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Flashair SD poor connection to router after power failure
Went overnight for my Sleep titration study at hospital. Clinic asked me to bring my APAP A10. This morning had difficulty getting clean read from the w03 SD card. Flashpap would stall any where from 79 to 87% complete.

Solution to problem was reorientating my A10 on night stand. It appears W03 card is very sensitive to position. In my case the router is located in a cToset near entrance to condo and A10 is near balcony door. It only took slight adjustment (10 degrees) to complete the data transfer.

The signal would have to pass through 3 drywall walls with the metal studs. Interesting problem. The chance of transferring a large number of files would be problematic.

Anyone found a way to read signal strength from w03? (perhaps an app on laptop) so laptop could be used to establish best orientation of the APAP.
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I use a free app on my Android phone named, WiFi Analyzer. This program will display all WiFi signals and their strength as well as what channel they are using and encryption type.

There are several channel ranges (14@ 5.5mhz apart) in the WiFi spectrum and, you living in a Condo, may well be flooded with other signals on the same channel. Each channel has a frequency range that will encompass adjacent channel frequencies. Think of a channel number as the center point of a frequency range and will span 11mhz on either side of the channel number. Because of this allocation only certain channels are truly separate from one another. They are 1, 6, and 11. It seems that most (I don't have proof) wireless manufacturers set their default channel to channel 1. Most people don't think about this when they setup their wireless router. Try to find one of these channels that is the least used and it may help in data transfer.

I hope this may be useful.
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Great advise. As mentioned there are many routers close by. I will check for the WiFi Analyzer on both iphone and my wifes Android phones. Also look into channel allocation. Not sure if this is a parameter readable on my Bell router.
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Found WiFi Analyzer doesn't function on iphone (Apple doesn't allow it). Installed app on Android with following results.

My router is on ch 1 with about -42dbm strength in living room. The strength at the APAP (w03 card) is -67dbm. There are two other routers on ch 1 but strength is around -75dbm. This doesn't give me much head room so may have to check for alternate ch. Ch 14 appears to have much better strength.
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ch 14 is NOT allowed (Japan being the exception) Its used for medical devices and quite close to microwave spectrum as well. Back to finding best between 1,6 and 11.
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I forgot to mention that a microwave oven, cell phone or 2.4Ghz wireless home phone that are located in between(or near) the router and the WiFi card and are in use will play havoc on the signal.
Useful Links -or- When All Else Fails:
Posting SleepyHead Charts in 5 Easy Steps
Robysue's Beginner's Guide to Sleepyhead
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