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Getting started -- waking up with horrible dry mouth
(08-16-2013, 01:29 AM)eviltim Wrote: Looking thru hybrid and full face masks right now. Seems like full face masks are a lot more popular than hybrids...any particular reason?
Hybrids are not for everyone. They tend to float more on the face and respond less well to mask torque than normal full face masks. If you don't move around very much while sleeping, this may be the mask for you.

One of the best masks I have found so far is the Quattro FX.

It is important that if you are a mouth leaker, you need to have some sort of chin strap. If you can't buy a papcap where you live, make one with some velcro, a swath of cotton flannel and a light cotton 'dew rag' or skull cap. By reducing mask torque using a papcap-style chin strap with a full face mask, leaks become less likely when you turn over in your sleep and dry mouth resolves. For many of us, it's not enough to just have a full face mask. We need the stabilizing chin strap. (As I've said previously, do NOT buy one of those black stretchy neoprene single-strap "Universal" chin straps. You're just throwing your money away.)
Got a loaner full face mask today. Let's hope this one does the trick.
On the bright side, all of the clear airway events are pretty much gone. My AHI last night was 0.68.

Question -- how do I wash this bad boy (Mirage Quattro FX).Do I really need to disassemble it or can I chuck it in water minus the velcro?

This video wants me to pull off the vent thing but I'm kind of scared to pull on it. Definitely don't want to break the loaner.
Nevermind. The trick was pulling on it really hard.
(08-16-2013, 04:52 PM)eviltim Wrote: Question -- how do I wash this bad boy (Mirage Quattro FX).Do I really need to disassemble it or can I chuck it in water minus the velcro?

This video wants me to pull off the vent thing but I'm kind of scared to pull on it. Definitely don't want to break the loaner.

I only rarely wash the hard plastic and the head gear--basically when I'm borrowing someone else's loaner mask, or if someone gives me a mask that they may have used a little.

For day-to-day washing, the simplest thing to do with the Quattro FX FF is to gently remove the silicone cushion and wash that in mild, non-antibacterial, non-smelly handsoap, or even baby shampoo in warm water. Tap most of the water off the cushion and set it on a towel to dry. Insert it back into the grooves in the mask before bed and you're ready to go. This reduces face oils on the mask before bed time and insures a better seal for the night.

The other parts are washed maybe once a month for me. And you don't have to pull all those little pieces apart. All that's going to do is wear out the connector parts faster. It might be worth it if you sneezed badly inside your mask. Other than that, just use your general common sense on how often you prefer to wash.

Head gear: once a month too. Dry with a towel in the morning, pressing out the extra water a bit so it's ready for the night. Just lay it out on a towel next to your mask parts.

Thanks, good to know. I wanted to give it a good wash today since it's a loaner.
Odd first night with my full face mask. I took it off for two hours. I don't remember taking it off, but I do remember waking up and putting it on. However, my leak numbers were stellar -- almost 0 the whole night, and the dry mouth was a lot better.
Okay, managed to sleep the whole night with the mask. No dry mouth, and I feel pretty good. The machine has also been using much lower pressure, I guess because it doesn't need to compensate for leaks, in fact it basically stayed at 7 the whole night. Unfortunately, I still woke up like 3 times.

I'm having some small leaks at the bridge of my nose. They don't seem to effect the machine but they bother me a little bit. I tightened up the top strap a lot but my face was sore when I woke up and it actually leaked more overnight (compared to basically 0 leaks last night), so obviously I need to leave that looser. Any tips for getting a better seal, or should I just deal with it?

Okay - so I'm sleeping better with this one, but I also go to sleep on my side and I really can't seem to get a good seal. It's not showing up as leaks but it kind of bothers me to have all that air on my face. Any tips for getting a better seal with this mask?

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