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Going "Rogue" - Buying a CPAP Machine on Amazon
Been struggling with extreme sleepiness for a few years now, but the condition has worsened steadily to the point where my job was at risk from my extremely low productivity, driving was terrifying, and I couldn't sit still for any length of time without falling asleep. Several people told me I had sleep apnea, but I didn't have health insurance for a couple of years so I didn't know what to do about it.

But Finally, I saw a Dr. and had a sleep study done. It took a long time to happen, but it finally happened a few months ago. I was told that I needed a CPAP machine, and got the chance to try one that night. Best sleep I got in a few years, and the next day was amazing. Well, that was about 2 months ago, and I have heard nothing since, even after calling and emailing and trying to get ahold of my Dr. I couldn't get anything more than "We'll look into it," which took 3 messages just to get that.

So I found a PR Dreamstation Auto-BIPAP on amazon. Great deal, and I bit the bullet and bought it. Now I'm on my own, but it's nice to own the machine, not have to be in "compliance," and wonder who is reading my data and what it's sending...

I'm on my first week of xPAP'ing, with mixed results. I've managed to get my AHI down to ~10 but I still wake up having to take the mask off after about an hour and a half each time I fall asleep, because I feel like I'm drowning with the air in my face. And upon falling asleep, I experience 2 or 3 episodes where I feel I've stopped breathing just as I'm slipping into sleep, and wake back up to catch my breath, which is annoying.
I still am tired, but I'm not a zombie, and I'm not falling asleep at work anymore! But I know with an AHI of 10 I'm still not getting the best results, and I would like to be able to sleep more than an hour at a time.

I just wanted to say HI and it seems like a very active and helpful community. As soon as I can access a windows computer (I only have a mac) I'll download Sleepyhead and check out my data.
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Welcome pbwebb! Good job finding this forum. You'll get the help you need here.

You already know to download Sleepyhead. Also make sure to arrange the data as explained in the link below in my signature. Everything you need to get it up and running is in my signature actually. Post your data and look forward to some good advice! I daresay you will likely get that 10 down quite a bit lower once we see your data.
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Pbwebb, I have steered several people to that machine. Great deal, and will work fantastic with the right settings. If you'e like to post some SleepyHead data, I could probably make some suggestions. Your AHI of 10 is on the high side, and I'm going to guess it's CA from too much pressure support. What exactly are your settings, and what kind of events are you having. Need to know Mode, EPAP min, PS min, PS max and IPAP max.
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Way to take charge and make your health (and quality of life) better!!!!

I had similar symptoms as you; and xPAP has changed my life!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I messed with the settings, but left things mostly default: Min EPAP 6.0 Max IPAP 25.0 PS 4.0-8.0 
I had an AHI of 9.77

I'll gladly post any kind of data you might need, once I have enough posts...
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You probably do have too much PS. And your min pressure will need to be closer to therapeutic pressure as PR machines are less aggressive at raising pressure. If you will upload screenshots from sleepyhead to imgur or photobucket, we do let new members post a broken link to show their data. (And only for that purpose)

One of our more senior members typically then embeds the link with IMG tags for further discussion in a thread.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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You only need 4 posts to link an image, but you can post an incomplete URL if you want to link to something on Imgur. Once we know if your events are obstructive or clear-airway, it should be easy to make some preliminary suggestions; or if you post a chart, I think we can dial you right in.
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(04-14-2017, 08:18 AM)Sleeprider Wrote: You only need 4 posts to link an image, but you can post an incomplete URL if you want to link to something on Imgur.  Once we know if your events are obstructive or clear-airway, it should be easy to make some preliminary suggestions; or if you post a chart, I think we can dial you right in.

Welcome to the forum pbwebb, you are moving in the right direction,

If you take the steps outlined by Sleeprider you will be very pleased with the results. Sleeprider also guided me to the same machine that you purchased and I too bought mine from Amazon. Because I had been posting information from another machine he could recommend settings for me at the same time. My machine was set up accordingly and after two weeks I have not needed to change anything. So, I think you should move ahead with getting SleepyHead data posted and start reaping the benefits.

Congratulations on taking the bull by the horns and doing something about your sleep apnea. Keep us posted as you move ahead.

Organize your Sleepyhead Charts
How To Attach Images And Files to your posts
Robysue's Beginner's Guide to Sleepyhead
Mask Primer

It is what it is. But, it will be what you make it.
Pat Summitt
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Hi pbwebb,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You don’t have to wait for a Windows computer, Sleepyhead works on the Mac as well.
It’s great that you took charge of your sleep apnea treatment and went rogue and got your own CPAP machine, CONGRATULATIONS!.
Let us know how things go for you with your CPAP therapy.
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When I first started cPap years ago, I felt like I was drowning/suffocating. I thought the smaller the mask, the less my face was covered, the better I would do. I was wrong. A full face mask works better for me because the air isn't blowing directly up my nose. The nurse told me that is a common thing, but nobody at my DME ever suggested that.
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