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Full face mask thoughts?
RE: Full face mask thoughts?
cathyf I used to use a cpap cap. It has velcro patches on it so you can attach a face mask to it. I never did it. However, that eliminates the need for head gear.

When I bought 2 Knightsbridge Dual Straps sized according to their instructions the magnets would pop off my N20 medium mask. I needed a large head gear to solve that. So I had to buy a large mask--large insert and large head gear. By the time I got the KBD straps to my door they cost $175 Canadian. Then I got to pay $325 for a large mask. My fault. That was with the KDS on first, then putting the mask on. Ratchick suggested I could have put on the mask first, then the KD Strap. Silly me.

You've been through a lot.

The people that make masks should have to wear them for 8 + hours as we do, hooked up to a machine. I really appreciate Lanky Lefty's (sp?) videos on youtube. He actually tries masks! He's a respiratory tech.

I'm claustrophobic, but I mouth breath.
compliant for 35 years

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well

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RE: Full face mask thoughts?
My new cushion (medium) for the F30 showed up today. I’m looking forward to trying it tonight. I quit wearing the F30 and went back to my other masks (one nasal, one nasal cushion/pillow) on alternate nights.

Visually, there’s very little difference between the small and medium, but once you put them on it seems like a large step up. The cushion just feels more “cushiony” and it seems that it fits a little better on some creases on my face. It fits just beyond them instead of on them, I hope that stops the leaks.

Will report back tomorrow.
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RE: Full face mask thoughts?
Last night was a bust.

The mask fit fine, no leaks, I had it as loose as I could get it and still have a seal.

During the night, it was fine, but then about 4 hours into it, the leaks started again and wouldn't quit. This was the same thing I found when I used the Small. Last night I used the Med.

One time I woke up because of the leaks and I spent quite a while trying to get a good seal. Eventually I realized the cushion had become unsnapped from the rest of the frame. So that time, the leaks weren't from around the seal, they were at the connection between the frame and the cushion. The leaks appear at my cheeks. I get a good seal at my nose, mouth, and chin, but it doesn't seal well (after 4 hrs or so) at the sides of the mask where it rests on my cheeks

This has been a pretty frustrating experience.

Tonight I will try again, but will snug the straps evenly just a little bit and see what happens. If I can see an improvement, I'll keep experimenting. If not, it looks like I'm back in the market for a different FF mask.
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RE: Full face mask thoughts?
Day 2 with medium cushion (ResMed F30):

I may have figured it out.

This mask has a lot of straps. The first adjustment I made, several weeks ago, when I first got the mask, was to shorten the croas-top-of-head strap. This raises the angle of the straps that pull on the mask cushion. That helped a lot.

When I got the new Medium cushion, I intentionally loosened the rest of the straps and lest the mask inflation seal do its job. I tightened the straps just enough to keep the mask against my face. This worked, for about 4 hrs, then the leaks became bad.

Last night I snugged up the straps, just a little, and was able to maintain an excellent seal all night.

I think the elastic in the straps may have been stretching a bit since they are new. Tonight I will leave things alone and try for two days in a row.
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RE: Full face mask thoughts?
Yea, bless you. I hope this works. When I found my magic strap spots I took a permanent marker and made dots there so I could put them back just as they were after washing the mask.

Hang in there, we all understand.
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RE: Full face mask thoughts?
OK - it's been a few nights in a row now. I don't think I'll have any more problems, and if I do I'm pretty sure I now know how to fix them. The mask fits fine, makes a good positive seal, the seal holds all night, and the mask does allow for side sleeping.

My take on the F30:

The sizing guide, and video instructions say: If you are just inside the line between small and medium, go with small. In my case, that didn't work, I had to go to medium. I *think*, since I have a slightly narrow face, the small cushion didn't wrap around my face as well as it should, so the seals along the side couldn't be adjusted. Also, the part of the cushion at my nose didn't seal very well. So, for me, moving up to the medium was the solution.

Straps: I found that the old advice with mask straps, "keep them as loose as you can and let the seals on the mask do the work", is still good advice. I did loosen the straps on the side to be just tight enough to hold the mask in place, then tightened about 1/4" or less on all straps to fix leaks.

Next time I'll pre-stretch the straps. I suspect some of of my problems with the new mask was the elasticity of the straps. I had them set, but during the night, as they began to stretch, that caused the mask to fit a little to loose. I could have pre-stretched them a little before trying to find the sweet spot and maybe that would have helped. Now that I've used them a while, they are probably broken in.

Snapping the cushion into the mask frame is a pain. There's a trick to getting it to snap in firmly. You might think it's in, but it may not be and then it can separate during the night.

The magnetic attachments on the mask will work, but at least once I've found one that came undone.
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RE: Full face mask thoughts?
KSMatthew I've had issues with the mag connectors on the ResMed N20...

One cause was simple. I used the N20 with a Knightsbridge Dual Band chinstrap. Medium headgear interfered with the KDB strap.The mag closer would pop off during the night.
compliant for 35 years

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well

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RE: Full face mask thoughts?
I only had one strap pop off one time.

Last night I had the problem with the cushion itself popping off the mask frame.  That’s twice this has happened in a week.  Last night/this morning, i had leak problems.  I tightened the straps again, thinking they may still be getting stretched out from being new.  But then I heard loud hissing and realized the cushion had somehow popped loose.  I reseated it and went back to sleep.

When this mask works, it does what I want, but it’s not working very consistently yet. I had 3-4 good nights in a row, then problems again last night.  I’m outside the 30 day return window, but I still have hopes I can get a lot of use out of it. But when it’s time for a replacement I will try something different.
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