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Good Sleep Doctor in Phoenix AZ?

OK I cannot figure this stuff out; my readings are all over the place.

So anyone know of a good sleep Doctor in Phoenix AZ?? Would like him/her to be in north/west but will drive to anywhere in Phoenix if needed.

Also need one that will work with me and listen to my findings and reactions, not a Dictator.


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you will be very fortunate if you find a sleep doc anywhere that will do more than listen to your symptoms and/or order a sleep study. after that, based on the sleep study results, they will write a script for a machine, etc. and that is about it. You have already obviously done those things. In my opinion, you would be better served posting info from sleepyhead, tell us what problems you are having, what your concerns are and what you mean about the readings being all over the place and let us try and help you.
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I'm with e50 post some results and get some help you're already using the software and seem to know "something is afoot", why wait on finding someone when you have so many of us right here at your beck and call.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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OK prepare for a deluge:

First question is Breath rates:

It has been pointed out I might be breathing too fast. 17+ BPM like this:

[Image: SHChart9602sm_zpsa8f80ec2.jpg]

So I turned off the BR automatic setting and started using a fixed rate.

So I set it for 15 BPM, and first night got this:

[Image: Friday2_zpse1e94930.jpg]

2nd night:

[Image: Sat1_zps4720275c.jpg]

So it looks like the machine is in control BUT for the fact I had it set for 14 BPM and I dropped to 13 BPM!!!!!

And I did not change that and got this the next night:

[Image: Sunday_zps334c245b.jpg]

OK NOW I am bugged I seem to be totally out of control...

And the next day:

[Image: Monday_zps159e7b5a.jpg]

So what does the Breath Rate really do?? Both explanations I have found this does not compute: If it is the backup rate it should not allow me to get to 13BPM, and if it is in control as it seemed to be for the first two days, then it should not allow the wild readings I got the next two days and it is still out of control.

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Ok, so I am not qualified to help you but I'm sure someone that can will be around shortly.

I would just ask on that first day you post at the end there all those events together, are you asleep? Because I know when I see those people are usually awake, and if that is the case they don't count.

Hang in there someone will be around shortly.

Just as a note beyond that 1 day the other numbers don't look good, but I understand what you are asking.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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Sorry forgot to say the breaks are when I wake up and get up for some time.

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Ok, that is what I thought. So here's one thing to keep in mind that is very important; They call it sleep apnea because you must be asleep. Initially I thought as you did that those results were bad but then I found out that if I am awake I should discount any recorded "awake results" as they do not count. So you should know that and it should put other things in a different light for you. And honestly without the awake results your numbers look pretty darn good.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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one thing I would definitely recommend is that if you make a change, make only one change and watch it for a week or two. one night is not enough info to make another change as every night is different. I will look at your postings in a little bit and see what I can see. I am sure those that are more knowledgeable in reading the graphs will come along and offer more suggestions.
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OK I turn the machine off when I wake up, the O2 and pulse I leave on..

So those graphs for everything other than the O2 and pulse are when I am sleeping.

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Here is another recommendation. Keep a pad of paper by the bed and start making notes along with the time. Keep track of such things as

1 - When you first turned the machine on
2 - The time you woke up during the night (and did not take the mask off)
[You don't need to log your bathroom breaks or anytime you turn off the machine as that will show in the data as a blank spot]
3 - The time you lay awake in the morning with the mask still on debating about whether to get up or not.

These times don't need to be exact, but with them you will be able to go back into your data points and see what is really happening. As the machine can't tell if you are are asleep or not, you will be able to account for that AHI spike in the middle of the night when you are laying awake trying to remember if you took out the trash or not. This will give you a better indication of how well your therapy is working.

I am not a medical professional, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express recently.

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