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Full face masks trials
I,m having a cold and need a full face mask as backup
Yesterday went to my local supplier and got F&P Simplus full face mask
I had a hard time with the Simplus, leaked a lot, leak was about 120 L/m but manged to get some sleep and half way through the night, switched back to the nasal mask

Today, took the Simplus back and got the F10, see how it goes
I,m worried the F10 might leak into my eyes
Any tips would appreciated

Quattro Air is the next mask on the list ... any suggestion

[Image: Tea-Pot.jpg]
Time to put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea with slice of lemon

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Hi, Zonk,
I'm just now "masking up" with my F10 and the one suggestion I'd make is to let the mask "float" on your face. For some reason, the tighter I tighten it… the more leaks I get. I'm a side sleeper, so about once a night I wake up to the blasting of a leak. Then I tighten it a bit and go back to sleep. The cushion seems to "stick" to my face which is nicer than the Quattro FX I used to have. Hope this helps and good luck. The F10 really is a nice mask. Give it at least a week before you decide. Let us know how you do on night "one".
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Hi zonk,
If you like honey, you might put a little of that in your tea with lemon. Good luck with the F10 and I hope you get to feeling better.
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Honey might also work really well as a mask sealer. If you don't have ants where you live. Or puppies.
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I own both the Air and F10 and I prefer the F10. It just sits a lot more comfortably on my face.

Mine does leak out around the bridge of my nose sometimes and I rolling over on my side and pressing it into the pillow a little fixes it (at least long enough for me to go to sleep) much better than trying to re-seat it until it goes away.
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(09-01-2014, 09:59 PM)zonk Wrote: I'm worried the F10 might leak into my eyes

Hi zonk,

As long as I use a mask liner the F10 doesn't leak into my eyes, even though my IPAP usually varies between 20 to 25 all night, every night.

The next best FFM for me is the Quattro FX, but I also need a liner with it.

If you don't have opportunity to buy liners, just put the mask on old teeshirt-like material, on a table, and trace around the mask about half an inch or a quarter an inch larger than the mask, all around the periphery of the mask. Then cut it out and also cut out the inner one third as a mouth and tip-of-the-nose hole. (The liner needs to cover our nose bridge and lower lip/chin.)

The liners tend to touch our eyelashes, which is bothersome, so after we put the liner on (covering our nose bridge) and then put the mask on, we may need to very slightly fold or pull the liner away from our eyelashes, toward the bridge of our nose. But best not to fuss/pull on the liner very much.
Good luck.
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I've got to agree with vsheline, I recommend using a mask liner for anyone having a problem with leaks.

I've tried a variety of masks and have decided to stick with the Quattro Mirage. I accept the fact that it will always have some leakage - all masks will. The software says anything under 24 l/min is acceptable. That's all well and good so long as it isn't blowing into my eyes or making some distracting noise that keeps me awake.

To combat those issues, I use some tee-shirt liners that I custom cut. I don't claim the liner stops the leaks, it's more like it spreads them over a larger area which tends to diffuse and muffle them. That's especially helpful if it gets that jet blast out of my eyes.

Most of the time I just use a partial liner for my nose bridge area since that's where my most bothersome leaks occur. Other times (rarely), probably when my pressure needs are increased by the S9 Auto, I need a full face liner. Either way, the liners allow me to be completely unaware/unbothered by those leaks that would otherwise keep me awake and drive me to search for a better mask - been there, done that - there are none that don't leak. They also allow me to use less strap tension on the mask and minimize the facial torture it inflicts.

Sleep on your side, use a modified "half-back" sleeping position if need be, use mask liners if need be and your CPAP efforts will be most rewarding and easier tolerated.
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New to this stuff but heres my take. I cant use nasal masks. No way they can shut my mouth enough to stop leaks because of missing teeth.

So FF or EF for me. Tried Amara silicone, which is the best of the bunch for me in the FF line but still falls way short of the Fitlife entire face mask. The FF all leak more, I just tried an Amara last night and spent an hour and a half in large leak territory.

Im always way low on leaks with the Fitlife. So thats what ill stick too from now on. And yes they make an XL in the Fitlife entire face. My DME didnt know they did but the hospital sleep lab had ordered and given me one in that size for the titration study.
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(09-01-2014, 09:59 PM)zonk Wrote: [Image: Tea-Pot.jpg]
Time to put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea with slice of lemon

A spot of Bundaberg Red Rum in the tea will kill the germs!

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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Thank you all for the suggestions and the good luck, really need it

justMongo ... Bundaberg kills the germs but does not fix leaky plumbing

Unfortunately, the F10 was not any good, leaks and farts most of the time until changed to nasal mask half way through the night

The problem with the nasal mask is not leaks but at times wake up with one side blocked and only breathing with the other and its worse if happen to be the right side is blocked which is the better side

Dr Park talk about nasal cycle (post #5) http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...tuffy-Nose

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