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Got my Script! And a big shoutout to Apnea Board!
I gotta say, you guys are awesome!


So here's what happened. Had to wait an hour to see the doc, normally this would cause me even more anxiety. But because of all of you, I knew what to expect, and also what I needed to do.

The doc sat down with me and briefly explained my first study results (1 min). But he didn't say anything I hadn't already learned here.

Then he shared my titration results. (1 min). Very excited to learn that with CPAP at a pressure of 7, I was sustained at 1.0 AHI and that resulted in 100% oxygen for the entire night! This makes me doggone happy, because it means my neurological condition isn't impeding my breathing as much as I had worriedly thought!

I then explained my neurological condition and the ongoing symptoms I deal with, and my family history of sleep apnea. (2 mins)

He told me that once I start getting good, restorative sleep, I will likely see overall improvement in my condition, esp. less pain and fatigue. This was encouraging. (1 min)

Then he whipped out his prescription pad and pen, and starts writing out a prescription. Wow, I needed to speak fast! "Is it possible for me to chose which kind of machine I get? Can I get an Auto?"

"An auto?" looking at me with a somewhat puzzled look on his face. "Uh, sure. Come with me" and we went to the back desk where 3 other female employees were working.

"I would also really like a particular brand" as I followed.

"What kind are you thinking of?" as he prepared his pad on the countertop to write.

"Well I need to dry camp a lot, and the ResMed is more difficult to hook up to a battery, so..."

"Oh, then you're going to need a Respironics?" one of the girls chimed in.


"Wow." another girl said. "You've really done your research."

"Yes, I really wanted to get the right machine."

"Okay. A Respironics..." the doc wrote.

"Wow. She even knows which kind of machine she wants!" the third girl said to the other. I took this as my chance.

"Well I really want a particular model, if that's possible." He looked at me incredulously. I pulled out a copy of the info Zonk gave me, and showed him "It's the DS560, um, TS. It has the heated hose". I smiled. He smiled back.

He actually wrote the model number right on the script! Then he asked one of the girls "Which mask did she wear that night?"

"Oh, I've picked out my mask too, if that's okay..."

"She knows more than any of our patients, ever. Usually they are so bewildered by all this..." one girl said to the others, shaking her head.

"Okay... what kind of mask?" the doc asked, now sounding a bit annoyed.

"The Pilairo" I replied.

As he started to write, one of the girls told him "You can just put 'Mask of patient's choice'" Now why she would even need to inform the doc of this was a little scary, ya know? Unsure But he scratched out 'Pilairo' and wrote her suggestion down.

As it was already late, the main girl promised to call me tomorrow to get things all set up with the hospital. I asked for a copy of my script, which they were happy to give me, and I was on my way. (Total time: 8 mins.)

Pah! I got exactly what I wanted, and left a happy camper! Way-to-happy

In hindsight, I wish I had remembered 2 things, to get an original script instead of a copy, and a copy of my titration results. But the girls in the office are so amiable, I am sure they will get me anything I ask for when I call.

Had it not been for APNEA BOARD and all your collective wisdom, I would have been a lost, bewildered patient, and likely the victim of a ResMed S9 Escape or worse! Can't thank you all enough!
Thanks And a BIG HUG to you all! Grouphug3

Reformed CPAP Outlaw
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You go girl!
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Yay! It's so much better dealing when you know what's going on.

Just an FYI. The copy will work fine for all the online stores. If you need it to go to another local DME they will fax it.
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Hi Ailu,
Great job and, keep up the good work.
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Nicely done! Congrats, and let us know how you progress with the new equipment once you get it home and operational! Thumbs-up-2

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That's great! Now comes the hard part...getting used to the mask, hose and machine altogether at night!

Hang in there though!
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Sounds good.

Did the script state the pressure parameters for Auto or did it prescribe straight CPAP at 7cm?
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Don't forget to call the supplier tomorrow and ask when you can pick up your new machine.
And then remind them on Monday and Tuesday etc. that you are ready to pick up your new machine..
Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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Thanks guys! The Dr. only put a straight perscription at 7. But he also wrote the machine & even the model number I wanted on the perscription as well. An PR Auto 560 TS That includes the humidifier and the heated hose. I am not settling for anything less! Smile
Reformed CPAP Outlaw
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When are you anticipating that the machine will arrive?

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