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Getting Better - How do you know!
Into this CPAP process about 59 days and confused...
I'm still working on finding the correct mask...
Gone from issues with FFM to now using Nuance (working much better) and going to try Nuance Pro next...

Every thing I read (and maybe I'm not reading the right thing) indicates the success of using CPAP is a subjective evaluation...

Being an engineer I have a bit of a problem with that...
Isn't there some measurement that should be decreasing or some number or trend that is a valid indication of "getting better"...?

I understand AHI but mine varies so dramatically I'm not sure if it is a good indicator... Perhaps the number of Apneas...

Is there a source that would quantify this for me so I can track my progress...? Or at least give me some targets to shoot for...

It's hard to reach/target a destination when you don't know what that destination is... :-)

I would be happy to post my numbers if someone would help me understand...

Thanks in advance...

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You are using software so you can view that and see how you are doing.

You can use "how you are feeling" which is how often you do or do not fall asleep during the day.

You can also start a sleep journal. Note how you feel when you are ready for bed. What kind of day you had. Level of stress. Anything you can think of that would in some way effect your sleep. Weather, even. Then note how you are when you wake up. Did you dream? Do you remember then? How long you slept. How you felt immediately on getting up. Rested, not rested. Perhaps even have one at midday. Still awake? Need coffee? Need sugar?

Speaking of caffeine, track how much of that stuff you ingest. Do you "need" it or is it habit? Same with your sugar intake.

The target is an AHI of less than 5. It can be anywhere under 5 as long as it is less than that. No two nights will be the same. Too many factors go into a night's sleep.

If your AHI is consistently over 5, then you need to look at why. Are you consistently hitting the upper limit of your pressure range?
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Numbers don,t always tally with how well we sleep. Better guide would be having good numbers and good night sleep so you feel great the next day ... promised land. After 3 years, I,m still searching for the promised land and only got the glimpse of the promised land which is enough to keep me motivated coming back in the hope more revealed
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Look at the breakdown of your AHI, how many obstructive, central, unknown, hyopopneas. Get a recording oximeter an d monitor your O2 levels. If you stay above your magic number that is good, if you have wild swings not so good.
You can post your numbers here and get feed back as to what you are looking at and what you can do to improve.
I think this is a little like taking a calculus class, there is a lot to learn if you actually want to understand.
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Thanks for the reply(s)...
I am definitely interested in learning...
Attached, please find an Excel spreadsheet with all the numbers collected to date, including the result of my sleep study...
Anything anyone can point out to me or direct me to further study will be appreciated...

I will also include a couple nights recording from my PulseOx...
I have not been able to get it pulled into SleepyHead yet, apparently the file format has changed and it is recording *.SPO2 not *.SPOR or *.SPO... even if I change the file extension it still will not import...

Captured files are larger than allowed so I will follow with two additional posts ... one with SH chart for last night and another with SPO2 for last night...

Thanks in advance... and have a Happy Thanksgiving...

Attached Files
.xls   CPAP Readings.xls (Size: 85.5 KB / Downloads: 198)
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Oooppsss... I see the 200k is a "total" limit for all a person's downloads...
So right now I don't see a way to attach captured JPG's...

The data in the Excel should give a reasonable picture and starting point...
If there is a way to attach the pics, please let me know...

Thanks again...
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I have posted my current data...
If someone ha time I would appreciate a quick review and insight...
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ENJ, by the nature of your career, i'm sure you pay a lot of attention to details and want to understand the data. I started out doing the same. I finally have zeroed in on the areas that seem to say the most to me.

Your AHI is not that bad...pretty close to the magic number of 5. I think you will notice that number, over time, will begin to drop as you get more accustomed to cpap. Forum member have explained some of the harder to understand data. I primarily look at AHI, events, leaks and pressure. You will start to see that mask fit hugely effects all of this. SO when I see a big leak, and a cluster of events, I take that with a grain of salt. I am now using nasal pillows and that has settled down greatly.

In the beginning I would spend lots of time trying to interpret things like flow limitation, Tidal volume, and minute volume. Now, I save the time for more fun things.
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(11-26-2013, 04:42 PM)zonk Wrote: Numbers don,t always tally with how well we sleep. Better guide would be having good numbers and good night sleep so you feel great the next day ... promised land. After 3 years, I,m still searching for the promised land and only got the glimpse of the promised land which is enough to keep me motivated coming back in the hope more revealed

Is it normal to sleep a lot when you first get CPAP? I have gone from 4-6 hrs a night to 8-10 hour with the CPAP. I must be better because me skin was gray but now is rosy pink.
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Lukie, i'm not sleeping more hours, but I don't wake up in the night and I am dreaming lots more....I guess that's a good thing, depending on the dream.

Oh, and i'm really glad you are all pink again. Pink is good.
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