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Forget to turn oxygen on...Need a way to remember
Hello Fellow Apneites,

I require supplemental O2 with my PAP treatment. In fact, when I had an overnight pulse oximetry, if I have the supplemental O2, I have steady saturations in the mid 90s. However, without the supplemental oxygen, my saturations are again very consistent...but around 84%! We all know that 84% is very dangerous.

I have tried various means of reminding myself, of assuring that I will never go to sleep wearing my BiPAP without the oxygen concentrator working. A huge percentage of the time, I do remember, but when I do not, I feel very bad the next day. Oh-jeez

So my question is, "Does anyone know of a gadget that fits on the nipple on the coupling that arises from the PAP machine? I need something that would alarm when it sensed that: (a) The machine was on, and (b) There was no flow at the bleed-in point."

Thank you in advance, for any ideas or knowledge.

Prescott AZ
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Hi Michaelthemt!

Welcome to the forum. There are alarm devices made just for the purpose you mentioned. One company that I find is named Bradley Alarm Systems and you can Google them for a quick look at what they have to offer.

Probably you can get other hits by Googling "Oxygen Flow Alarm" of similar.

Best regards, Dude
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Yo, Surferdude,

Could not see how the units on that Bradley website would help. Only thing I could see was a flow alarm for emergency eyewash stations in labs and such.

I am now looking for a way to make an alarm go off every time I turn the BiPAP machine on. Right now I am looking for something that a person can plug something into which has some sort of alarming mechanism that goes off when the voltage changes from zero.

Will let you all know what I find...since I'm sure you're sitting on the edges of your seats and pressing Refresh every minute, wanting to see what we find! Cool

...Michael, Prescott, Arizona.
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maybe you could build a flap covering the oxy inlet and the BiPAP on-button, that you have to raise to turn your machine on. put a big arrow on the flap, pointing to the ...
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Hi michaelthemt,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more responses to your post. Hopefully, you are able to find an alarm to help you.
Much success to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
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Hello Quiescence,

Dig that name!

That's a great idea. Keep it simple, I always say, and here it is. I will keep that in mind, for sure.

Hello trish6hundred,

Thank you for the welcome and your encouragement.

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I just used my label maker to put: O2 ON?? next to my PAP on button.

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How about something you lay over the CPAP or oxygen concentrator? Whenever you turn the O2 concentrator off, use it to cover up the CPAP machine. Whenever you go to use the CPAP machine, remove the cover, turn on the O2, then put the cover over the concentrator.

It reminds you to turn on the O2 when you start the CPAP and turn off the CPAP when you stop the O2.

Make sure that it doesn't cover anything vital on either machine.

You could also put a power strip next to the oxygen machine that the CPAP is plugged in. When you turn off the oxygen machine, flip the switch on the power strip so that the CPAP is off.

If you turn the power off right after turning the CPAP off, it might affect the data recording on the SD card, so you may need to experiment with that if you ever decide to start checking your treatment data.
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An elastic band with a tag on it and a mask storage bag would work. Just have "Turn the O2 on before using" or something similar on the tag.

The storage bags you get with a CPAP mask (or can get from a DME) are usuallky fabric, protecting your mask but still allowing it to dry after use. In the morning, you put the mask in the bag and put the elastic with tag over the closure area. You have to remove the elastic and storage bag before you can use the mask....the pause and the tag should give you enough of a reminder as long as you actually turn on the flow when you take the mask out of the storage bag.

As for a flow alarm, to adequately alert you to no O2 flow when the CPAP is on, you'd need something inline for both hoses (one for it to tell the the CPAP is on, one for it to tell if the O2 is flowing). It's possible, but I think it would be a PITA and probably not cheap.
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If you're electromechanically handy, you could build your own current sensing relay circuit that would sense when the CPAP was turned on and react by turning the O² concentrator on or opening a solenoid valve if using a tank as the O² source. I expect it could be done for less than $100. The relays aren't too expensive and the rest of the parts are common items you can get locally.
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