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Getting ready to use Auto on new PRS560Auto BT
So I am preparing to start using auto on my new PRS560 Auto and have a few questions.

I'm assuming seeing my fixed pressure is 9.5 that it might be good to start with a low pressure of 8? and the high pressure at 12? Just guessing here. Or should I be using the Auto-Trial mode?

I have found I've greatly reduced my morning headaches when I stopped using my heated tube and lowering the humidity on my A10 Elite from 4 to 2. It's either that or an extreme co-incidence that things are better since stopping the heat. Anyway I bought the heated humidifier and heated tube with the PRS560, but I think I'll turn the heat feature off and leave the humidity low - maybe humidity level 1?

Any other suggestions or advice?

Thanks in advance!

APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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If your AHI has been under 5 with the Elite set at 9.5, then go ahead and use Auto mode.

Your not new to Cpap, so you may want to stay a bit closer to the pressure you have been using.
Dropping too far below your 9.5 may allow apnea events. Set it to 8.5 or 9 minimum with a max of 12 or 13. Then start watching your data, especially medium and 90% numbers. Give it a good week to 10 days before making adjustments.

One other thing, were your using EPR with the Elite? AFLEX works a little differently, but I would set it to 1 or 2.

You may or may not notice a difference between using an Auto machine and the Straight pressure machine, so give it some time.

Good luck, and glad you were able to get the new Apap.
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Thanks OpalRose for a helpful reply!

I almost always have an AHI of under 1 or just over, so I'll use Auto mode set at 8.5 and 13 top. I'm assuming from what I've read that it will only go above 9.5 if I require it due to apnea events?

Yes I've been using EPR set at 3 - the maximum relief. So based on that should I use 1 or 2? EDIT: just found it in the manual (missed it the first go). Will set it at 3 I guess.

APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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Actually, when you mask up and go to bed, it will start at the 9.5 that your set, and will stay around that number. The PR machines do this "hunt and peck" thing....meaning it may raise it 1.5cm and if it doesn't detect apneas, will lower again. It isn't anything you would even notice.

If you have been getting AHI readings around 1 with a setting of 9.5, then I doubt the Apap would go up as high as 13. You may find that in time, you may be able to use an even lower range.
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Awesome! Thanks
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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Hi cate1898,
CONGRATULATIONS on your new machine, I hope you like it.
I look forward to hearing how it gose for you, good luck.
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I would set the low on 8 - less than that I feel suffocated. I would be tempted to go ahead and leave th top open, or maybe let it range to 15. It is only going to go as high as it needs to go. Run it that way a couple of weeks and see what the 90% and max pressures are. For me, the 90% approximated what the constant pressure was that seemed to work for me on CPAP. I'll be interested to know your thoughts on the PRS1 560 vs the fixed S-10 CPAP. The PRS1 doesn't look as sexy as the S-10, but I learned looks ain't everything.

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