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Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
I recently started using a Lookee Ring sleep monitor, and really like it. I hardly notice I'm wearing it - a big improvement over my last oximeter, which was uncomfortable and required a cable connection and having my iphone in the bed with me, and the ring has much more reliable data collection.
My only complaint is that I can't get the data into Oscar. I installed O2 Insight Pro on my Mac and ViHealth app on my iphone, but neither of them allow for data to be exported as anything but csv format, and the location on the Mac as outlined in Oscar Help only has Lookee data saved as TextEdit files. No option for binary data that I can find.
What am I missing, or is this not feasible at this time?

Also, how do I update my profile? I can highlight text in the profile section, but it won't let me change it. Is there an edit button somewhere?

Thanks for any help. Thanks
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RE: Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
I should clarify that I'm looking to update my Apnea Board profile, not the Insight profile.
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RE: Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
Click on "UserCP" in the upper right corner of the page, then click on "Edit Profile" in the list on the left.
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RE: Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
This is based on a Wellue/Viatom oximeter.  Yours should be a close name.  Also, the filename you are looking for is a 12-digit number.  this filename is comprised of the year(4 digits) + month (2 digits) + hour (2-digits - 0-23) + minute (2-digits) + seconds (2-digits).  An example name would be, if you used the oximeter starting on July 5, 2021, at 10:32:15PM,  the filename will be 20210705223215.  This is the filename OSCAR is looking for.

On a Mac, the downloaded session files will be stored in /Users/YourUserNameHere/Library/Containers/com.viatom.O2PCViewer-BLE/Data/Library/Application Support/O2_Insight_Pro/DATA/SerlalNumber.

The "Library" folder is hidden by default, but you can still reach it by pressing cmd-shift-G and entering "~/Library" in the file selection dialog.

You have to go to the menu all the way too left of the screen "Apple" icon, File, View, Data, Help.
  • Select Data
  • Select Import Viatom Data - it brings you right to the folder with the serial number that is on the back of your device
  • Hit Open.

For a phone (this based on an Android)
There will be a directory on your phone named, "ViHealth"  that is used to store the oximeter's data.   In order to have this app create the 12 digit file, described above, will require to view each downloaded session on your phone after you download them from the oximeter.

In order to import them into OSCAR will require either a cable connection from your phone to your PC or, like me, use an app for downloading.  I use an app named Pro FTP.  It turns your phone into an FTP server that will allow a remote connection for file transfer.  There are 2 versions, one with ads and the paid version (99 cents) without ads.   I won't go off into the weeds, detailing its complete setup.

I hope this will get you started.

- Red
Crimson Nape
Apnea Board Moderator
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RE: Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
Thank you, GuyScharf!
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RE: Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
Crimson Nape, thank you but this doesn't seem to work with my system, or at least with my Lookee ring. I download directly from the ring into Insight. When I follow the directory path as outlined, either directly or via Oscar, I can find the files as described, but they are TextEdit files that Oscar of course doesn't recognize. I did a search of my Mac for those same files in a different location and/or format but nothing showed up. The only export options that are offered, unless I'm missing something else somewhere, are CSV format both in Insight and the IOS ViHealth app.

Perhaps it's just the way Lookee Technologies has set up their devices? Is anyone else on this forum using a Lookee ring and downloading to Mac or IOS and then successfully importing into Oscar? I'm hoping I'm just being a bit dense... (And no, I don't want to install Windows on my Mac.)

I can pull the overnight Lookee data into a spreadsheet and compare with Oscar data that way. It's a workable alternative as I don't experience a bucketload of low saturation events, but it'd be a lot more convenient to be able to see my O2 levels in Oscar alongside my Resmed data.

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RE: Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
I just bought the lookee wrist monitor and I was wondering the same. I can get the data as CSV files, but there seems to be no way to import them to OSCAR as far as I see. I was pondering writing a small script to convert lookee's CSV format to the ".spo2" binary file format, it should be simple. I'll come back here to post when done.
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RE: Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
That would be fantastic, Sergio! I hope you can do that! It would make life so much easier. And yes, please do get back to us with the details.
I hope you have as good an experience with your Lookee wrist monitor as I have with the ring.
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RE: Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
If you're using O2 Insight Pro then these are Wellue/Viatom devices with Lookee branding. OSCAR imports the raw data that is exported by the ring/band and stored by the apps on mobile/PC/MAC.

What files can you find that are stored by the app? It's possible that these files are in a format not supported by OSCAR 1.2.0 but will be supported in the next version (there are currently commited changes in the code to support some newer devices).

You could implement the o2filereadcsv and o2filewritebin functions in https://github.com/shadowmoon-waltz/o2r and write files with the expected filename (no extension) and OSCAR will then be able to import the data. I assume the csv is similar to what I'm seeing from O2 Insight Pro csv exports:?

Time,SpO2(%),Pulse Rate(bpm),Motion,Vibration,
"04:40:08AM Jul 8, 2021",98,52,0,^@,
"04:40:12AM Jul 8, 2021",98,52,0,^@,

It wouldn't be that much effort to add support for this csv export to OSCAR, but the native file import is simpler from a user perspective - just a single 'Download' press in O2 Insight Pro before importing files in OSCAR rather than an additional step of exporting.
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RE: Getting Lookee Ring oximeter data into Oscar on a Mac
Yep, I finally saw that the most recent OSCAR versions can already import the binary files ("Import VIATOM data"), so no need for me to write the converter (Sorry, Catnapped. If you install the ViHealth app you should be able to access the binary files).

NOTE: There's only one thing left to do for me: in the Android app, the binary files are not always there. I have used the device for 3 nights, and there is only 1 file, corresponding to the first night (there is probably some form of rotation..). Still, the data is displayed all right for the whole 3 nights within the app, so I had a deeper look at it and I found all the data seems to be stored as blobs in a sqlite database, so Im guessing I will be able to easyly dump them as files and import them to OSCAR fine. 

I'll report more of my findings soon.
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