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"Gel" pads for bridge of nose
(04-02-2015, 06:21 PM)jcarerra Wrote:
(04-02-2015, 04:55 PM)PaytonA Wrote: If they are the Remzz liners, they are re-usable for a while and some on the forum even wash them. From what I have heard the liners should have a beneficial effect on the problems that you are experiencing. Cross your toes or something. Big Grin

Yep. Remzzzs

I bought the Remzzzs, and I find that the hole in the middle is too small. I might try cutting it to make it wider, so I can fit both my nose and mouth in it. I don't have a tiny nose, but I don't have a huge one, either.

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(04-09-2015, 10:09 AM)JVinNE Wrote: I bought the Remzzzs, and I find that the hole in the middle is too small. I might try cutting it to make it wider, so I can fit both my nose and mouth in it. I don't have a tiny nose, but I don't have a huge one, either.

That's good info but surprising. I had expected that they would just cover the contact area of the cushion, so mouth and nose would fit. I'm with you on that--I sure don't want my mouth covered.

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I'm using the same mask, but I had a heck of a time with leaks at first. This probably has something to do with the fact that I basically have no teeth left. Anyway, after a lot of experimentation I finally got it to work for me by mounting it high on my face, so that the bottom bit of silicon basically sits right on my upper lip and the top is just below my eyes. I have to pull the top bit out to get a good seal, and I have to cinch it down pretty tight, but I have gotten used to it and it's been quite a while now since I had to deal with large leaks.

If I wear it lower the top of the mask restricts my nasal passages and makes it hard to nose breath.

I think I might look at changing to nasal pillows sometime. I went to a full face mask because I have sinus problems and was worried I couldn't get enough air that way. This however seems to have resolved itself after I started using Beclomethazone spray twice a day, and I am mostly nose breathing when I sleep now.
Ed Seedhouse

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(04-01-2015, 03:47 PM)Barbz Wrote:
(03-31-2015, 09:33 PM)PaytonA Wrote: Not sure which Quattro mask that you have. I had the Quattro FX and never could keep it from leaking into my eyes. I now have the Mirage Quattro and even at my 20 cm/H2O pressure, it does not leak. My problem with masks is prominent cheek bones and deeply recessed bridge of my nose.

Best Regards,


Those high cheek bones, admired by many who do not have them, have been the bane of my search for a good mask. There were so many I liked, but had to pass on because of those cheek bones. Oh-jeez

My sinuses will not let me use any mask that has nasal pillows either. Bummer. Been using the Hans Rudolph and alternating with the FP 431. Made a chin strap that goes from one lower strap to the other out of old headgear parts with velcro.

I agree about that problem of the gel pads causing leaks. The liners do OK I made some out of an old soft cotton t-shirt that work nice also...can wash them.

I also have high cheekbones, and I also can't use a nasal mask, because of my non-allergic rhinitis. I empathize.

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(04-02-2015, 01:57 PM)PaytonA Wrote:
(04-02-2015, 11:59 AM)jcarerra Wrote: Wish there was a way to 'try' different masks without owning them, but of course sanitation prevents such.

Some online providers that we list offer "fit" insurance and sometimes it is at no additional charge. I do not remember which ones do but you might try #1, #2, or #10.with this "insurance" if the mask does not work for you, you can return it within a time limit and get a different one.

You might try a mask liner with your Quattro FX. If I had known about them when I was trying to use that mask, I might have gotten it to work for me.

Another mask you might try is the Simplus by F&P. A number of people on this forum have tried it and liked it and gotten good leakage results with it. Again, I bought a medium because their fit information said that was the right size for me. After trying it, I found that I needed a small primarily due to the topography of the bridge of my nose. One nice thing about the Simplus is that in order to change sizes all that needs to be changed is the pillows. You can use the same frame and generally the same headgear

I do not remember for sure but it seems to me that you said somewhere that you did not like or could not use the nasal masks or nasal pillows. If that was not you, you might want to try one of those types. I thought that I was having very good luck with a nasal mask until I started looking at my data to find out that my mouth leaks were pretty bad.

Best Regards,


I love my new F&P Simplus FFM. It's a brilliant design! The bridge of the nose area has a flexible, very soft movement about it, and it is so easy to take the mask apart and clean it.

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I have an appt with my DME to get a Simplus next week. The person was concerned about it's fit at top of nose.

One thing I have noticed about the Boomerang nose gel pad is that you cannot get it really high on nose without the wings touching your eyes.
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The Simplus mask had to be mailed from the company's distribution/mailorder center. It arrived 4-23 and I wore it that night.

At first, I had very significant air leak at bridge of nose, just as DME tech mentioned was frequently a problem. No adjusting eliminated it.

So, I used my Boomerang gel pad, and all was well. Basically no leaks. Mask was quite comfortable. Don't know if I like the tube/elbow "will lift up" feature.

I did not notice the "wind" noise as I had when I tried it at the DME office--don't know what all that was about there.

Will not make a judgement until I've used it some more. I really don't relish having to use the gel pad every night and wash it every day (as their instructions suggests)._
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