: First time using OSCAR
With regards to the horizontal scrolling, the default is to show the entire extent of your sleep sessions, and from the start and end times given in the left panel, you can see the whole sleeping night - from 2:00 until 8:58:xx.

If you collapse the calendar by clicking the little up-vee to the left of the date above the calendar, we can see some of the settings. I'm guessing you are using the ramp - but I could be wrong - that flat pressure line at the start is unusual.

You can make each graph shorter by dragging the bottom line of each graph up - I usually make it just enough to fit the title of each graph.

I think your pressures are fine as they are - I like to see the starting pressure within 1 cmH2O of the median for the night, and yours certainly is.
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RE: First time using OSCAR
Thank you. I will try getting rid of the calendar and see what it shows. But as far as seeing the whole night, it doesn't show it it in the view I have now. 

I was thinking of raising the the pressure a tiny bit, but seems it may be okay as is. Sometimes I wake up a lot through the night, but sometimes it is not from the apnea events, but maybe the the pressure itself. 

I was wondering what things like "tidal volume" mean?
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RE: First time using OSCAR
Here is another screen shot. So, I woke up at 10:00 am, so this does not show the whole night and I am too dense to figure out how to do that.

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RE: First time using OSCAR
Read OSCAR - The Guide in my signature.

That shows all of the checked sessions in the lower left of the screen, you may need to scroll down.
Note the time scale on the events vs the other charts, here it is the same if not you zoomed in some.
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RE: First time using OSCAR
Thank you for this! It is so very helpful.
And yes, please ignore my question about the scrolling! I figured it out.
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RE: First time using OSCAR
Ah, thank you! Very helpful. In reading about tidal volume in your guide, it seems my max is usually between 600-795, which seems high? My median is usually around 300 and 95% is around 440. 
I do have a heart condition possibly caused by years of undiagnosed OSA, and it affects my breathing at times. I sleep with the head of my bed raised quite a bit so I can breathe better--practically sitting up (adjustable bed base helps).
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RE: First time using OSCAR
Hi DJCpap and welcome.

Looking good.

1. You are using Mac, don't know about that, but there are a few ways to show more of what is going on in the left hand Daily Sidebar.
a) as you have heard, hide the calendar.
b) In Windows, we can left click on the Daily Side with all the numbers to bring that into focus, then Hold Down the Control button and use the mouse scroll functions. I think Mac has a different keyboard button to the Control button.
c) depending on your screen size you can change the font size by going to File > Preferences > Appearance and play with the font sizes.

2. Your Max tidal volumes are more influenced by big breaths, eg, settling down after masking up, coughs, sighs, maybe dream related breathing. I tend to ignore the Max Vt and only look at the Median and 95%.

3. You can change the scale of your Flow Rate graph to help you see the breathing pattern better: Right click the word Flow Rate, select Y-axis, select override and select your values. 

Have fun, the more you get to know the software the more you will like it love it!
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